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Gerunds (English Grammer)

Published in: English
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Students can learn about Gerunds

  • 1
    0/0 GERUND د
  • 2
    FORM: The -ing form is a way of changing a verb into a noun, VERB + ING = GERUND
  • 3
    Sometimes there is a change of spelling, Some verbs end in e. Take away the e and add ing. write ride take make smile writ -.5 rid .......> tak -..> smil
  • 4
    Learn the spelling of these —ing forms: run ru ing swi swim get ski shop ing ge ing sk ng sho ing
  • 5
    USE: The gerund is used: As the subject of a sentence Eating fast food is not healthy.
  • 6
    After an adjective + preposition or a verb + preposition Good at Bored with Happy about Interested in Fond of Look forward to He is She is on time. They are I'm I'm I'm swimming. telling him to come going on trip. playing handball. visiting museums. seeing you.
  • 7
    After certain verbs. start go on stop like hate playing the piano when I was 5. playing in elementary school. playing in secondary school. playing in front of a lot of people. playing Mozart. playing in competitions.
  • 8
    In some common expressions with GO shopping skiing Go swimming Go fishing
  • 9
    PRACTICE: Complete the sentences by putting the verbs into the GERUND form. I began o'clock this morning. He stopped I don't like I enjoyed I love I'm good at She's fond of I'm fed up with (write) my essay at 8 (smoke) a few years ago. (go) out in the rain. (talk) to you. (dive) in the sea. (do) maths exercises. (listen) to music. (get) up early in the morning.


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