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MH-HSC-PHY-Wave Theory Of Light(Part 1)

Published in: Physics
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This PPT contains powerpoint presentation for Wave theory of light (Part 1)

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    wton%s-Corpuscular • Light source emits tiny particlés known as "Corpuscles" • Corpuscles-->PerfectIy Elastic, Rigid, Weightless • Corpuscles follows linear path with high speed Size the corpuscles decides different colors of corpuscles
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    Drawbacks of Newton's Theory • Failed to explain phenomenon of partial reflection and refraction • Failed to explain interference, diffraction, polarization etc. • Faulty prediction about speed of light in medium. • No change in the mass of source due to particle emission
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    Maxwell's EM Theory • Relationship between magnetism and electricity • Equivalence among velocities of EM waves and light • No necessity of the medium for propagation
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    Max Planck's Quantum Theory • Black body radiation • Propagation of light in form of "Quanta" • Quanta a.k.a. photon Energy of quanta: E=hv v-->velocity of light h-->PlanckIs Constant
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    WAVE THEORY • Proposed by Christian Huygens • Light travels with uniform velocity in a medium • Wavelengths defines different colors • Human eye senses the light when it strikes • Hypothetical medium-Luminiferous ether—
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    Drawbacks of Huygenels Theory Failed to explain rectilinear propagation of light • Failed to explain polarization, Compton effect and Photoelectric effect


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