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The students who wants to get good marks in their exam, this practice lesson will help them a lot.

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    No Fear 1. The carol singers took shelter from the rain at the doorway of the house and entered to explore it when they found the door to the house unlocked. 2. Alfie was worried about getting his best suit wet as there would definitely be a row at home over lt. 3. The condifion to join George's club was not to show a sign of fear while seeking adventure anywhere. 4. The sound of the screams alarmed the boys because it felt as if someone was getting murdered. 5. The very appearance of the house made the boys feel that it was haunted. Firstly, it was dark and nobody seemed to be living there; secondly, there were skulls and white grinning teeth inside the house; thirdly, they had heard someone screaming as if the person was getting murdered; and lastly, they had been locked inside when the door knob turned automatically. 6. No, George was not really brave because he ultimately proved his cowardice when the dentist told him about the appointment made for him the next day by his father. It was revealed in his sudden nervousness and gulping. th 7. The time of the play is in winter, soon after the celebratlons of Guy Fawkes Day on 5 November, but much before Christmas because the boys were already singing carols but not earning very much even after much effort. 8. Yes, the end of the play is definitely humorous as it sheds light on the real scenario, which is far from what the boys had come to believe. They thought that the house was either haunted or it was a haven for a gang of criminals whereas it actually turned out to be that of a dentist's. Also, towards the end, George's false bravado is exposed when he betrays his nervousness and alarm about the impending visit to the dentist for getting his teeth pulled out. 9. There are quite a lot of features In the play that help to create the atmosphere of fear. Firstly, the night is dark and rainy ant the house seems uninhabited. Secondly, the door has been left open and when the boys enter, they find a skull and some grinning white teeth. Thirdly, there is a constant scream from some part of the house and it seems as if somebody is getting murdered. Fourthly, the door shuts automatically and the boys get trapped inside the house. Lastly, a ghost appears from somewhere and in the dim light, his figure seems to have a distinctly uncanny appearance.


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