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Job Interview Questions And Their Answers

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Some important job interview questions and ways to tackle them.

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    Ques: Tell me about yourself V Do not answer it in general terms (NO life story or irrelevant information). V Focus on skills, accomplishments and relevant experiences. VIMPORTANT: Mention why are you interested in the position/ field. introduce your qualifications, good work habits Keep it mostly work and career related
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    Ques: Why leaving your current job? V Be careful with this. Avoid "l need more money." Instead, make generic statements such as, "It's a career move." V Never lie about having been fired. Ques: What do you know about our company? Some points: V research the company before you interview.
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    Ques: Strengths and weakness V Point out your positive attributes related to the job. V don't spend too much time on weakness and keep it work related. point out a couple of weaknesses that the interviewer might see as strengths
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    Ques: adjectives use to (describe one? Answer with Vpositive, V work-oriented adjectives, such as conscientious, hard-working, honest and courteous, Va brief description or example of why each fits you well.
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    Ques: why do you want to work for us? V Research in advance. V Avoid predictable answers. Ques: past accomplishments give you satisfaction? V Work projects that make you proud V Focus on achievements than rewards
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    Ques: Why should I hire V Point positive attributes VMention positive compliments received Ques: Why do you want this job? V Study the job in advance. V Avoid obvious and meaningless answers such as "l need a job".
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    Ques: What makes you want t work hard? not for rewards v/ satisfaction and achievements Ques: type of work environment do you like best? V Tailor your answer to the job v/ if attend regular project planning then indicate that you are strong team player.
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    Ques:How do you handle stress and Pressure? Double Whammy Everybody feels stress , degree varies V Way to deal- balancing Ques:How you overcame a major obstacle? V Behavourial interview question v/ focus on solution V Problem solving skills
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    Ques: Where do you see yourself after 5 years? v/ Explain your career advancement goals Mention you'd like to earn a senior position Ques: What qualifies you for this job ? V Experience V Education and qualification AVOID REGURGITATING HIS/HER RESUME
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    Ques: Why did you choose your college major? v/ Beside your personal interests, show you have business sense
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