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Notes On English Words And Meaning

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The Notes will help student to know the meaning of the words and how to use them.

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    Humans, be Humane Analysing Preparation 1. Pictography is the technique of conveying messages with the help of pictures. 2. Pictionary is a guessing word game invented by Robert Angel where players fry to identify specific words from their team-mates' drawings. It is an interesting and educative game, which aims to develop the vocabulary and image recognition skills of young players. 3. Illustrations do add to our understandings because they feed our imaginative concepts about things and also help us to communicate out thoughts to others. 4. Pictures do speak louder than words because a difficult concept can be easily represented with the help of illustrations. Aids to Comprehension 1. The first picture communicates the problem of rampant whaling. While rhinos are tranquilized but preserved for their horns, whales are mercilessly killed for the numerous things they provide us. The second picture asks humans to be cautious about poaching and hunting. If these illegal activities are not stopped immediately, then a time will come when animals would totally vanish from the face of the earth and we will not be able to recycle them as we recycle rubbish. The third picture conveys the message of tiger conservation as their populations are also declining rapidly. The fourth picture tries to convey what the ultimate conditlon of animals would be if we do not take care of their preservation. Only their bones will remain behind. The last picture depicts a forest in the shape of our lungs. The right lung is slightly eroded. It communicates to us the need for preserving our greenery because of the fact that forests provide us with the oxygen needed for us to survive. The eroded right lung is symbolic of our blindness In cutting down trees. 2. This is a classroom activity. 3. The family members of the environment will be plants and trees, birds and animals. Human beings also fall under the category of animals. 4. Tree: What happened little animal? Why are you so frightened? are you hiding from? Animal: I am afraid of Man. Man is hunting my brethren for his own selfish ends. I am hiding so that he cannot find me. Or else he will kill me for my skin and my horns and my flesh. Tree: O selfish Man! Man will destroy anything for his greed. Little animal, I am also threatened as you are because man cuts us down to make furniture for his family. He does this in spite of the fact that I provide him shelter from the heat and the rain and feed him when he is hungry
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    and provide him with pure and free oxygen so that he can breathe and survive. But, ungrateful Man repays me by planning to cut me down! 5. Saving the Environment is the Need of the Day In the past two centuries, man's lifestyle has progressed by leaps and bounds with the progress of science. He has invented gadgets that could not have been even dreamt of in the past. That proves man's intelligence and rightly proclaims his supremacy over the animal and plant kingdoms. But have we ever considered the price that has to be paid for this. That cannot be mathematically calculated, only felt because it is paid at the cost of our environment. Our scientific and material progress has made us greedier than ever and to satisfy our consumerist requirements, we are causing irreparable damage to our environment by Indiscriminately cutting down trees and killing animals. We fail to realise that such actions cannot be reversed and they are affecting the environment by increasing global warming. This phenomenon has resulted in unprecedented climatic changes throughout the world. Global warming is caused because of the accumulation of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. This is a direct outcome of the fact that the numbers of trees have gone down and so, the rate of absorption of carbon dioxide has also slowed. If the temperature of the earth continues to rise unchecked, then soon we will be unable to survive the heat. Moreover, the polar ice caps would melt completely causing the rise of the water levels in the seas and oceans, giving rise to floods that will engulf vast swathes of land. This will lead to Immense loss of life and property. Also, the rapid decline of animals from the face of the earth will not only affect our aesthetic sense but also leave us absolutely alone on the planet in the aftermath of the disaster mentioned above. We will be left to rue our misfortune. Similarly, all that we have learnt from the observations of animals, would be lost to us completely and there will not be an opportunity to progress science even further. 6. To protect humans, animals will appeal thus: SAVE STUPID, GREEDY AND UNGRATEFUL MAN Brothers and sisters do step ahead, leaving aside all your prejudices against humans for all the crimes they have committed upon us. It is their hour of need. Stupid humans have brought in their own destruction upon themselves because of their greed and their ungratefulness. But, we must not forget that we are animals, birds and plants. We have our own principles that follow natural justice. We will help them only to make them realise that it is a punishment for them a punishment of shame and remorse and helplessness. We will break their pride and make them realise their moral weakness in comparison to us. But we will save them for sure to make them feel the difference. Therefore it is an appeal to all plants, animals and birds to come forward and do their bit. 7. Students have to draw pictures to explain the meaning of each slogan in this question. It can be done as a project work.
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    Language Study 1. petrogram 2. petroglyph 3. ideograph 4. logogram a pictograph that is drawn or painted on rocks a pictograph that is incised or carved on rocks a pictograph that stands for an individual idea or meaning a pictograph that stands for an individual word


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