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Introduction To Database

Published in: DBMS & RDBMS
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This ppt has basic defintion of DBMS.

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    What is DBMS ? The DBMS provides users and programmers a systematic way to create, retrieve, update and manage database.
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    DIFFERENCE BETWEEN DATA ,DATABSE AND DBMS Data —The collection of related facts and O figure is called Data. DataBase:- Collection of related data is O called database. DataBase Management System:- Software O used to maintain database is called database management system.
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    ADVANTAGES Multiple user interfaces:- Many user can O access similar database. Redundancy control:- No double copy is O permitted. Backup and Recovery :- DBMS provides O backup after failure. Authorized Access:- Only authorized users O can access database.
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    DBMS PROVIDES ABSTRACTIONS Abastraction means hiding details. O Physical Level:- this level specifies how data O is stored in memory. Logical Level:- what data has been stored O and what is the relationship among them. View Level:- It just provide view of data does O not specify storage of data.
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    DBMS SOME IMPORTANT TERMS o Schema:- The design of database,called schema. Physical schema:- The design of database at O physical level is called,physical schema. Logical schema:-The design of database at O logical level is called,logical schema.
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    DBMS SOME IMPORTANT TERMS o Instance:- Values of data within database at particular moment is called instance. Data independence:-The capability to make O changes at one level without affecting another level is called Data independence. o Physical data independence:- Capabilty to make changes at physical level without affecting logical level.
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