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Hindi Vowels

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    2010-December Lesson Guide ISpeakHindi.com
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    2010- Contents December 1, 2010 Leaming the Hindi Letters — Lesson 1 —31 and 3ff December Lesson Guide Decem ber 2, 2010 Ansvverto questions from 'to play', "request and commands", and "l like/v,rant' lessons. Requests and Commands — Eat! Please eat. I like... Iwant. December 3, December 4, 2010 LESSON 36: Hindi ka Mahatv IMPORTANCE OF HINDI 2010 LESSON 37: Ling (Gender) December 7, 2010 Leaming the Hindi Letters — Lesson 2 —$ and December 9, 2010 - Learning the Hindi Letters — Lesson 3 —3 and 5 December 10, 2010 LESSON 38: Words ending in (Kal) Tomorrow (Main kal avashya aapkey ghar aaunga.) I will certainly come to your house tomorrow. Decem ber 11, 2010 LESSON 39: One word that replaces many December 14, 2010 Leaming the Hindi Letters — Lesson December 16, 2010 Learning the Hindi Letters — Lesson 5 —Q [email protected] 2010 LESSON 40: Why Drink Coconut Water? December 17, December 18, 2010 LESSON 41 : GOSWAMI TULSIDAS. December 19, 2010 Susie Green Interview Irregular Verbs, Imperative Tense, George Stone interview (Aug 28, 2010) . Informal Conversation, Interview at Houston Lunch and Learn, and announcements (Aug 22, Special Guest: Indira Walia (May 4, 2010) Interview with Dr. Rupert Snell (Sept. 4, 2008) 2010) . Interview with Shirish Nadkami, CEO of LiveMocha (Oct. Conversation Questions — [email protected]•tld — animals 292 — Water Animals. 291 — Insects, etc. 30, 2007) .. 11 14 .. 15 .. 17 17 .. 17 17 .. 17 .. 22 .. 26 .. 27 .. 29 .. 34 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 ISpeakHindi.com
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    2010-December Lesson Guide 290 — Wild Animals 40 289- domesticated animals pg. 32 40 My First 100 Words In Hindi (6 of 8) — Animals 40 298 — Nature 40 Lesson 32.31aaæ, t? Jaanvar ,pakshi ya keedey kaisee aavaaj nikaaltey hain ya kya kaney hain? What type of sound the animals, birds or insecÉ make or what do they do? 40 Living Creatures (A First Bilingual Dictionary pg. 45) 40 December 21, 2010 Leaming the Hindi Letters — Lesson 6 —3fr and 3å 41 December 23, 2010 - Learning the Hindi Letters — Lesson 7—3i and 31: 43 2010 LESSON 42: WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO/D0/don't do/do not like etc. December 24, 44 Decem ber 25, 2010 - LESSON 43: Very Different Words That Sounds and Look Similar 53 Decem ber 28, 2010 Learning the Hindi Letters — Lesson 8 — Review of the Vowels 57 December 30, 2010 Learning the Hindi Letters — Lesson 9 and 58 2010 LESSON 44: SOME USEFUL SENTENCES December 31, 60 ISpeakHindi.com
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    2010-December Lesson Guide December 1, 2010 Learning the Hindi Letters - Lesson 1 -3T and 3Tr This is the first in a series of basic episodes to teach Hindi from the beginning. If you are already studying Hindi, it can provide a good review. If you are looking for something more advanced then master 4 words Also, these basic lessons will be mixed in with more advance each day. in the vocabulary_ master. lessons. Tomorrow's lesson will be more challenging. nar ) - omegranate chkan ) - Coat am ) -Mango aa admi an ISpeakHindi.com
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    2010-December Lesson Guide December 2, 2010 Answer to questions from "to play", "request and 4 commands", and "I like/want" lessons Three episodes last week left you with some translation challenges. Here we will go over the answer to them. One thing I would like to note before we get started is that is another way to say You can use either one in the examples below. (khel-naa) — to play I swim everyday. Man would say: (I Woman WOUld say: I run a mile every morning. Man: asaT (I Woman: (I Do you swim at the school? Asking a man: t? Asking a woman: t? Do you run in the park? Asking a man: t? Asking a woman: Did you run this morning? Asking a man: 3Trq e? Asking a woman: He must run three times a week. (because his coach makes him) qgaT (Moral Compulsion — I have to ... (because of my obligations)) I will swim this weekend. man: woman: Requests and Commands — Eat! Please eat. Now try creating the command and request forms using the following verbs: — to swim -at — Swim! ISpeakHindi.com
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    - Please swim. - to run 2010-December Lesson Guide (can also be written: åftv) 5 - Please run. (can also be written: n-cr) You will also find these useful: -a-gi — Don't Run! - Please don't run. @GTIGIT — to play (a musical instrument) - Play [music]! - Please play [music]. (can also be written: — to come 3.TT3.fr — Come! - Please come. (can also be written: -to work (to do work... this is the same that is an exception to the rule). — Work! - Please work. (can also be written: *rev) I like... I want... Try translating these sentences: I want one Hindi book. Do you want water? Ram likes that table. Which car does he likes? 5) Do you like mango? ISpeakHindi.com
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    2010-December Lesson Guide 6 6) I like grape. 7) I do not like watermelon. -{$ q:ia 8) She wants a car. If you have any questions or comments, please post them in the comment section of this post on the website. Also, try to get in the habit of mastering 4 words a day. If you master 4 words a day, you will know between 1000-2000 words within a year. Developing a vocabulary in this range will be key to understanding and speaking Hindi. And it all begins here. ISpeakHindi.com
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    2010-December Lesson Guide December 3, 2010 LESSON 36: Hindi ka Mahatv IMPORTANCE OF HINDI (Hindi Bharat ke pramuk rajyon (pranton) mein boli aur samajhi jaati hai.) Hindi is spoken and understood in major states (provinces) of India. (Hindi ko Nhaat ke savindhaan ke dwara raajbhaash honay ka gaurav praapt hai.) Hindi has got the distinction of being the main language by the Constitution of India. (Hindi Bharat mein karodon logon ko raajgar pradaan karta hai.) Hindi provides employment /jobs to millions of people in India. (Hindi Bharat mein anmol sampark bhaasha key roop mein kaary karti hai.) Hindi serves as a invaluable link language in India. 5. 3-tr (Bykaranik drishi se bhee yah ek unnat bhaasha hai.) In, grammatical terms it is an advanced language . 6. a-ra-r (Hindi bhaasha ka addhyan duniya key kayee vishwavidhyalayon mein atayant ruchee key saatha kiya jata hai.) Hindi language is studied with utmost interest in numerous universities in the world. 7. ,aTFaa (Kai netagan jihoney bhaata ke swatantrata ke liye ladaai kiya, vaastav mein Hindi ko ek rashtriya bhaasha bananey ki iccha rakhtey tthey.) Several leaders who fought for India's freedom struggle, actually wished that Hindi be made a national language. (Hindi ka kshetr anya kisee bhee bharateeya bhaasha ki tulana mein adhik byaapak hai.) The region of Hindi is more extensive in comparison to any other Indian language. (Madhur Hindi bhaasha aaasani se boli aur samajhi jaa sakti hai.) The sweet Hindi language can easily be spoken and understood. 10. 3•ii$r (Duniya mein chinease aur angreji ke baad Hindi bolney walong ke sankhya sabse adhi hain.) After Chinease and English, the number of Hindi speakers is highest in the world . ISpeakHindi.com 7
