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Reported Speech

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Notes to learn reported speech

  • 1
    Seud3: 4 Reported peech
  • 2
    e use tae Reported speeca: When we are telling someone what another person said or thought, but do not use their exact r Id that to live in London.
  • 3
    PCeasc, note taat: Quotation marks are not used in reported speech. Verb tenses, pronouns and some "time" and "place" wo ds may change because the time, place and s •ker may be different. When eport a statement, we use report verb4such as say, tell, explain, inform, answer, Id , etc. often followed by that.
  • 4
    In reported -wh questions, we use the wh- word + the subject + the verb. We do not use the interrogative form of the verb - i s we use verbs such as advice, ask, beg, rder, etc, followed by an infinitive.
  • 5
    Vero tense caanøcs: irect speeca Reported speeca Present simple Past simple ast Simple Past Perfect esent continuous* Past continuous t/ rfect— Past perfect Prese Presen perfect* Past perfect ti uous F ure continuous Conditional Il
  • 6
    Peace caanøes Direct speeca Reported speeca her place there That p lace
  • 7
    caanøes irect speeca Reported speeca now then T 098)/ / tonight That day / that night is morning sterd Tomo ow onth ' That morning day before ' The following month before
  • 8
    Personae Pronouns caanøes irect speeca Reported speeca you I, She, he, we, they ' they Him, her Him, her, us, t m them
  • 9
    Possessive Pronouns caanøes irect speeca Reported speeca His, her My, his, her, our, their their His, hers Mine, his, hers, ours, eirs Mine, his , hers, ours, theirs,


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