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Worksheet For Class 5 On Atmosphere

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Graded worksheet on different stratas, composition and properties of atmosphere.

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    COMPUTER Class: 5 F.M -20 Name• Date• 1. Identify the following layers of the atmosphere. (3 marks) 53 miles 85 km 600 km Ozone layer 372 miles 2. Write (T)for True and (F) for False. Rewrite the false statement with the correct answer. (5 marks) a)The thick layer of air that surrounds the Earth is called the atmosphere. b)The first layer that surrounds the Earth is called the ionososphere. c)Jet planes fly in the Troposphere. d)The process by which air gets purified is called pollution. e) The amount of Helium in the air is called Humidity
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    2. Give reasons to explain in detail why or how : -(8 marks) a)The atmosphere protects us from meteorites. b)The ozone layer protects us from the sun. c)An astronomer has to carry oxygen cylinder with him . d)Humidity is high in places near the sea. 3. What is it 7: a) The b) The c) The d) The layer where jet planes fly. ultimate gas necessary for all beings gas that is filled in balloons gas that keeps the process of burning nder control 4. Draw to explain :--- Air occupies space . Air exerts (2 marks) (2 marks) pressure.


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