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A Worksheet On Fractions For Class 4

Published in: Mathematics
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An Mental Math worksheet to be completed in 20 minutes.

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    Name • MATHLAB ACTIVITY, MENTAL MATH (Fraction) Class 4 Sec ..... How many quarters in a whole ? What fraction is shaded red? 2. 4. 5. 7. Mala took 1/4th of an hour to go to her friend's birthday party and 1/6th hour to come back home . She took hour less to travel back home. 3. A cup is filled with hot coffee up to the brim .2/6th of the coffee got spilled . What amount of coffee is left in the cup? Aanya has 5 ribbons . If each ribbon measures1/2 metre. What is the total length of the 5 ribbons in metres. Write as an addition statement ,multiplication statement and a fraction for the coloured parts. Addition Statement: Multiplication Statement : Fraction Statement • 6. Write the Fractions in descending order 5/6 4/6 1/6 Solve the following: a)3/4 of an hour = b) 2/3 of a dozen eggs = c) 2/3 of a day = Minutes. eggs. hours.


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