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Olfactory Nerves For Dental Students

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Notes About Olfactory Nerves

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    @sneharamesh OLFACTORY NERVE INTRODUCTION: It is the first cranial nerve. Its average length is 25 to 35mm. It is purely a special sensory nerve for perception of smell. Peculiarities: Olfactory neurons are the only nerve cell bodies present in the mucosa. Olfactory neurons are the only neurons that can regenerate and get replaced once in 3 days. c Plate Olfactory Synaptic glomeruli Internal granule cells Olfactory tract Lateral olfactory stria ateral olfactory gyrus Gyrus ambiens Gyrus semilunaris Entorhinal area (area 28) Bipolar olfactory neuron Mitral cells Olfactory bulb Anterior olfactory neuron Medial olfactory stria Anterior perforated subs Diagonal band of Broca Uncus FUNCTIONAL COMPONENT: Special visceral efferent. The peripheral end organ for smell is the olfactory mucosa seen in the roof of nasal cavity. Nerve fibres arise from this mucosa to form about 15-20 bundles which constitute the olfactory nerve. The olfactory nerve fibres are processes of olfactory receptor cells located in olfactory epithelium.
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    @sneharamesh ' Each cell gives off a short peripheral process directed towards the lumen of nasal cavity and a long central process that forms one fibre of olfactory nerve. ' The bundles pass through foramina in the cribriform plate of ethmoid bone to enter the cranial cavity where they terminate in the olfactory bulb. ' From the olfactory bulb the impulses pass into the olfactory tract and ultimately end in several small areas located on the inferior surface of cerebral hemispheres. ' The most important of these is the entorhinal area made up of uncus and the anterior part of the parahippocampal gyrus — smell is perceived in this region of brain. APPLIED ANA TOMY: ' The olfactory nerve is tested by asking the patient to recognise various odours. The right and left nerves can be tested separately by closing one nostril and putting the substance near to open nostril. ' Anosmia is loss of perception of smell. THANK YOU.


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