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Volume of a Cylinder explanation.

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    Do Now: 2. 3, The volume of a cube is 64 cm, What is the length of one side? A square room has 2 foot by 2 foot square tiles comprising the floor. If the area is 576 square feet, what is the length of one side of the room?
  • 2
    Topic: Volume of a Cylinde Essential Question: How can you find the volume of a cylinder? Can you name any real world items that are in the shape of a cylinder?
  • 3
    What is Volume? The volume of a three-dimensional figure is the amount of space within Measured in Units Cubed (e.g. cm3)
  • 4
    What is this? It has 2 equal shapes at the base, but it is not a prism as it has rounded sides > It is a Cylinder h
  • 5
    Example: Where B is the area of the base
  • 6
    Practice Find 'the volume of each figure. Round your answers 'to the nearest 'tenth, if necessary.
  • 7
    Example: tank on a fuel tanker is in the shape ofa cylinder 6 metres long, with a diameter of 2 metres. Find the volume of the fuel tank in terms of i.
  • 8
    You try: How nnuch salsa is nmissing fronm the Jar? The nmissing salsa fills a cylinder with a height of 10 — 4 = 6 centinmeters and a radius of 5 centimeters- 5 cm Mll 10 cm NET WT. 16 OZ 4 cm
  • 9
    Discussion: What shape is present here? Talk to your elbow partner and determine how you would find the volume of this shape? 1042m
  • 10
    Challenge What 3D shapes can you see? How would you find the volume of this figure? 14-—10 mna--—l 14
  • 11
    Challenge Challenge Problem: Find the volume of this figure 40 mm 60 40 mm mm 50 nun
  • 12
    Pieces Missine Find the volume of concrete used to make this pipe Volume of Concrete = Volume of Big Cylinder- olume of Small Cylinder (hole) 0.35m 0.4
  • 13
    Extra Credit 3.8 cm 162 cm Find the Volume of the Solid... round to 1 decimal p ace


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