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Promotion Letters

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Subject of this note is related to Promotion Letters.

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    It must be borne in mind that Promotion per se is not a birthright of an employee but is a privilege of the employer dependent on many factors other than merit of the employee. However, when an employee feels that his claims to well deserved promotion have been overlooked and his juniors promoted, it may not be out of place to address a polite letter to his employer reminding him about the matter on the following lines : From: Mr. /Ms . Letter No. . (Full Name) (Designation) MD/Promotion/Mktg/1/2010 The Managing Director (Name of Company) Dear Sir, Sub: Request for consideration for Promotion. I have been serving the Company diligently for the past 2 years as Manager Marketing. I have received good performance appraisals from my HOD and have achieved the marketing targets fixed for me. I would like to take this opportunity to draw your kind attention to my record of service and request you to kindly consider me for promotion/raise as deemed fit and oblige. Thanking you. Yours sincerely, (Designation) Place . Dated A promotion letter is a letter from the employer to the employee detailing the new job and its responsibilities. A promotion letter can also be a company-wide letter posted in a common area that touts the accomplishments of the employee and outlines their new responsibilities. A promotion letter insures that the employee understands their new role in the
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    organization. The promotion letter outlines who the employee reports to, who may report to them, and their additional responsibilities and the expectations of the new position. The promotion letter should also mention the new salary if there is one. The promotion letter should be filed in the employee's human resource file. It is also recommended that the promotion letter outline when the next performance evaluation will be. For example, sometimes the next evaluation is a year from the date of the promotion, and sometimes the next evaluation may stay on the original schedule. Job promotion letters are official documents that are sent out to an employee, to inform him or her about the promotion that he or she has been given. One of the most difficult tasks of business writing, especially letters, is to maintain a tone of cordiality and professionalism while drafting a letter, especially when the letter is being drafted to congratulate someone and give them a commendation. This job generally rests with the human resource management of the company and the department head of the same is required to draft the letter of promotion to be sent out to an employee. This article will give you some tips on writing a job promotion letter and also an example of the same. How to Write a Job Promotion Letter If you are the person in charge of human resource functions at your organization, then drafting a promotion letter from the employer to the employee detailing their new job, will be a part of your job description. A promotion letter serves the important purpose of explaining to the employee what their new role in the organization is going to be, whom they are going to report, who are the colleagues who will be under their managerial capacity. The employee will also have to be told what the expectations of the company will be in their new role. There are a few important tips that you will need to keep in mind while drafting a job promotion letter. Always mention the position to which the employee is going to be promoted to, in the first line of the letter. The employee should be clear about their new role in the organization at the onset of the letter. While it may not always be possible to do so, due to differing letter formats used at different organizations, it is always a good idea to mention in depth the new responsibilities of the employee and also their new salary structure, if there are any changes. Some employers also prefer mentioning the next time the employee is going up for performance evaluation, as in case of mid year promotions, there may be a chance that the date of the annual appraisal and evaluation may be changed. These are some of the main tips that you need to keep in mind while writing a job promotion letter. Job Promotion Letter Format While the job promotion letter format may change depending on the organization that you are working for, the basic points that need to be mentioned in the letter remain almost the same. Given below is a generic format of a job promotion letter from an employer to an employee. Your Name Name of Your Organization Address Date
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    Name of Employee Name of Your Organization Address Salutation/Greetings Dear Ms./Mr. (addressee), The introductory paragraph of the letter should focus on inform the employee about the promotion that he or she has been given and also inform the employee about when this promotion will be made effective by the company in question. The paragraph should also mention the position to which the employee is being promoted. The second paragraph should always begin with an expression of approval and commendation on the part of the employers, namely the board and the person who is writing the letter. Always mention the facts that made making a decision in the employee's favor easier. The letter should praise the accomplishments of the employee. If needed the letter can also outline the responsibilities that the new job will come with. If you have not mentioned details of the new profile in the earlier paragraph or this letter, and you are sending out another letter, then in the third paragraph you can mention when you will be sending out this letter. End the letter by congratulating the employee again. Valediction/Goodbye Yours sincerely, (Your name) Sample Job Promotion Letter There are several job promotion letter examples that you will get online on letter writing websites and also books on letter writing. Given below is a sample job promotion letter, that follows the format given earlier in the article. Alan Gable Director, Human Resources Best Books Corporation Remington Street Orlando - 324266 16/04/2010 Melanie Craig Assistant Vice President (Marketing) Best Books Corporation Remington Street Orlando - 324266 Dear Melanie, It is my pleasure to inform you that you have been promoted to the position of Vice President, Marketing, with immediate effect. The Board of Directors and I would like to offer our heartiest congratulations on your promotion. We are pleased that we could fill this position internally after having looked for suitable candidates for the role from amongst external candidates as well. We could think of no one else who deserves this promotion as much as you do. You have demonstrated professionalism, team spirit and hard work while working here and have been a motivation to people working with you. We are sure that you will bring the same spirit and energy to your work in this new capacity.
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    The details of your your job profile and your appraised salary will be sent out to you in a couple of days, which will be included with your new appointment letter. In line with your promotion, you will be required to sign a new employee contract stating your new employee privileges, overall salary and tax deductions. Congratulations on your new job. Yours sincerely (Signature) Alan Gable Director, Human Resources


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