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    2010-December Lesson Guide 11. 8 (Hindi Bhasha bhaateeyata ka ek prateek hai.) Hindi language is a symbol of Indianness. 12. e-ä•a-a-r (Hindi swatantrat sangraam key dauraan ek mahatvpurn hathiyaar ttha.) Hindi was an important weapon during the freedom struggle . 13. (Hindi vividhta mein ekata ka prateek hain.) Hindi is a symbol of unity in diversity. 14. (Hindi rashtriya chetana ki vaahak rahi hai.) Hindi is the carrier of national consciousness. 15. (Hindi Bharat desh ki aatma hai.) Hindi is the soul of the country of India. 16. Qtr (Abhibyakti Hindi ki sundarata ko baddhtai hai.) The expression enhances beauty of Hindi. 17. (Hindi Bharat ki akhandata kee pramaan (pahchaan) hai.) Hindi is the hallmark of India's integrity. 18. ævaT, (Hindi ney desh ke sabhyata, sanskriti aur virasat mein pramukh bhumika nibhai hai.) Hindi has played prominent role in country's civilization, culture and heritage. 19. (Sabhi bharateey bhaashaaon mein Hindi pramukh hai.) Hindi is the chief amongst all the Indian languages. nglish Grammar ramukh constitution employment Invaluable terms tmost interest Hindi c Transliteration yakaran ain/chief Savindhan aukari/Rojgaar ahumulya/amulya drishti tyant ruchi ISpeakHindi.com
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    niversities study wish ight eaders comparison extensive Spoken and understood sweet ighest world anguages mportant weapon during reedom struggle unity symbol diversity carrier consciousness enhances eauty soul expression allmark Integrity eritage c 3.fr( c 2010-December Lesson Guide ishwavidhyalayon 9 addhyan chha ladayee etagan ulana yaapak olee aur samajhee adhur Sabsey adheek duniya haasha ahatvpurn atiyaar dauraan swatantrata sangraam ekata rateek ividhata vahak Chetana adhaati hai. Sundarata aatma abhibyakti ahchaan akhandata virasat ISpeakHindi.com
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    2010-December Lesson Guide culture civilization sanskriti sabhyata 10 Questions (leave the answer as a comment to this answer): 1 . Please indicate some more important points regarding Hindi. 2. Please write about English language and its advantages is the same manner. Lesson Prepared by: S.Suresh Kumar Hindi tutor and translator [email protected] 91 9840643690 ISpeakHindi.com
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    2010-December Lesson Guide 11 December 4, 2010 LESSON 37: Ling (Gender) (fröi7T There are two types of gender(masculine and feminine) in Hindi. Masculine word, denotes, male word and feminine word i.e. female words. (pulling) masculine (pita) father (beta) - son (raja) king (pati) husband (ladka) boy (goda) horse (kutta) - dog (nana) maternal grand father
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    2010-December Lesson Guide (lekhak) - writer (kavi) poet (hathi) elephant (gayak) Singer (sevak) - server (var) bridegroom (doodh) — milk Homework: (lekhika) female writer (kaviyatri) poetress (hathini) - she elephant (gayika) female singer (sevika) female server a-t.T (vadhu) bride (also: (dahi) -curd 12 Write the following words in Hindi. Leave them as comments to this lesson a. (Masculine): Name of grains (like wheat, rice) metal/article name (e.g. iron, gold, water, oil, ghee (clarified butter)) name of days (e.g. Monday, Tuesday, etc.) countries name (e.g. India, America, Africa, etc.) mountain and name of the sea (e.g. Himalaya, Indian Ocean) mode of transport (e.g. truck, scooter, airplane) other words e.g. stone (patthar), pitcher (ghada), cloud (baadal), flower (fool), ground (jameen), city (shahar), shoe(joota), box(bukxa), tree (paird), etc. b. (feminine) • name of the rivers (e.g. Ganges, Yamuna) • name of the languages (e.g. Hindi, English, Urdu) • name of the pulses (dal or lentils): Arhar, moong, urad, etc. • other words i.e land (prithvi or bhumi), fire (agni), mercy (daya), power (shakti), caste (jaati), air (hawa), laugh, education, season, etc. c. Please write the Hindi word and gender for: bull • cow • father- in- law • mother-in-law d. What is meaning of the Hindi words (devar) and (devarani)? ISpeakHindi.com
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    2010-December Lesson Guide If you need any possible assistance in learning Sweet Hindi language, please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned. — Thank you. Suresh Kumar A Hindi Tutor and translator Email: [email protected] Cell: 91 9840643690 ISpeakHindi.com 13
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    2010-December Lesson Guide 14 December 7, 2010 Learning the Hindi Letters - Lesson 2 - $ and This is the second in a series of basic episodes to teach Hindi basics from the beginning. If you are already studying Hindi, it can provide a good review. If you are looking for something more advance,http://www.ispeakhindi.com/master-4-words-each-day/. Also, these basic lessons will be mixed in with more advance lessons. Tomorrow's lesson will be more challenging. (Learninq the Hindi Letters — Lesson 1 —31 and 3T) mali ) - amarind i Iktara ) - a stringed musical nstrument iikh ($&) -Sugarcane ii iid ($7) estival) Id/Eid (a ISpeakHindi.com
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    2010-December Lesson Guide 15 December 9, 2010 - Learning the Hindi Letters - Lesson 3 -3 and 3 This is the third in a series of basic episodes to teach Hindi from the beginning. If you are already studying Hindi, it can provide a good review. If you are looking for something more advanced then master 4 words each day in the vocabulary master. Also, these basic lessons will be mixed in with more advance lessons. Tomorrow's lesson will be more challenging. (Learninq the Hindi Letters — Lesson 1 —31 and 3-TT) llu ) -owl Upahar (3AVR) - Uunth Gift -Camel ISpeakHindi.com
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    Uun (37) 2010-December Lesson Guide 16 wool ISpeakHindi.com
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    2010-December Lesson Guide 17 December 10, 2010 LESSON 38: Words ending in I. Words endinq in (Kal) Tomorrow (Main kal avashya aapkey ghar aaunga.) I will certainly come to your house tomorrow. (Kal) also means "yesterday" (Kal sey mujhe bukhaar hai.) I have fever from yesterday. (Kal kee ghatna bhul jaaon.) Forget yesterday's incidence. (kal) also means "water tap". (gal) - melt •a-if (barf gal raha hai.) The ice is melting. (him) also means "ice/snow." (himpaat) means snowfall. (chal) - walk (ghar chal.) Go home. (command) SFr (chal) cheat (chal-kapat buri aadat hai.) Cheating/fraud is a bad habit. or also means fraud in Hindi. (Jaalsaaj) means Chal. (jal) — water — also known as (paanii) (jal swattchh/shuddh hai.) The water is clean/pure. ISpeakHindi.com
