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A Brief Note On FLOWCHART For Class 5

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Notes with examples on uses and benefits of Flowchart.

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    FLOWCHARTS A Flowchart is a diagram of the sequence of movements or actions of people or things involved in a complex system or activity. Steps in Program logic are shown with symbolic shapes, And the flow of the process is indicated with arrows connecting the symbols. Computer programmers popularized flowcharts in the 1960's, using them to map the logic of programs. Symbol Meanin Terminal point Process involved Explanation Marks the beginning or end point of a diagram. Used to initialize and process the data. used to indicate any addition, subtraction, multiplication , division or any copy operation
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    c Decision Input(data) /Output Flow lines Connector Used to indicate any yes/no operation to made in the program. used to indicate any Input or output operation. Show the direction of flow of data. If a flowchart is long. A connector shows the continuation of the flowchart at a different place. There are a few simple rules: v/ The normal direction of flow is from top to bottom, Or from left to right. v/ Arrowheads are used to indicate direction of flow. Since arrowheads add to clarity and precision it is best to use them always.
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    v/ If it is a long flow chart use connectors to "edit" your chart and make it flow logically. This can allow you to break up a chart into separate pages and still flow well. v/ The idea is to keep things as simple & as straightforward as possible. In conclusion we note that: The flowchart very clearly defines two things > • 1st : the symbols identify the individual logical steps. • 2nd : following the arrowheads connecting the symbols clearly defines the sequence of these steps. A simple example: Remote not working Are the batteries in good condition? yes Are the batteries fitted correctly? yes Remote WORKS properly no no Replace the batteries. Fit the batteries with their positive and negative end positions in correct place.
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    EXAMPLE 2 A flowchart to find the multiplication of any two numbers. START Read X Read y Product -X x y Print Product STOP EXAMPLE 3 A flowchart to find the SUM of any two numbers. START Read 4 5 Read 55 SUM 45 + Print Sum STOP 55 EXAMPLE 4 A flowchart to find the AREA of a rectangle. START Read a Area = Print Area STOP
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    The benefits of using flowcharts are that they: Promote understanding by explaining the steps pictorially. In other words, in addition to telling what must be done, a flowchart also defines the order in which these steps must be performed. People may have differing ideas about how a process can work. A flowchart can help a team agree about the sequence of steps needed. Flowcharts can range from simple, hand-drawn charts to complete computer-drawn diagrams showing multiple steps and routes. They promote understanding amongst team mates in a way that written procedures cannot do. One good flowchart can replace pages of words.


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