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Effective Communication

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Effective Communication

  • 1
  • 2
    Six Ps of Presentation
  • 3
    First P of Presentation PURPOSE
  • 4
    Second P of Presentation PEOPLE
  • 5
    Third P of Presentation PLACE & TIME
  • 6
    Fourth P of Presentation PROPS
  • 7
    Fifth P of Presentation PRESENCE PERSONALITY
  • 8
    Sixth P of Presentation PRACTICE
  • 9
    The Set up Introduction Use Sign posts {OLOd LIBERAL Tell them what you are going to tell them Rules on Q & A
  • 10
    The Confrontation Body Tell them Rule of the 3 Set out the discussion
  • 11
    The Resolution Conclusion Tell them what you have told them State the Action Create the WOW effect
  • 12
    Next Step Forward
  • 13
    Styles Of Presenting Memorize Manuscript Reading Impromptu Story Board Extemporaneous - Cue Cards - Power pointers - Acronym - Story Telling
  • 14
    وم4/a وsnoauoaoduux
  • 15
    CUE CARDS Extemporaneous
  • 16
    h 口 what
  • 17
    Power Pointers Bullets Colour to context Rule of three Uniform Style & Font Rainbows Animations and effects o Touch your music Widescreen video find your music even faster Gorgeous album art Built,in speaker Cover Flow
  • 18
    SCREAM Sender self c ontext environment R eceiver audience Exchange feedback Around sound noise M essage tone ACRONYMS
  • 19
    One more thing... Next challengi One more thing... Art of Story Telling Extemporaneous
  • 20
    Movement Aisles To & Fro Podium Mike Pointers On Stage Gestures Eye Contact Hands Expressions Smile Enthusiasm
  • 21
    Verbal Revohtionary Language Words Apple MUSIC Special Event 2t10S-The IPod Nana Introduction Pitch Jargons Analogies
  • 22
    onoa dlsptöY VISUAL Pictures speak louder than words....bo not your audience... paint a vivid picture
  • 23
    VOCAL Speed Pronunciation Accent Volume Tone Modulation "He was the spea ker we've ever had.'
  • 24
    Next Step Forward
  • 25
    4UaWa6Duow aoua!pnv
  • 26
    Audience Managing Questions
  • 27
    Presenting in Groups If you fail to plan.... You plan to fail!
  • 28
    Elevator Pitch
  • 29
    Elevator Pitch is powerful & concise description... of you your company your products Just 25 to 35 words It answers six basic questions it encourages the listener to ask "Tell me more"
  • 30
    Six Questions How would you like people to remember you? - Introduce yourself What does your company do? Whom does your company do it for? How does it benefit the Receiver? Why is your company different?/USP What action you want from your receiver?
  • 31
    Thank You


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