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    2010-December Lesson Guide Jai means or (paanee) or But if you write Jaal means 18 net. Thus one stroke(Maatra I) will change the meaning in Hindi/Devanagari. (tal) — avert aaqT (ab khatra tal gaya hai.) The danger is averted now. Please note: DANGER word in Hindi is also known as . (sankat) or (vipatti) or (Kantak) (jokhim) which can also mean "risk". (dhal) — coming off, becoming aged (sooraj dhal raha hai.) The sun is setting in. It means also (suryaast ho raha hai.) Similarly for aging, you can use (umra dhal raha hai). Sun is also known as ælå(Soory) (tal) - surface (tal naram hai.) The surface is soft. is also known as (satah). (thal) — earth or land (thal din par din garam hota jaa raha hai.) The earth is becoming hot day by day. (nal) — tap (faucet) (nal se paani tapakta hai.) The water is dripping from the tap. (pal) — moment (pal bhar mein kya ho gaya?) What has happened in a moment? (bal) — strength or power (bal se jyaada buddhi ka upyog karna chdhy ye.) The intelligence (wisdom aft) should be used more than strength. ISpeakHindi.com
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    2010-December Lesson Guide means power means electricity i.e. or current. Besides, 19 (upyog) can be reworded as (prayog) or (istemaal) (mal) excreta (roaj malmutr se chutkaara paana behatar hai.) It is better to get rid of excreta daily. (hal) — plough (khet mein hal ka prayog karo.) Use the plough in the farm. ll. Words ending in 3-•ITFT (kaal) of tense (consists of present, past and future a-å3417, 347, (kaal gey gaal ho jaana) (is an idoms/phrases)Ve kaal ke gaal ho gaye. They died. (ææ (Mar jaana) = to die.) so many words are there in Hindi for to die: / / (khaal) - skin (chamada ) (twatcha) or a-å(charm) (prohibited) (bharat mein jaanwaron ke khaal ka sauda karna nishiddh ya avaiddh ya gaiyr kanooni hai.) Trading of animal skins in India is prohibited or illegal. Trade also means byaapaar= sauda . (gaal) - cheeks (tumhare gaal laal ho gaye hain.) Your cheeks have become red. (chaal) — gait or walk (slow) (Us ghodey kee chaal kuchh dheemee hai.) That horse's gait is slightly slow. also means 2h-*. (slightly or some) (chaal) - bark (old) ISpeakHindi.com
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    (Ped ki chaal bahut purani hai.) The bark of the tree is very old. (jaal) - net 2010-December Lesson Guide 20 (shikari dana daalkar pakshiyon ko jaal mein pakad leta hai.) The hunter catches the bird in net by giving grains. Or basically it means the hunters traps the birds in net alluring them for grains. (taal) — shirk or avoid or escape e-raå (baat taalney kee cheshta mat karo.) Don't try to avoid talking. (daal) - branch (also or (ped ki daal kamjore hai.) The branch of the tree is weak. (dhaal) - shield (also (kawatch)) (teer ya talwaar kee choat sey dhal raksha kar sakti hai.) The shield can protect from the injury of arrow or sword. (taal) - rhythm (also (lay)) (taal se taal milayen.) Mix rhythm by rhythm. (thaal) - plate/tray (also (thaal mein khaana paros do.) Serve the food on the plate. (dal) — pulse/lentil (daal mein namak nahin hai.) There is no salt in the pulse(lentil) - (naal) - horse shoe 3•ivrtr (ghodey key naal ker angoothi banwakar kuch Bharateeya usey anguli mein pahan letey hain.) The ring made out of horse shoe is put on finger by some Indians. Information: Several Indians also use ring made of the iron nails of a ship which remained in sea for long period. It is believed that it saves from troubles/agony of ISpeakHindi.com
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    2010-December Lesson Guide Saturn(supposed to be 7 1/2 years minimum in a person's life cycle at a stretch certainly 21 once) planet on respective star constellations of an individual . (baai) - hair a-a-IT t? (balon mein kya tumney mehandi laga rakhi hai?) Have you applied henna in the hairs? J7TFT (maal) items/stock/articles (also (saamaan)) 3-1TQ71T? (aaaj kitney ka maal jahaad se aayega.) How much worth articles would arrive from the ship today? (raal) — greediness (paise ko dekhkar uskay munh se raal tapakaney lagee.) Seeing money, he became greedy. (coming out of water from mouth) (lai) - red (khoon ka rang lal hai.) The colour of blood is red. means(3T2t) = (shawl) - shawl (mujhe thand lag rahee hai, shawl se oadh do.) I am feeling cold, cover me with shawl. (saal) - year (abhee is saal ke kitney mahiney baaki hain?) How many months are balance(remaining) now in this year. means (haal) - recently 3-11* (haal he mein mainey aapko 300 udhaar diye tthey.) Recently only had given you a loan of Rs. 300/-. Homework: Try out some two letter words, ending with a particular alphabet. Choose some words that end with a maatra (vowel) before the last letter, and others that do not have a vowel before the last letter. Add them as comments to this lesson. S.Suresh Kumar ISpeakHindi.com
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    2010-December Lesson Guide 22 December 11, 2010 LESSON 39: One word that replaces many (Kai shabdon ke jagah mein (badle) ek Hindi shabd.) It means one word in place of (in lieu of) several words in Hindi. Please note that several Hindi words in a sentence which can be substituted with one Hindi word. Sl. (Devanagari) Transliteration Translation in English l. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. (jo padha-liha na ho = Anpadh) The person who is not a literate. — illiterate (jo kabhi n mare = amar) Who will never die — immortal a-ra-r - (door ki shochney waala = doordarshi) who thinks far ahead- farsightedness. (jiska koi santaan na hao = nisantaan) Who does not have a child — childless (jismey dhairya nahin ho = adheer) Who does not have perseverance (known as dheeraj) or patience (jiskey samaan doosra na ho. = anupam) There is no one to match him — matchless or incomparable (jis par vishwaas na kiya jaa sakey = avishwaasneey) Who can not be trusted or relied upon — unfaithful. 3-IA* - (apney desh se doosrey desh mein saamaan jaana = niryaat) When articles/items are dispatched from own country to other country- export. (doosrey desh se apney desh me saamaan aana = aayaat) When articles/items comes or are received from another country to own country. Import ISpeakHindi.com
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    2010-December Lesson Guide 10. - 23 (apni hatya swayang karna — aatmahatya) To kill self on his/her own — suicide (jis bhoomi par kuch na oog sakey. = oosar) The land in which nothing can be produced — barren also known as banjar 12. - (sheeghra nasht honay waala — kshanbhangur) which will destroy soon — perishable (instantaneously. Nasht also means vinaash in Hindi) 13. (jo ucch kul mein utpann(Paida) hua ho.= kuleen) Who has taken birth in aristocrat family — aristocratic 14. (jo sab jahah badnaam ho. = kukhyaat) Who has got bad names everywhere — notorious 15. -91* (janata mein prachlit suni-sunai baat — kivandanti) The matter/talk popular among people, heard of — hearsay 16. (jismey sahan kee shakti ho — sahishnu) Who has power/stamina to bear- bearable. 17. — (jismein ras na ho — neeras) Which does not have juice- juice-less 18. (jo kam bolta ho — mitbhaashi) who talks less — introvert 19. (jiski vaani madhur ho — mridhubhaashi) Who speaks sweet 20. & R'tra•r (jiska pati mar gaya ho —vidhwa) Whose husband is dead: widow 21. (jiski patnee mar gayee ho — vidhur) whose wife is dead-widower 22. Aft-craft - (pati-Patnee ka joda — dampatti) Pair of husband and wife — couple ISpeakHindi.com
