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Practical Microbiology

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Calculating the Fungal Mass

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    INTRODUCTION- Growth may define as orderly increase of all the component of living organism in multiplication of cell.new cellular material depands upon chemical reaction control by enzyme . the direct measurement of an increase in fungal weight can be determine by inoculating culture flask by known volume of broth followed by filtering mycelium drying at 105c for 48hour to a constant weight and weighting . REQIREMENT- Slant culture of aspergiiius niger . modifided czapex liq. Medium (pH-6.5), 100ml conical flask(6),vatman filter paper , funnel ,oven tween 80. PROGEDURE- 1.Prepare a spore suspension of Aspergillus niger in tween 80 and make flask of czapex liq. Medium having 20ml quantity . NOTE- .Fungal suspension should be made in tween 80. 2.1noculate each flask with Iml of spore suspension and incubate the inoculated flask at 25c for 12 days . 3.Prepare 3 replicate of for each observation. 4.After 2 days incubation remove 3 inoculated flask . filter the content through a priweighted vatman filter paper in a oven 105c for 48hours .reweight the dry filter paper along with the mycelium . repeat the step4 trough 7 at each one day interval for a period of 12 days. OBSERVATION AND RESULT- Measure the growth increments at interval of 10,12 days. Calculate the weight of mycelium by substrating the weight of filter paper from weight of filter paper with mycelium and find the mean for each sampling . the growth increase in dry mycelium weight of aspergillus niger. Conclusion-own.


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