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Practice Notes On English Literature

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The Notes that will help students to preapare their English Literature for their Board Exam.

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    Peace is a Woman Comprehending This poem advocates the necessity of establishing peace in the world. The world is rife with conflict and discontent and it is important to retain peace so as to prevent the loss of innocent lives and to make the world a better place to live in. The poet compares peace to a woman because like a woman, peace is beautiful and has shows many hues. But more importantly, all the Inhabitants of the world are the children of peace and when anybody dies anywhere, it is like a woman losing her child. She can only silently protest with candle lights. Again, like a woman, she can be pregnant with nature's bounties if peace prevails in the world as there would be abundant for everybody. Words — Meanings, Pronunciations, Thesaurus winding way twisting and turning fare — variety prime — a fime of greatest vigour or success in a woman's life nuclear — related to the nucleus of a n atom, which releases immense quantities of energy when disintegrated. This feature is of great importance in the development of nuclear weapons blacklist — a list of people or groups seen as untrustworthy or unacceptable; ban; bar; boycott; debar; ostracise; preclude; proscribe; repudiate; snub; veto Analysing Preparation 1. When we think of our mothers, the image that floats up is that of a beautiful woman, peace- loving and forgiving by nature, loving us unconditionally and suffering silently. 2. In this universe, the mother's place is supreme because she is the source and preserver of all life on earth. 3. The meaning that is expressed by the title is that peace is beautiful like a woman and if we have to preserve her beauty, human beings should make conscious efforts to cease all hostilities everywhere. 1. 1. The poet says that peace had a face that was wonderful like a golden flower, but that beauty is now faded much before her prime. 2. When the poet asked peace why she was sad, she replied that her children have died and are still dying on the battlefields of Auschwitz, Hiroshima, Vietnam, Ireland, Israel, Palesfine, Lebanon, Bosnia, Rwanda, Kosovo, Chechnya and many other places around the world. The rest of her children are In constant fear of the nuclear catastrophe.
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    3. Peace appeals to mankind by silently protesting. Her protestations are always peaceful and quiet but they manage to strike the cord. In fact, it is synonymous with the sufferings and appeals for peace by thousands of women around the world. All these women are like beautiful stars that dot the night sky but they are sad and teary-eyed. Through their helplessness, they appeal to the world to restrain from war and establish peace. 4. There is always a way out of this war-ridden world. It can be done through involving in dialogues and sot-fing out problems through proper negotiations. 5. Wars can be avoided in the first instance itself by involving in dialogues and negotiations whenever a situation presents itself which might lead to conflict. These negotiations and dialogues help to sort out misunderstandings and encourage people to maintain friendly ties with others. 6. Yrs, the poet's suggestion to establish world peace is absolutely convincing. It is beneficial and important for the survival of the human race. 7. The poem has been addressed to all the people involved in conflicts throughout the world. It is time to sit down and retrospect about whether the conflicts make any sense or not. 11. 1. does the poet mean by 'on my winding way to the world's fare'? By this expression, she means that wherever she turns to, be the news or the social media or the radio, the major news is always about conflicts across the world. And it had been continuing for a long time. 2. Name the places which have been mentioned by the poet in her poem. The places named by the poet include Auschwitz, Hiroshima, Vietnam, Ireland, Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Bosnia, Rwanda, Kosovo and Chechnya. There are many other names that she has left unsaid. 3. What does the term 'nuclear blacklist' suggest? The term 'nuclear blacklist' implies the threat of nuclear war and the countries which are most threatened are the countries that possess nuclear weapons. There is, therefore, a constant sense of fear of destruction among people. Poetic Devices 1. An example of hyperbole in the poem is: 'A thousand candles then lit in her starry eyes 2. 'She had such a wonderful face just like a golden flower faded before her prime' is an example of Simile from the poem. 3. There are three examples of Metaphor in the poem: 'pace IS a woman', 'Peace is a Indeed a pregnant woman' and 'Peace IS a mother'.
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    4. The poem is replete with examples of alliteratlon: 'winding way', 'flower faded', sad', 'Ireland, Israel, Palestine', 'whole world', 'Peace is a pregnant woman'. Towards Appreciation 'She was so 1. The poet compares a mother with peace or vice versa by emphasislng on the quality of the mother for giving birth and sustaining human life. It IS like the mother who cries in pain upon the suffering of her children because peace also suffers immensely from the mindless destruction of not only human lives but also of animals and plants who are the victims of human conflict. 2. This statement salutes the spirit of motherhood. She is the giver of birth, the nurturer and preserver of human life on earth. So, her very existence is symbolic of the fact that she gives and she does so unconditionally. Her world is centred on her family which she loves more than she loves herself. 3. Yes, the mother can also be a symbol of destruction because she can destroy all those forces that threaten the peace and existence of her family. But, through her destructive nature, she shows even greater love for mankind and the world. 4. The title of the poem suggests that like the mother makes our lives comfortable and easy by her constant efforts to make our homes liveable, so also peace attempts to keep us happy and safe. It is only in a peaceful environment that we can prosper economically and make our lives b etter. Extension Cities and Towns Auschwitz, Hiroshima, Chechnya, Countries Vietnam, Ireland, Israel, Lebanon, Rwanda, Bosnia, Kosovo, Palestlne# #Palest1ne IS a state that exists In law but does not exist in reality because of Its territorial dispute with Israel. The thing that is common to all these places is the extent of violence experienced by them throughout history. There has been immense loss of life and although some of them have returned to normalcy, some are still continuing to reel under violence.


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