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    2010-December Lesson Guide 23. - 24 (bhalaai chahney waala — hitaishee) Who wants welfare of others 24. - (dil se honay waala — hardik) which is from heart =hearty 25. (jo sam jagah byaapt ho- sarvabyaapak) Who is available omnipresent 26. (jo sabsay shaktishaali hai- sarvshaktimaan) Who is most powerful 27. (jismein daya n hao = nirdayee) Who does not have kindness -cruel 28. - (jo daikhnay yogya hai — darshneeya) Which is worth seeing 29. - (jo adheek bota ho = vaachaal) Who speaks too much — talkative 30. - 3mzr (jo dikhai na dey — adrishya) which can not be seen- Invisible. 31. (doosron kee baton mein dakhal dena = hastkshep) Who interferes in others matter. 32. a-ra-r - (jaananey kee icchha rakhney wala. jigyasu) Who wishes to know — thirst for knowledge 33. - (saptaah mein ek baar honay wala — saaptaahik) Which occurs once in a week — weekly 34. aT•ar - (mahinay mein ek baar honay waala — masik) Which occurs once in a month — monthly 35. (din mein ek baar honay wala — dainik) Which occurs daily ISpeakHindi.com
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    2010-December Lesson Guide 36. 25 (varsh mein ek baar honay waala — vaarshik) Which occurs once in a year — annually 37. a-ra-r (teen mahiney mein ek baar honay waala — traiymaasik) Which occurs once in three months. 38. & (chhaiy mahineey mein ek baar honay waala = chhaiymaasik) Which occurs once in six months 39. - (maans khaanay wala — maansaahaaree) Who eats meat non-vegetarian 40. - (jo saag-sabjee khaata ho — shaakaahaaree) Who eats green vegetabales — vegetarian 41. - (hamesha satya bolnay waala. — satyawaadi) Who speaks always truth. 42. (jiskey aanay kee tithee na ho — atithee) The person coming does not have a fixed date to come : Guest. 43. - 3*zr (jisey jeeta na jaa sakay- ajaiy ) Who cannot be defeated-invincible (unconquerable) Homework: Write one Hindi word for the following and leave it as comment to this lesson. - Who is famous everywhere? - Who is a good son to his parents? - Who is a bad son to his parents? - Who is greedy? - Who predicts? - Who is dedicated to mother? Task: You may write similar five one Hindi word and explain what do they mean? Leave this as a comment to the lesson. S.Suresh Kumar Hindi tutor and translator [email protected] 91 9840643690 ISpeakHindi.com
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    2010-December Lesson Guide December 14, 2010 Learnin the Hindi Letters — Lesson 4— 26 This is the fourth in a series of basic episodes to teach Hindi from the beginning. If you are already studying Hindi, it can provide a good review. If you are looking for something more advanced then master 4 words each day in the vocabulary master. Also, these basic lessons will be mixed in with more advance lessons. Tomorrow's lesson will be more challenging. Previous Lessons in this series: Lesson 1 -31 and 3Tr Lesson 2 — and Lesson 3 — 3 and 5 ishab - Bull ri Rishi Seer/saint ISpeakHindi.com
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    2010-December Lesson Guide December 16, 2010 Learning the Hindi Letters - Lesson 5 -V and This is the fifth lesson in a series of basic episodes to teach Hindi from the beginning. If you are already studying Hindi, it can provide a good review. If you are looking for something more advanced then master 4 words each day in the vocabulary master. Also, these basic lessons will be mixed in with more advance lessons. Tomorrow's lesson will be more challenging. Previous Lessons in this series: Lesson 1 -31 and Lesson 2 — and Lesson 3 — 3 and 5 k One Edi - Heel Ainak Spectacles ISpeakHindi.com
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    2010-December Lesson Guide 28 ai Airaavat (üvra•a) - a legendary hite elephant ISpeakHindi.com
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    2010-December Lesson Guide December 17, 2010 LESSON 40: why Drink Coconut Water? 29 (nariyal paani kyon peena chahiye) Why Drink Coconut Water? 3•iiSr 3-ii$r (angreji naam naariyal pahley 1500 sadi se aaya hai.) The English name coconut, was first mentioned in English in 1500. t" tGRT"I (iska Spanish aur purtgaali shabd coco hai jiska arth hai," Bandar ka chehara.) It comes from Spanish and Portugese word coco, which means 'monkey face'. qæ, &-4r 3TlRV-9-T (hind mahasagar key nikobaar dweep samooh par, poorey naariyal mudra ke roop mein beesvee sadi ke aarmbh mein maal key khareed key liye istemaal kiye gaye.) On the Nicobar Islands of the Indian Ocean , the whole coconuts were used as currency for the purchase of goods until the early twentieth century. [email protected]ÄT, (iski utpatti pahley malaysia mein hui aur dakshini Asia, iskay allawa ab dakshin america, bharat, prashaant dweep samooh, hawaii aur Florida mein bhee bipul maatra mein miltey hain.) It originated from Malaysia and southern Asia, and besides, now are also prolific in South America, India, the Pacific Islands, Hawaii and Florida. atr* (iskay ped ke lagbhag sabhee bhagon ko kisi na kisi tareekey sey istemaal kiya jaa sakta hai.) Almost all parts of the tree can be used in some manner or the other. (nariyal ke swaying ke kai khaadhy ke upyog hainl — doodh, maans, cheeni, taiyl aur pakwaan.) The coconut itself has many food uses (means recipes) — milk, meat, sugar and oil and other edible preparations (dish). sn•a-r (bhusi bhee logon dwara indhan ke liye jalayaa jaata thaa.) The husk was also burned for fuel by natives (lekin aaj coir (Nariyal ka rassi) kaha jaaney wala ek resha beej, bhusi sey nikala jaata hai aur brush, darri, machli ka jaal aur rassi bananey ke liey upyog kiya jaata hai.) But today a seed fibre called coir is taken from the husk and is used to make brushes, mats, fish-nets and rope. ISpeakHindi.com
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    2010-December Lesson Guide 30 a-raT (nariyal k tayl, ek sookhey nariyal (kopra) se bana santript vasa, aur toffee / margarine ke saagh he saath gaiyr khady utpaadon jaise sabun aur saundarya prasadhan bananey ke liey prayog kiya jaata hai.) Coconut oil, a saturated fat made from dried coconut and in candies and margarines, is used as well as in non-edible products such as soaps and cosmetics. af 3Ta-r (hallanki nariya ko paripakv honay mein ek varsh tak lag jaata hai.) It takes up to a year for coconuts to mature. (ped ek varsh mein terah baar tak badhtey hain.) The tree grows up to thirteen times a year. (fal laggatar poorey saal paida hotey hain.) The fruits are produced entire year. (ek Ped ek varsh mein ausatan 60 nariyal fal saalaana deta hai. Lekin kuch saal mein teen baar bhee utpaadan kartey hain.) On an average, 60 cocoanuts are produced by each tree but some give yields 3 times a year. (yeh sabsey bada gyaat beej hain.) It is the largest known seed . nariyal Paani The coconut water (yah ek praakritk paye hain.) It is an natural (isotonic) beverage. 99% aæff (yah carbohydrate mein kam, shakkar mein kar aur 90% vasa mukht hain.) It is low in Carbohydrates, low in sugars and 99% fat free. (ismein karbanik yogik swaasthya vikass ko badhaava deney waley gun shaamil hain.) It contains organic compounds possessing healthy growth promoting properties. ISpeakHindi.com
