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Writing A Recount

Published in: English
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This presentation gives a quick snapshot of how to write a recount.

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    Writing a Recount
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    What is it? A recount retells an important event or describes an experience that you have had. Examples of recounts: A day at the beach, A day at the zoo, Your friend's birthday party @Anupama Cowlagi
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    Tense ? Use past tense when you are writing a recount. E.g. I ran to the library with my bookss/ David will sleep at midnightX @Anupama Cowlagi
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    Grammatical Person Write a recount in first person. You will write about your experience. Use words like: v/ Me My Use third person to talk about other people. He/ She/ It / Him/ Her/ His They / Them / Their @Anupama Cowlagi
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    Chronological Order ' Recounts are written in the order in which they happened. Use time order words like: v/ First/Firstly Next Then After that Later v/ Finally @Anupama Cowlagi
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    Steps in Writing a Recount (Framework) Title Opening Statements i. When you went? ii. Who went with you? iii. Where did you go? iv. Why you went? Order of Events Event 1 (How you got there) Event 2 (What you did there) Event 3 (What else happened there) Conclusion (Ending Statement) @Anupama Cowlagi


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