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Force And Pressure

Published in: Physics
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Definition of Force, Types of force( Push and Pull), Different effects of force, Activity on force, Definition of Pressure, Formula of Pressure, Difference between Force and Pressure, Practical everyday examples on Force and Pressure.

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    Force and Pressure Mrs. Ridhi Sohal
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    FORCE A force is a push or a pull or both. A force cannot be seen but we can feel and observe the effects of the force. PUSH ' A force to move an object away from our bodies PULL ' A pull is when we apply a force to move an object towards our body Examples OF PUSH AND PULL - pulling drawer of table - pressing the pedal of cycle
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    'A force cannot be seen but we can feel and observe the effects of the force,
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    Move a stationary body FORCE Stop a moving body Change the direction Of moving body Change the speed of moving body Change shape of moving body
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    Activity -1 :-ln which case pain is more? Case A ' A lady is wearing Sneakers on Monday. You are sitting on a bench reading newspapers. She starts jogging and accidently puts her steps on your foot Case B ' Same lady is wearing heels on Tuesday. You are sitting on a bench waiting for a friend . She was walking. In order to take rest she moves towards the bench and accidently steps on your foot
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    'What is same in both the cases? ( The force applied is same in both cases) ' What is different in both the cases? ( in case A: force is applied on bigger area in case B: Force is applied on small area)
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    Pressure ' Pressure is the force acting per unit area ' SI unit of pressure is :- N/m2 or Pascal , N/cm2 N/ mm2 ' Formula for pressure . Pressure = Force Area
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    Pressure depends on two factors ' l.force -more force more pressure ' 2area -more area less pressure 1
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    Activity —2 ' Force exerted by weight of a person = 600 N .Find Pressure Position Standing Sitting Lying Down Area in contact 0.05m2 0.1m2 0.4m2 Force 600 N 600 N 600 N Pressure= Force/Area
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    ' Person poked with finger ( case a) Pressure in form of pain due to force Will be less ' Person poked with a sharp end of needle (case b) Pressure in form of pain will be more Large area Small pressure (a) Force Large pressure (b) Small area
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    Force It is a pull or push on an object It has a direction Pressure Ratio between intensity of force and area on which it acts It does not have any direction
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    "The same force produces less pressure if it acts on a large area but can produce more pressure if acts on a small area,
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    Every day observation ' 1 School bags have wide straps so the weight of bag may fall over a large area of the shoulder of the student producing less pressure on shoulder.
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    Sharp knife cuts better than a blunt knife so the force of our hand falls over a very small area of object produces large pressure.
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    The tractor have broad tyres so there is less pressure on ground and do not sinking to comparatively soft field,
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    It is easier to walk on soft sand if we have flat shoes rather than shoes with sharp heels.
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    The foundations of buildings and dams are laid on a larger area to produce less pressure
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    >The wooden or concrete sleepers are kept below the railway line, >A wide belt is provided over the wheels of an army tank.
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    QUERIES 0000 0 00 0 coo
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    ' Thank You.


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