  • 32
    2010-December Lesson Guide ET (uaT a•ai 31 (yah shareer ko thanda rakhta hai aur uchit taampmaan par oxygen aur poshak tatvon ka vahan koshikaayon ko karta hai.) It keeps the body cool and carries nutrients and oxygen to cells at the proper temperature. (yah kasrat ke baad aapkey sharer ko tar padarth ki aapurti phir karta hai.) It replenishes your body's fluid after exercise. (yah aapkay ras prakriya ko utthata hai.) It raises your metabolism. (yah vajan ghataaney ko badhava deta hai.) It promotes weight loss. (yeh aapkay pratiraksh pranali ko badha deta hai.) It boosts your immune system. (yah vishharan karta hai.) It detoxifies . (yah aapkay paachan tantr ko shuddh karta hai.) It cleanses your digestive tract. e-ä-a-o-r (yah madhumeh par niyantran karta hai.) It controls diabetes. 3-rrq* q, (yah aapkay sharer ko virus se ladkney me madad karta hai jiskay kaaran flu, daad, aur aids hotey hai.) It aids your body in fighting viruses that cause the flu, herpes, and AIDS. (yah cancer ke jokhim ko kam karta hai.) It reduces the risk of cancer. (yah gurdey aur mutrmarg ki pathri ka upchaar karta hai.) It treats kidney and urethral stones. (yah santarey k eras se aur adheek awasthykar hai.) ISpeakHindi.com
  • 33
    2010-December Lesson Guide It is more healthy than Orange Juice — Much lower calories. (yah bacchey ke sansadhit doodh se behtar hai.) It is better than processed baby milk. (bhusi ke chalani se chanta hai.) Water permeates though the filtering husk. - a•raT (yah maanav rakt plasma ke samman hai — saarvbhaumik data.) It is identical to human blood plasma — universal donor (san 1941-45 ke pacific ladai mein dono pakshon ney iska bhaut istemaal kiya.) In 1941-45 pacific war, both the parties used it very much. 32 Vocabulary: Hindi — Devangari Hindi — Transliteration Hind Mahasaagar Dweep Utpatti Mudra Vipul Upyog Indhan Paripakv gyaat beej Vasa Yogik koshikaaon poshak tatvon Vahan English Meaning Indian Ocean Island Originated currency Prolific/plenty known as also Prachur Use (also called Prayog, instemaal) Fuel Mature Known seed Fat compounds cells nutrients carries or transports ISpeakHindi.com
  • 34
    kasrat pratirakshan pranali aapurti pachan tantra niyantran joklhim upchaar sarvbhaumik S.Suresh Kumar Hindi tutor and translator [email protected] 91 9840643690 2010-December Lesson Guide Exercise( also known as 33 Byayam) immune system replenish digestive tract control risk treats universal donor ISpeakHindi.com
  • 35
    2010-December Lesson Guide December 18, 2010 LESSON 41: GOSWAMI TULSIDAS 34 3-eax (tulsidas jee ka janm uttar pradesh kay banda zilley mein sthith rajapur naam gram mein sanvat 1554 ko hua ttha.) Tulsidasjee was born in 1554 in Rajapur village located in the Banda district of Uttar Pradesh. (unkay pita ka naam aatmaraam dubey tatha maata ka naam hulsi devi ttha.) His father's name was Atmaram Dubey and mothers name Hualsi Devi. 12 J*lå (unka janm maata ke garbh mein 12 maheenay kay paschaat hua ttha.) His was born after staying for 12 months in mother's womb. & "q•ær' (paida hotay hee unkey munh say "ram" shabd nikla.) He pronounced "Ram" word at the time of the birth. (unkay much mein pooray battis daant tthey.) He had complete thirty two teeth in his mouth. (unka kad paanch varsh ke baalak kay samman ttha.) His height was similar to five years old child. (apshakun soach kar, pita nay usey chhod diya aur is prakaar maa nay usey apni maa ke ghar bhej diya.) Thinking of bad omen , the father abandoned him and thus mother sent him to her mother's house. (dusray din maa sansaar se chal basee.) The mother died the second day. alg- (chuniya daasi nay baalak ka paalan-poshan bade laad pyaar se kiya.) The maid servant Chuniya reared him up with great affection/love. (baalak saadhey paanch varsh kee umra mein anaath ho gaya jaise he chuniyan daasi mar gayee.) The child became orphan at the age of five and half years as the maid servant died. ISpeakHindi.com
  • 36
    2010-December Lesson Guide 35 (sri ananthnand ke shishya sri narharyanand usay ayodhya le jaakar uska laalan-paalan karney lage.) At Ramshail Sri Ananthnand's disciple Sri. Narharyanand took him to Ayodhya and started bringing him up. (baalk ka naam rambola rakha gaya.) The boy was called Rambola. trl (rambola kay vidhyadhyayn ke bhee byavastha unhoney kar dee.) He made the arrangement for Rambola's studies too. YRS-IT (baalak teevra buddhi tatha vilakshan pratibhaa wala ttha.) The boy was of sharp intellect and genius. 347: & (atah, sheegra hee baalak samast vidhyayon mein paarangat ho gay.) So, soon the boy became an expert in all disciplines. 3-1-q-#r 34T (vey apni janmabhoomi wapas aa gaye.) He returned back to his place of birth. (unka pareewar nasht ho chukka ttha.) His family had been destroyed. ma-r (unhonay apney pita tatha purvajon ka vidhiporvak shraadh kiya.) He conducted the memorial service for his father and ancestors properly. atr (vah vahin rah kar logonko raam katha sunanay lagey.) He began telling stories of Ram to people living there. a-atrq-RT (is prakaar ve Tulsidas bhee kahlaaney lagey.) Thus he was also called Tulsidas. ytr (san 1583 mein ratnavali naamak ek sundari evam vidushi kanyaa sey unka vivah ho gaya.) He got married to a beautiful and wise (learned) maiden girl (bride) called Ratnavali in 1583. or byateet) (ve sukhpurvak jeevan yaapan karney lagey.) ISpeakHindi.com
  • 37
    2010-December Lesson Guide They began living happily. (tulsidas ko apni patni se bahut pyaar ttha.) Tulsidas used to love his wife very much. (ek baar jab Ratnavali ko uska bhaai maaykay liva gaya to vey viyog n sah paaye.) Once when his brother took Ratnavali to her maternal house Tulsidas could not bear the separation. (tab Rambola peechhey peechhey apney sasuraal tak chaley gaye.) Then Tulsidas went behind them upto his father-in-laws house . (vah ghar key peechey gae aur ek ped par chaddh gaye.) He went behind the house and climbed over a tree. (jaldi mei, vah ek saanp ko pakad kar khidki tak pahunch gaye aur khatkhataaya.) In hurry, he caught hold of a snake and reached the window and knocked. 3E$r (ratnalvali ko unki ya baat achhi nahin lagi.) Ratnawali did not like this matter. 3-19'* (usnay apnee naarajagee byakt kee.) She expressed her resentment. @ 3-1T (aapko laaj nahin aayee jo daudtey huey saath aa gaye.) You did not feel ashamed that came along running. (aisey prem ko dhikkar hai.) Damn it,your such love. 3-11* (yadi issey aadhee peeti bhee aapko bhagwaan sriram sey hotee to aapko sansaar sey moksh mi jaata.) If even half of this love you had for Lord Sriram , then you would have found the salvation from the world. (ratnawali key ye vaakya rambhola ke dil ko chhoo gaye.) These sentences of Ratnawali touched the heart of Tulsidas. (ratnawali kee fatkaar ney tulsidas key gyaan netr khol diye tthey.) ISpeakHindi.com 36
