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Rotational Motion

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Centre of mass

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    Centre of mass (CM) The centre of mass of a body or a system of bodies is the point that moves as though all the mass were concentrated there and all external force were applied there
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    IFICANCE OF C centre of mass enables us MASS i. to apply Newton's laws of motion to extended bodies without difficulty ii. to apply laws of conservation of momentum/energy to a single particle rather than individual particles.
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    The position of the COM is independent of the choice of the co-ordinate system, depends upon the shape of the body and distribution of its mass The CM of a system may lie within the material of the body (e.g. disc) or outside the material of the body (e.g ring), In symmetrical bodies where mass is homogeneously distributed, the CM coincides with the centre of symmetry or geometrical centre,
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    Centre o assof certain regular bodies 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Shape of the body Long thin rod Thin circular ring Circular disc Rectangular lamina Rectangular cubical box Cylinder Solid or hollow sphere Triangular lamina Right circular cone Position of the centre of mass Middle point of the rod Geometrical centre of the ring Geometrical centre of the disc Point of intersection of the diagonals Point of intersection of the diagonals Middle point of the axis Geometrical centre of the sphere Point of intersection of the medians A point on its axis at a distance of from its base, h=height of the


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