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English Literature Notes For Class 12

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By take through Notes, the students will get knowledge how to write a Journal and prepare them accordingly.

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    As You Like It 1. Celia's father, Duke Fredrick, usurped the lands of his elder brother, Duke Senior and drove him away to the Forest of Arden, where the latter set up his own court. 2. Oliver was hard and selfish and unkind to young Orlando. He was not given any money or education and was made to take all his meals with the servants. Oliver was jealous of Orlando and hated him because the latter was brave, strong and good-looking. Oliver was, therefore, kinder to his own horses than to his younger brother. 3. Everyone expected that Charles would kill or badly injure the young Orlando in the wrestling match because the former was a champion who had fought many brave and strong young men. Also, just before the match with Orlando, Charles had fought three other young men, nearly killing them. Charles was a huge man and Orlando looked like a schoolboy beside him. 4. Duke Fredrick hated Orlando because he was the son of Sir Rowland de Boys', a friend of the Duke Senior and, therefore, his enemy. 5. After Orlando's victory, Celia was greatly angered at her father's rude behaviour and treatment of Orlando and so, she and her cousin, Rosalind, went up to meet and talk to him. They praised him for his bravery and Rosalind gave him her golden chain. 6. The two girls had decided to go to the Forest of Arden to seek the shelter and protection of Duke Senior who was Rosalind's father. This decision was taken because Duke Fredrick had banished Rosalind in a fit of jealousy. This jealousy was due to the fact that the common people praised the virtues of Rosalind more than that of his own daughter, Celia's, and were sympathetic towards her because of her separation from her father. However, Celia decided to accompany Rosalind because they were inseparable sisters, having slept, learnt, played and eaten together and also because her father refused to listen to her entreaties of being kind to Rosalind. 7. The two girls stained their faces With a brown juice to make them look sunburned and they wore simple clothes. Rosalind, who was much taller than Celia, dressed as a man and took the name of Ganymede while Celia adopted the name of Aliena. 8. Fredrick threatened Oliver that if the latter was not able to bring back his brother, Orlando, dead or alive within the year, then all his lands and possessions would be seized and he would not be allowed to stay anywhere within Fredrick's dukedom. 9. Duke Senior and the faithful lords, who had accompanied him to the Forest of Arden, were happily settled there. They had begun to love the simple life of the forest and found it safer and sweeter than the life of the court where people were greedy, jealous and cruel. There was enough food for their needs because deer could be hunted whenever It was desired and at the same time, they could grow their own fruits and vegetables. There was contentment and good cheer among the inhabitants of the forest.
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    10. Orlando had not forgotten Rosalind and this is proved by the fact that every day he wrote poetry in her memory and pinned them to the trees. He declared that the trees would be his books and whoever looked into the forest would be able to read how sweet and good, Rosalind was. 11. Fredrick had set out with an army to fight his elder brother and get back his daughter. However, on the way to the Forest of Arden, he came across a wise and holy man who persuaded Duke Fredrick that it was wicked of him to drive away his brother and usurp the latter's dukedom. Therefore Fredrick gave up his claim to the dukedom and it was restored to his brother, who forgave Fredrick and went back home to live happily with his followers. However, prior to that Rosalind got married to Orlando and Celia to Oliver by quirks of fate.


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