  • 38
    2010-December Lesson Guide Wife's reprimand had open Tulsidas's eye of the knowledge. (vey prayaag pahunchey.) He reached Prayaag. (alt (unhoney chaudah varshon tak nirantar teerthatan kiya- charon dhaamon badrinath, rameshwar, jagannath puri and dwarka kee paidal yaatra kee) He continuously went on pilgrimage for fourteen years (went on foot to Four religious places- Badrinath, Rameshwar, Jagannath Puri and Dwarka) *al-air, qivratr, aha-re-a, 3-18i•a (gyan prapti ke baad unhoney anek kaabyon kee rachna kee nimein se ramcharitmaanas, kavitawali, dohawali, geetawali, vinay patrika, hanumaan chalisa, sankar mochan, and kosh manjusha ityaadi atyant prasidh/lokpriya hain) After acquiring the knowledge , he composed several epics e.g. Ramcharitmaanas,kavitavali, Dohavali, Geetavali, Vinay Patrika, I Hanuman Chalisa,Sankat Mochan and Kosh Manjusha etc. which are very famous/ popular. $r 2.TTI (tulsidas ko Hanumaan jee ka vardaan praapt ttha.) Tulsidas had blessings of Hanumaanjee. 2 af 7 26 (unhoney 2 varsh 7 maah 26 dinon mein ramcharitmaanas likhna purn kiya.) He completed writing of Ramcharitmanas in 2 years, 7 months and 26 days completed. (san 1680 mein unki mrityu ho gayee.) He died in the yearl 680. Vocabulary: Hindi — Devanagari 3.GT2.T Hindi — Transliteration Garbh Kad sansaar se chal basin anaath Daasi English Translation womb height left the world(died) orphan maid servant ISpeakHindi.com
  • 39
    Baalak Paalan-poshan laad-pyaar Teevra buddhi Vilakshan pratibha paarangat sundari vidhushi viyog Peechhey Paid Chaddh khidki khatkhataaya naraajgee byakt Moksh Gyaan netr khol kosh Manjoosha Answer the following question in Hindi. 2010-December Lesson Guide male child 38 Reared/brought up love-affection Sharp intellect genius expert beautiful wise(learned) separation Behind Tree(also called vriksh) climb window knocked resentment expressed salvation knowledge Eye(Known as aankh and chakshu) open Fund(treasury) box Leave the answers as comments to this lesson. ISpeakHindi.com
  • 40
    2010-December Lesson Guide 2.3* ? 39 3. 34-aia ? S.Suresh Kumar Hindi tutor and translator [email protected] 91 9840643690 ISpeakHindi.com
  • 41
    2010-December Lesson Guide December 19, 2010 Susie Green Interview 40 Susie Green is a regular ISpeakHindi.com listener who has done interesting work in India. While you and I might be content to see pictures of Tigers or perhaps visit a zoo, Susie Green goes to the jungles in India. Through a program offered by the EIA — Environment Investiqation Aqency, a wildlife group working in India, Africa, Europe, and other places, she was able to visit the forests of Paana. She has written a book about the Tiger which was published byReaktion Books as part of a series on animals. The book explores how the animals are viewed culturally and investigates the animal in different forms in art and literature. Susie Green has also taken up our challenge to learn 4 words a day. You should do this too using our "Master 4 Words a Day" tool. Books mentioned in the program: Other Interviews: Irreqular Verbs, Imperative Tense, Georqe Stone interview (Aug 28, 2010) Informal Conversation Interview at Houston Lunch and Leam and announcements (Aug 22, 2010) Special Guest: Indira Walia (May 4, 2010) Interview with Dr. Rupert Snell (Sept. 4, 2008) Interview with Shirish Nadkami CEO of LiveMocha (Oct. 30, 2007) Lessons dealing with Nature and Animals: Conversation Questions - Pets 31aar) animals 292 — Water Animals 290 — Wild Animals 289 — domesticated animals pq. 32 My First 100 Words In Hindi (6 of 8) — Animals 298 - Nature Lesson t? Jaanvar ,pakshi ya keedey kaisee aavaai nikaaltey hain ya kya kartey hain? What type of sound the animals, birds or insects make or what do they do? Livinq Creatures (A First Bilinqual Dictionary pq. 45) ISpeakHindi.com
  • 42
    2010-December Lesson Guide December 21, 2010 Learning the Hindi Letters - Lesson 6 - 3•fr and 41 This is the sixth lesson in a series of basic episodes to teach Hindi from the beginning. If you are already studying Hindi, it can provide a good review. If you are looking for something more advanced then master 4 words each day in the vocabulary master. Also, these basic lessons will be mixed in with more advance lessons. Tomorrow's lesson will be more challenging. Previous Lessons in this series: Lesson 1 Lesson 2 — Lesson 3 — Lesson 5 —Q and @ -31 and and 3 and 5 Onth (3frö) Okhali Lips ([email protected]) - Mortar Aurat ( 3-fr(a-) _ Woman ISpeakHindi.com
  • 43
    Aushad (3-1)-qtT) Medicine 2010-December Lesson Guide 42 not 0249 ISpeakHindi.com
  • 44
    December 23, 2010 - Learning the Hindi Letters - Lesson 7 -3T and 3T: This is the seventh lesson in a series of basic episodes to teach Hindi from the beginning. If you are already studying Hindi, it can provide a good review. If you are looking for something more advanced then master 4 words each day in the vocabulary master. Also, these basic lessons will be mixed in with more advance lessons. Tomorrow's lesson will be more challenging. Previous Lessons in this series: Lesson 1 -31 and Lesson 2 — and Lesson 3 — 3 and 5 Angur Grapes am Anda (33) - Egg No words ISpeakHindi.com 2010-December Lesson Guide Lesson 5 —Q and @ Lesson 6 —3-1i and 3-fr 43
  • 45
    2010-December Lesson Guide December 24, 2010 LESSON 42: WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO/Do/don't 44 do/do not like etc. (bacchey pyaar/sneh/vaatsalya chahtey hain.) Children need affection/love. (log gudwaana chahtey hain.) People want tattoo to be done. (log varsha ko chumban karna chahtey hain.) People want to kiss the rain. (main naukri chahta hun.) I want a job. (also means employment) 5. av (al-a) (vah gaadi chalaana seekhna chahti hai.) She wants to learn driving. 6. (€416) (main shaadee (byaah) karna chahta hun.) I want to marry. ISpeakHindi.com
  • 46
    2010-December Lesson Guide (Way shivir jaana chahtey hain.) 45 They want to go to the camp. (Military camping is known as thHr Camp is also known as Padaav.) 8. (361) (adhik paani (jal) peena swaasthya kay liye laabhprad hai.) Drinking more water is good for health. (dhoomrapaan chhod do.) Quit smoking . 10. (hamein taaron ke neechy sona aachha lagta hai.) We like to sleep under the stars. 11. {9 (hr) (SIV a-&r (mujhey baal (kesh) rangna (dye karna) bilkul pasand nahin hai.) I do not like hair-dye at all. 12. QTtR (usey Shareer ko tel sey maalish kar nahanney(snan) key baad acchee neend aati hai.) He gets good sleep after bath upon body massage with oil . 13. a-&r (koi bhee chaalak ko license key bina gaadi nahin chalaan chahiye.) No driver should drive the vehicle without license. ISpeakHindi.com
  • 47
    2010-December Lesson Guide (PS:License means but not generally used.) 14. (hari kisee ko patang udaana pasand hai.) Everyone likes to fly the kite. 15. am (anekon logon ko sushee khaana bahut pasand hai.) Several people like to eat sushi. 16. ($4 (3-TßZ) (barish mein naachna(nritya karna) khushi(aanand) deta hai.) Dancing in the rain gives happiness. 17. av (vah cake banana seekhna chahati hai.) She wants to learn to make cakes. 18. am (rakt daan kai logon kay jaan ko bachaata hai.) The blood donation saves lives of many people. 19. (go) (3TRT17) (sabhi anguliyon (10) ka prayog karney se tankan kaarya saral ho jaata hai.) The typing work becomes simpler (easy) using all fingers (10). 20. ISpeakHindi.com
