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Electricity For Grade - 2

Published in: Physics
  • Ridhi S

    • Ludhiana
    • 3 Years of Experience
    • Qualification: B.Sc, B.Ed, MBA/PGDM
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Concept of Electricity, Different appliances working on electricity, Types of electricity and flow of electricity, Appliances working on mains electricity, Appliances which use stored form of electricity.

  • 1
    Electricity By Ridhi Sohal
  • 2
    Which of the following uses electricity? iS
  • 3
    Electricity is Everywhere It is used to heat things up Example - Microwave, Toaster, Kettle It is used to give light and reduce darkness Example -A tube light, lamp It is used to cool things Example - Fridge
  • 4
    It is used to produce sound Example - Music system, a mic
  • 5
    What is electricity Electricity is a kind of enerqy. It travels through wires to your home.
  • 6
    Mains Electricity It refers to electricity supply from powerhouse to households. Welcome To Power-House Electrical Supply 'l!lfe 0000000 e, read more here
  • 7
    Flow of Electricity Power station Step-up High voltage transmission lines transformers Consumers, for example homes, factories and shops Step-down transformers
  • 8
    Some things use electricity the mains:
  • 9
    Cell Cell can store electricity. Cells are used for the things that people carry like torches Cells are often called a battery Ener
  • 10
    Different types of Cells
  • 11
    Some things use electricity from batteries:O
  • 12
    Thank you O


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