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Concepts Of Physics

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Concepts about Physics.

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    BASIC ELECTROSTATICS AND MAGNETOSTATICS According to coulomb's law, the electrostatic force between any two point charges ql and q2 separated by a distance r12 is proportional to the product of the charges and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them. Electrostatic energy of a system of charges is thhe work required to assemble the charges without imparting other forms of energy. Gauss's law relates the surface integral of the normal component of the electric field over a closed surface to the total charge enclosed by the surface.
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    The force on a point charge q in an external electric field E *is given by —q.E Dielectrics are materials which has no fre charges unlike conductors. ' Ampere's Law , says that the magnetic field created by an electric current is proportional to the size of that electric current with a constant of proportionality equal to the permeability of free space. The electric field intensity on the surface of a charged conductor is directed normally to the surface.
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    The electric field inside a spherical shell of uniform surface charge density is zero The field of magnetic vector B is always solenoidal . ' If a proton is moved against the coulomb force of an electric field then energy is used from some outside source. At the center of a current carrying single turn circular loop, magnetic field is B = ul/2R


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