  • 48
    2010-December Lesson Guide (mainey kale ek chidiyaghar dekha.) 47 I saw a zoo yesterday. 21. t? (kya aapney ek ghar khareeda hai?) Have you bought a house? 22. (kya hum kal rock sangeet karyakram dekhney jayenge?) Whether we will see rock music programme (concert) tomorrow? 23. t? (kya tumney kabhee swayngsevak kaarya kiya hai?) Have you ever done any volunteer work? 24. (motey logon ko vajan kam karney par dhyaan dena chahiye.) Obese people should focus on losing weight. 25. (usney ek ipod becha tha.) He had sold an ipod. 26. (baajee lagaana gair kanoonee hai.) Betting is illegal. ISpeakHindi.com
  • 49
    2010-December Lesson Guide 27. 48 (nek kaam ke liye daan saraahneey hai.) Donation for noble cause is praiseworthy. 28. a-H (kya tum dolphin key saath tairna chahogey.) Will you like to swim with the dolphin? 29. (kai loag padhaai mein snaatak karna chahtey hai.) Several people want to do graduation in studies. 30. 3-1T8r (mujhey picnic yaad aati hai.) I miss picnic. 31. (mainey peechley teen saal sey koi chalchitr cinemaghar mein nahi dekha hai.) I have not seen any movie in the theater for the past three years. 32. t? (kya us ladki ney meri kameej seel dee hai?) Whether that girl has stitched my shirt? 33. -H (mainey ek sundar geeta likha hai.) ISpeakHindi.com
  • 50
    2010-December Lesson Guide I wrote a beautiful song. 49 34. ai (main agley varsh 1000 meter kee daud mein bhaag lena chahunga.) I would like to participate in 1000 meters race next year. 35. (main tairna jaanata hun.) I know swimming. 36. (kya kabhi tumney ek vishaila saanp pakda hai.) Have you ever caught a poisonous snake? 37. 63-ff & Rzrrl (aisa kai baar hua hia ki mainey ek upanyas ek hee din mein padh liya.) It has often happened that I have read a novel in one day itself. 38. (kai log maansahaaree sey shaakaahaaree mein parinat huey hain.) Several people have changed/converted into vegetarian from non-vegetarian. 39. (ek sadak yaatra par kabhee manjil kay bina nahin jaana chahiye.) Never go on a road trip without knowledge of the destination . 40. ISpeakHindi.com
  • 51
    2010-December Lesson Guide (samay par naakhoon kaatna aavashyak hai.) 50 Cutting the nail on time is necessary. 41. (ek acchey kaimrey ke saath sahee dhang sey chaayachitr lena ek kala hai.) Taking a photo correctly with a good camera is an art. 42. (kai loag soduku kee paheli pahlee baar suljha lete hain.) Many people solve the Soduku puzzle in the first time. 43. (mainey ghodey kee savaree kabhee nahin kee hain.) I have never done the horse riding. 44. a-rötr (gahree neend mein sotey samay baadha pahunchaana aachee baat nahin hai.) The hindrance during fast sleep at bedtime is not good. 45. t? (kya aapoko footbaal ya cricket match dekhna pasand hain?) Do you like to watch cricket or football match? 46. 2-TTI (san 1972 mein antim baar mainey mere nani key ghar mein jhoola dekha tha.) I saw the swing last time in my grandmother's house in 1972. ISpeakHindi.com
  • 52
    2010-December Lesson Guide 47. qfi•a-r t? 51 (kya aapney kabhee kavita like hai?) Have you written a poem ever? 48. (kripya Aaap mujhey apna passport dikhayen.) Please show me your passport. 49. (main apna website banana chahta hun.) I want to make my website. 50. O? (kyon Aaap bearish mein puri tarah bheeng rahey ho?) why are you getting completely soaked in the rain? 51. (I (main sangrahalay dekhna chahta hunl ) I want to see the museum. 52. (I (main khaana banana seekhna chahta hun.) I want to learn to cook. 53. (main ek bacchi ko janm dena chahati hun.) ISpeakHindi.com
  • 53
    2010-December Lesson Guide I want to give birth to a baby. 52 S.Suresh Kumar Hindi tutor and translator [email protected] 91 9840643690 ISpeakHindi.com
  • 54
    2010-December Lesson Guide December 25, 2010 - LESSON 43: Very Different Words That Sounds and 53 Look Similar (hindi mein ek atirikt maatra ke kaaran, shabd ka ucchaaran evam arth badal jaata hai.) Because of an additional stroke, word pronunciation and meaning changes in Hindi. (kamal) lotus (kalam) pen (samaan) equal (saamaan) article (daawat) feast a-a-ra (dawaat) ink-pot (rasoii) kitchen (rasoiiyaa) cook (gadhaa) donkey (gadaa) mace (sur) tone/God (suuraa) wine (naiii) pipe (naalii) lane (lagan) Devotion/penchant (lagaan) rent (par) at q-R (paar) cross FßT (nag) gems (naag) snake(viper) (pataa) address qea-r (pattaa) leaf (paanii) water 14TUfi (paaNii) hand (paDhnaa) read (paDhaanaa) teach (kalii) bud (kaalii) black ISpeakHindi.com
  • 55
    2010-December Lesson Guide (shaakh) branch 54 (shaak) greens (bail) buffalo (bel) bilva/stone apple (bagal) beside (bigul) Clarion (baar) times (bhaar) weight (paatr) character/container (patr) letter (jaanch) check/trial/screen (janch) suits (shak) doubt (shok) sorrow (chain) peace (chayan) select (kal) tomorrow/yesterday (kaal) tense (chaand) moon (chand) a few (kriiDaa) sport *IST (kiiDaa) insect (khas) poppy (khaas) special (gaanv) village (ghaav) wound al-rtf (gaalii) abuse (galii) lane (chhoTii) small (choTii) peak (koTi) crore (Ten millions) (khoTii) fake (khaad) manure /fertilizer (khaadya) edible/ Meal aid (daant) teeth sit (DaanT) scold a-TR (kshati) damages (chaati) chest ISpeakHindi.com
  • 56
    2010-December Lesson Guide (pet) stomach 55 (peD) tree (chitra) photo/picture/portrait (chitaa) tyre (chit) head (chiitah) panther/leopard Re-a (chitt) mind (chitthii) letter or known as khat or patra (jal) water (jaal) net (siikhnaa) learn (sikhaanaa) teach (jalii) burnt 3T#r (jaalii) fake or mesh (begaar) forced labour with payment (bekaar) useless (mati) buddhi (motii) pearl (jhaDii) deluge (jhaaDii) bush (roii) cried (ruuii) cotton (roj) daily (raj) secret (taj) reject a-13 (taaj) crown (sadii) simple (sarii) alli (saadh) accomplish (siidha) straight (saat) seven (saath) with (malii) gardner (mailii) dirty (mal) excreta (maal) stock (kaam) job/work (kam) less/short ISpeakHindi.com
  • 57
    2010-December Lesson Guide 9-Ta-r (Bhalaa) good 56 3-T1-a•r (Bhaalaa) spear (karn) ear (kaaran) reason (baaiuu) sand (bhaaluu) bear (daya) grace/pity (dayii) nanny (lavaN) salt (also know as (namak)) a-rauzrr (laavaNyaa) beauty (kamar) waist (kamaraa) room a-IT* (gaaDii) vehicle (also vaahan) (gaDii) dry-coconut or kopra 3åæ (aur) and (also tatha or evam) (ore) side (duudh) milk (duudhi) gourd (kaaii) moss (kaii) many traT( (diivaar) wall a-ax (devar) husband's brother (divaalaa) bankruptcy (diivaalii) a cracker festival (baat) talk 9-TTd (bhaat) cooked rice (sahjan) drumstick or own people (sajnaa) decorate Drumstick is also known as munga in Hindi. Munga in Hindi also means coral. 3tR (udhar) that side 3tTR (udhaar) loan or credit (also rin in Hindi) (naachnaa) dance (nachaanaa) to make someone dance (paalaa) frost q-aT (palaa) raised ISpeakHindi.com
  • 58
