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Practice Notes On English Literature

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The Notes that will help students to preapare their English Literature for their Board Exam.

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    The Animal School: A Fable Comprehending This is a fable that takes on the inefficient administrafion of the public school system because of impractical approaches which leads to the establishment of private schools that prove to be successful in the long run. The public schools, run by governments actually aim at producing average or mediocre students by frying to make them efficient in everything and destroying their special skills and talent. Thus, the moral of the story is if talent IS not properly recognised and encouraged then it loses Itself in the mire of mediocrity. There should be the realisafion that everything cannot be done by everybody although there might be a few exceptions. Words — Meanings, Pronunciations, Thesaurus curriculum (kuh-rik yuu-luhm) — subjects included in a course of studies in schools and colleges Instructor — a person who instructs; teacher; trainer; pedagogue nervous breakdown — a period of mental illness resulting from severe depression or illness Charlie horse — a common name for a muscle spasm and can occur in any part of the body because of overuse or injury insisted — emphasised; asserted; stressed; vowed; swore valedictorian (va-li-dik-tuh-ri-un) — a person receiving a farewell after successfully completing a course or ling years of service prairie dogs — rodents that live in burrows in the grasslands of North America levy — imposition of taxes apprenticed — sent to train under or learn from a skilled person badger — a heavily built mammal with a grey and black coat and a white striped head that lives underground groundhogs — woodchucks or marmots; the largest members of the squirrel family (scientific name is Momota monax) gophers — burrowing American rodents with pouches on their cheeks Analysing Preparation Questions 1, 2 and 3 are individual-specific questions and so the students can write about their own preferences. Aids to Comprehension 1. 1. False. All the animals took all subjects.
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    3. False. The rabbit started at the top of the class in running. 4. False. The squirrel was excellent in climbing. 5. True. 6. False. The school administration would not add digging and burrowing to the curriculum. 11. 1. The animals wanted to start a school to do something heroic to meet the problems of a 'new world'. 2. The duck's webbed feet were worn out because of confinuous running practice. The duck had to stay back after school for this as he was poor in running. 3. The rabbit started at the top of the class in running but faced problems because of too much makeup work in swimming. 4. The squirrel was frustrated because in the flying class, his teacher made him start from the ground upwards instead of the treetop downwards. He also suffered from muscle spasms and got poor grades in climbing and running. 5. An abnormal eel turned out to be the best student because he could swim exceedingly well and had the highest average for he could also, run, climb and fly a little. 6. The eagle was different from the others because he had to be disciplined severely. He beat everybody else in climbing to the top of the tree but insisted on his own way to get there. 7. The prairie dogs stayed out of the school because the administration would not add digging and burrowing to the curriculum. 8. Yes, 'The Animal School' is slightly different from our schools and colleges because, here the animals are levied with taxes for not letting their children attend school. However, In our society, although schooling is compulsory, there IS no such punishment for not sending our children to school. Also, the private school started by the animals proved to be very successful but the same cannot be said about the schools run by us, human beings. 9. No, we wouldn't prefer to study in such schools where there is no scope for the enhancement of our natural skills. On the other hand, such schools do a lot of damage to us by destroying our abilifies and turning us into average creatures. 111. 1. The moral of the story is that education should be imparted in such a manner that the natural talents of the students are identified and honed further. This requires a broader outlook on the
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    part of the administrators to make learning fun-filled and skill oriented. They should keep in mind that very few people can be all-rounders but most can be exceptional in one field only. 2. Yes, this story can be related to our own school lives because we are victimised by an education system that attempts to make race horses out of us by breeding unhealthy competition. The situation is further compounded by the fact that parents want to fulfil their own dreams through their children and force them into all kinds of acfivifies that they don't like. Ultimately, this results in making us only average. Some students find the burden of expectations so difficult to bear that they are forced to take the extreme step of committing suicide. 3.* Name the animals and birds that have been mentioned in the story. The animals and birds mentioned in the story include the duck, the rabbit, the squirrel, the eagle, an eel, prairie dogs, a badger, groundhogs and gophers. 4. Who founded the private school? The private school was jointly founded by the prairie dogs, the groundhogs and the gophers. Vocabulary 1. Some examples of collocations from the story are: new world; activity curriculum; passing grades; after school; nervous breakdown; makeup work; ground up; treetop down; Charlie horse; overexertion; problem child; prairie dogs; tax levy; private schoo l. 2. The word 'school' is used in the story in the context of a public school. Grammar 1. Chandan is not at all a keen student. He prefers p_aung to studying. 2. My mother is fond of music. Singing is her pastime activity. 3. I like shining my shoes. 4. Skiing IS a winter sport in Kashmir. 5. Buying and selling is the profession of any shopkeeper. Extension 1. The Changes I Want in the Syllabus of English English as a subject of studies is very important because the ability to read and write it helps us in going a long way to clear written tests and interviews for well-paying jobs. It also gives us an advantage in the global scenario because in foreign lands, it is easier to communicate
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    In English than any other language as it is one of the top three languages in the world that is spoken by the most number of people. However, looking at the school syllabus, I feel that certain changes are necessary to be made for the subject to be more interesting and relevant to study. First and foremost, emphasis should be laid on developing the vocabulary and speech skills of the students. For this purpose, they should be initiated into the aspects of Phonetics and Philology right from the formative years. At the same fime, they should be encouraged to use more audio visual means for developing working skills. Thus, the syllabus should include parts of classical novels and dramas so that out of their own curiosity, children might find out the film versions of those texts in their syllabus. This will not only help them to understand the context better but develop in them analytical skills because they would be able to compare the films with the original texts. Thirdly, greater emphasis should be laid on grammatical skills which can be improved only through more and more practice. Thus, more practice exercises should be Included in the syllabus. Lastly, the curriculum should be modified to allow students to read in depth and write short answers of their own. However, the option of multiple-choice questions should be discouraged as it does not allow them to exercise and test their linguistic skills in formulating meaningful sentences of their own. All these policies, if implemented properly, will definitely provide much more competent students to the industries and would definitely enable the country to make its presence felt globally.


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