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Modal Verbs - Should Vs Could Vs Would

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This lesson clarifies the difference between each of these modal verbs and explains the usage in (everyday) real time situations.

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    Should, Would, Could By Monisha
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    Modals of Lost Opportunity 1 Should have Could have Would have
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    General Rules Should — Recommendation shouldn't E.g: If you want to lose weight, you should eat healthy food. ' Could — Possibilities, Suggestions, or requests E.g: "l have the day off tomorrow' ' "Great! We could spend the day at the beach, or we could go shopping." ' Would- Imagining Results or Polite offers E.g: " If I were rich, I would buy a boat."
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    Should have The General rule applies. Should have: A different action was recommended in the past. E.g.' I should have left my house early. ' I shouldn't have yelled at you yesterday. ' ( Use yelled instead of shouted/ there's no word as shouted (wrong). ' You should have studied. You shouldn't have played video games all weekend.
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    Could Have ' Introduce Possibilities if something had been different in the past. ' Capable but didn't E.g: If I had gone to college, I could have gotten a better job. ' She could have won the gold medal if she hadn't fallen three times.
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    Would Have Imagine the result if something had been different. E.g: If we had arrived earlier, we would have caught our flight. ' I would have gotten the promotion, if I had applied. ' If I had brought my umbrella, I wouldn't have gotten wet in the rain.
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    Could Have Vs Would Have More certainty ' Possibility E.g: If I had worked harder, I could have gotten promoted. May or may not I got a 68 on the test. If I had gotten two more points, I would have passed. More certain- would Should people show respect for animals by not eating meat? What about wearing leather and fur?
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    Summary Should Have : Recommending a different action. ' Could Have : Introducing possibilities if the past was different. ' Would Have : Imagining definite results if the past was different.
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    Being vs Been Mark is being generous. (present continuous) ' You are being naughty. ' Yesterday, she was being harassed by the police. (past continuous) The food was being cooked by my mother. ' Being told what to do is not pleasant. (generalizations) ' Being late I couldn't attend the meeting.
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    Been She has been to Alaska. (present perfect) The students had been studying for 5 hours. (Past perfect continuous) She will have been accepted by the college at that point. (Future perfect)
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    Exercises I have been to china. The weather is not being cooperative. ' I have a friend who has been on Tv. Have you ever been arrested. Ravi is being mean to me. Which word is used with the perfect tenses in English Grammar? v/ Been v/ Being
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    Exercises Which word is often used in progressive/continuous tenses in English Grammar? v/ Being y/ Been v/ Bone Stop being so critical! there before. They had been ' It's been a great day. ' It's- it has or it is.


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