    2010-December Lesson Guide December 28, 2010 Learning the Hindi Letters - Lesson 8 - Review of the Vowels This is the eighth lesson in a series of basic episodes to teach Hindi from the beginning. If you are already studying Hindi, it can provide a good review. If you are looking for something more advanced then master 4 words each day in the vocabulary master. Also, these basic lessons will be mixed in with more advance lessons. Tomorrow's lesson will be more challenging. Previous Lessons in this series: Lesson 1 -31 and Lesson 3 —3 and 5 Lesson 5 —Q and Lesson 6 — 3-fr and 3-fr Lesson 7 —3i and 31: Lesson 2 — Lesson 4 — and Words with vowels 34T — Come (verb root,informal), clear sighted 3-11* — I (letter), came (feminine) 3åT + = - 3-TIV — came (plural) 3ff + — 3.ff + _ —come ISpeakHindi.com
  • 59
    2010-December Lesson Guide December 30, 2010 Learning the Hindi Letters - Lesson 9 - $ and 58 This is the ninth lesson in a series of basic episodes to teach Hindi from the beginning. If you are already studying Hindi, it can provide a good review. If you are looking for something more advanced then master 4 words each day in the vocabulary master. Also, these basic lessons will be mixed in with more advance lessons. Tomorrow's lesson will be more challenging. Previous Lessons in this series: Lesson 1 -31 and Lesson 2 — and Lesson 3 — 3 and 5 Lesson 5 —Q and @ Lesson 6 —3-1i and 3-fr Lesson 7 —3i and 31: Lesson 8 — Review of Vowels Khargosh - Rabbit 6 ISpeakHindi.com
  • 60
    Khana (@GT) Food 2010-December Lesson Guide 59 ISpeakHindi.com
  • 61
    2010-December Lesson Guide December 31, 2010 LESSON 44: SOME USEFUL SENTENCES 60 (Kuch Upyogee vaaky) SOME USEFUL SENTENCES (aap kaise hain?) How are you? (with respect) 2. 3-i7Hr t? (kya aap angreji bolte hain?) Do you speak English? (aap se milkar acchaa lagaa.) Nice to meet you. (main Thiik se hindi nahiin bol saktaa huun) I cannot speak Hindi well. (kya aapko bhaarat pasand hai?) Do you like India? 6. a-Ira a-&r OTT? (bhaarat jaisa mahaan desh kise pasand nahiin hogaa. Who will not like a great country like, India?. (mujhe bhookh aur pyaas lagii hai.) I am hungry and thirsty. (mere das ginane tak tum avashya perD par cadh jaanaa.) You must climb up the tree by the time I count ten. 9.{9 (mujhe gulaabi rang pasand hai.) I like the rose color. ISpeakHindi.com
  • 63
    2010-December Lesson Guide 16.3ff3 ai 62 (Aaj mera janm din hai aur mein 16 varsh ki ho gayee huun.) Today is my birth day and I have become 16 years old. PS: gender is feminine 17. (QT4T) 3-11-q-* (Agar bees se paanch kam kiya (ghataya) jaay, to aapko pandrah milega.) If five is reduced(subtracted) from twenty,then you would get fifteen. 18. ä, (Agar ek Sau ko ko chaar sey bhaag dein to humein pacchis milta hai.) If one hundred is divided by four, we get twenty five. (BHAG (divide) is also known as R9-T13GT (vibhaajan)) 19. (kamre se nikalney ke pahley main hamesha pankon ko band kar deti huun.) Before leaving the room, I always turn (switch) off the fans. 20. (n) (3?aæ) (agar hum aath se nau ko guna karein, tow bahattar (72) jawab (uttar) hoga.) If we multiply eight with nine, the answer will be seventy two (72). 21. (main madhumeh key kaaran in cheenee (shakkar) ke bina coffee peeta hun.) I drink coffee without sugar due to diabetes. 22. ISpeakHindi.com
  • 64
    2010-December Lesson Guide (kela mein calcium prachur maatra mein paaya jaata hai.) 63 The calcium is found in abundance in banana. 23. (383317) (kutta agyaat (anjaan) byakti ko dekhar bhaunkta hai.) The dog barks seeing the unknown person. 24. (kkripya vastra (poshaak) dhaaran karen.) Please wear the dress. 25. 3-aft (bahut T hand hai, isliye krpaya sweater ootarey mat.) It is very cold, hence, please do not take off (remove) the sweater. 26: (uska ghar puraana hai.) His house is old. 27. / (main bistar par pada/padi huun.) I am confined to the bed. (Masculine/Feminine) 28. e-q* (main hamesha tapakatey nalon ko band karta hun.) I always turn off dripping taps. ISpeakHindi.com
  • 65
    2010-December Lesson Guide 29. 64 (main kaagaj ke donon ore likhta huun.) I always write on both sides of the paper. (aRlF = taraf is another word for "side".) 30. (l (baazaar jaate samay main hamesha kapdey ka tthaila apney saath rakhti huun.) I always keep a cloth bag while going to the market . ("l" in this sentence refers to a female.) 31. (31-ua-ræ) (kya aaj ka samaachaar patra (akhbaar) aa gaya?) Whether today's newspaper has come? 32. (khatiya halka hai.) The cot is light. 33. (janmdin ki badhaai kaafee hai aur koi uphaar ki aavashyakta nahin hai.) The birthday wish is enough and there is no need for any present. 34. (meri kahani khatm ho gai.) My story has ended. 35. t? ISpeakHindi.com
  • 66
    2010-December Lesson Guide (iska udhyesh kya hai?) 65 What is its purpose? 36. (kitaabon ko sambhaal kar rakhna chahiye.) The books should be kept carefully. 37. (khilauna TooT gayaa.) The toy is broken. 38. (Raam ek geet gunguna raha hai.) Ram is humming a song. 39. a-ä-å? (kya Hum sab ghar chalengey?) Shall we all go home? 40. (maine aaj ek nayee chappal ki dukan dekhee hai.) I have seen a new sandal shop today. 41. (meri chaabi kho gai hai.) My key is lost. ISpeakHindi.com
  • 67
    2010-December Lesson Guide 42. (a-IQ) 66 (churi (chaku) ki dhaar tejkee jaa rahi hai.) The dagger (knife) is being sharpened. 43. (Purush ka chaata kaale rang ka evam bad hota hai.) Men's umbrella is black in color and big . 44. satr (uski chatri geeli hai.) Her umbrella is wet. 45. (mera janm din har char saal mein ek baar manaaya jaata hai.) My birthday is celebrated once in every four years. 46. a-aft? (is jameen ki keemat kya hogi.) What would be the price of this land . 47. (manushyon ko jaanvaron ke saath accha bartaav karna chahiye.) The men should behave well with animals. 48. OTT? (is savaal ka kya jawaab hoga?) ISpeakHindi.com
  • 68
    2010-December Lesson Guide What will be the answer to this question ? 49. (vah poori raat soyii.) She slept the whole night . 50. (main vah nahin samajhaa sakta huun.) I cannot explain that? 51. (kahaan tak hamein jaanaa padegaa.) How far will we go? 52. 01 (tum kyon mujhe tang kar rahe ho?) Why are you bothering me ? 53. (main pani pita thaa.) I used to drink water. 54. qtra-T[ (main pareeksha mein ootirn ho gayaa/gayii) I have passed in the examination. (If "l" refers to a male, use (gayaa). (gayii).) 55. (unsney ek sev khaaya.) 67 If "l" refers to a female, use ISpeakHindi.com
  • 69
    2010-December Lesson Guide He ate an apple. 68 56. (maine pichley/gat saptaah ek chalchitra dekha.) I saw a film last week . 57. av 3-lürl (vah aaj/kal bus/rail/taxi se aayii) (She came today/yesterday by bus/train/taxi.) 58. (ham kal mandir/girija jayenge.) We will go to the temple/church tomorrow. TASK: Please translate in Hindi and indicate the meaning and add it as a comment to this lesson the website. A. Please put the latch. B. I am sweating. C. You are a glutton. D. Day dreaming is bad. Thank you. S. Suresh Kumar A Hindi tutor and translator Chennai,lndia [email protected] 91 9840643690 ISpeakHindi.com


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