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Sample Question Bank of English Literature

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    PERSPECTIVES IN LITERATURE MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONSI 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Birth place of William Shakespeare (a) Stratford-upon-Avon (b) Queensland (b) America (d) Malabar The dear friend of Shakespeare who is believed to be mentioned in the Sonnet XXX (a) John Keats (c) Gabriel Okara (b) Robert Frost (d) Earl of Southampton How many Sonnets are written by Shakespeare? (a) 154 (c) 12 Who wrote the poem (a) Kamala Suraiya (c) Maya Angelou (b) 38 'Goodbye Party for Miss Pushpa T.S "? (b) Nissim Ezekiel (d) Gabriel Okara Among the following, who is an African poet? (a) David Malouf (c) Gabriel Okara Autobiography of Maya Angelou (b) Robert Frost (d) Bertrand Russell (a) Just Give Me a Cool Drink of Water 'Fore I Die (b) I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (c) And Still I Rise (d) Poor Girl The first Indian poet to give importance to craft as much as subject matter (a) Kamala Suraiya
  • 2
    8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. (b) R.K.Narayan (c) David Malouf (d) Nissim Ezekiel "Ode to a Nightingale" is about (a) Mortality and transience (b) Parody of a farewell speech (c) Positive influence of the memories of a dear friend (d) A male-centered world The first book of poems by Kamala Suraiya (a) The Mask (b) The Play House and Other Poems (c) Only the Soul Knows How to Sing (d) Summer in Calcutta Whose autobiography is the book "My Story"? (a) Shakespeare (c) Robert Frost The poem "Once Upon a Time" is (b) Kamala Suraiya (d) John Keats (a) The positive influence of the memories of a dear friend (b) Revolves around two neighbours who disagree on the need for a walled boundary (c) A lament over the lost warmth in human relations (d) A feeling experienced by a woman who has been betrayed in love The maxim "Good fences make good neighbours" belongs to the poem (a) Sonnet XXX (b) Poor Girl (c) Mending Wall (d) The Mask Why does Keats wish for a 'draught of vintage'?
  • 3
    (a) To cool himself in the summer (b) To go to Lethe-wards (c) To leave the world unseen with the wind (d) To join the bird in its world of happiness Who is the 'light-winged Dryad of the trees' in "Ode to a Nightingale"? 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. (a) Poor Girl (c) Nightingale (b) cows (d) Miss Pushpa Attitude of the poet towards the bicycle in the poem "Bicycle" (a) The poet adores the human machine (b) The poet worships the machine and is fascinated by it (c) The poet enjoys seeing a bicycle (d) The bicycle is a powerful machine Why is she called 'poor girl' in Maya Angelou's poem? (a) She will soon experience rejection (b) She has no money (c) She understands everything (d) She misunderstands everyone The feeling experienced in the beginning of the poem "The Mask" is that of (a) Love (b) The pain of betrayal (c) Hatred (d) Agony Why is Pushpa going abroad? (a) On a visit (b) to study (c) To improve her prospects (d) on a holiday The title 'Once Upon a Time' indicates (a) This is a fairy tale (b) the poet lives in the past
  • 4
    (c) The nostalgia of a good old bygone time (d) the poet is disgusted with the life 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. Pushpa is a popular person because (a) She is a good person (c) She is emotional (b) she is a good spirit (d) her father was a renowned advocate The beauty of the poem "The Mask" lies in (a) The goodness of the lover (b) The anger of the lover (c) The sympathetic nature of the lover (d) The deep sorrow felt by the lover Who is a stranger in the poem "Bicycle"? (a) Wall (c) Bicycle (b) nightingale (d) poor girl 'Away! Away! For I will fly to thee.' How does the poet wish to fly with the bird in the poem "Ode to a Nightingale? (a) Charioted by Bacchus and his Pards (b) On the viewless wings of Poesy (c) Leaden-eye with despair (d) With the Queen Moon on her throne What is meant by ' vanish'd sight' in Sonnet XXX ? (a) worries (b) happiness (c) loss of all that has been dear to him (d) loss of eye sight Whose poems are a fusion of pleasure and wisdom? (a) Shakespeare (c) David Malouf the most personal of Keats' odes (a) The Eve of St. Agnes (c) Ode to a Nightingale (b) Robert Frost (d) Maya Angelou (b) Isabella (d) La Belle Dame Sans Mercy
  • 5
    27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. Mid-May's eldest child (a) musk-rose (b) violets (c) hawthorn (d) eglantine meaning of the word opiate (a) numbness (b) worries (c) a drink made of opium (d) a herb out- door game in Frost's poem (a) apple orchard (b) mending the wall (c) pine orchard (d) activity that takes place outside Who is addressed as you in the poem "Poor Girl"? (a) poor girl (b) pushpa (c) friend (d) lover who is known as Madhavikutty in Malayalam literature (a) Maya Angelou (c) Kamala Suraiya (b) Anitha Desai (d) Amartya Sen Who is adderessed to as our dear sister in Ezekiel's poem? (a) Pushpa (c) old beloved (b) poor girl (d) new beloved Why does Okara say that he wants to laugh with hearts? (a) He wants to lead a sincere life and be true to his heart (b) He dislikes the artificiality of modern man (c) He cannot laugh with his heart now (d) Modern man has no feelings What does Okara mean by the terms unlearn and relearn? (a) The poet wants to forget all that he has learned
  • 6
    (b) The poet wants to start his life anew with all the goodness of heart (c) The poet wants to learn anew the modern ways of man (d) The poet wants to become a child Who is the poem " Once Upon a Time" addressed to? 35. 36 37 38 (a) poet's son (c ) lover (b) Pusha poor girl what is the reason for the poet to say 'Something there is that doesn't love a wall'? (a) The neighbour doesn't like a wall (b) The ground swells naturally and makes gaps in the wall (c) The poet doesn't like a wall (d) The hunters too do not like a wall what does the poet mean when he says, 'he moves in darkness'? (a) He carries the bricks in his hand (b) He is a traditionalist and is not prepared to change his views (c) He moves in the shade of the pine trees in his garden (d) He is not prepared to listen to the poet Who is the 'angel of two geometries'? (a) Bicycle (b) Chair (c) Mirror (d) Bookcase 39 why does Malouf see a deity in the bicycle? (a) The bicycle outmatches man in efficiency and performance (b) The shape reminds the poet of a deity (c) Man gives too much importance to machines (d) The bicycle has the appearance of a deity 40 what is the attitude of the poet towards the bicycle? (a) The poet adores the humble machine (b) The poet worships the machine and is fascinated by it
  • 7
    (c) The poet enjoys seeing the bicycle (d) The bicycle is a powerful machine 41 what is gifted by the lover in the poem 'The Mask'? (a) bangle (b) ring (c) nokia (d) flower 42 what does the poet express towards the end of 'The Mask'? (a) the lover's utter helplessness and inability to cope with rejected love (b) the lover's anger (c) the lover remaining unaffected by any dejection (d) the lover's recovery from the tragic situation 43 the language used in the poem 'Goodbye Party for Miss Pushpa T.S' (a) English (b) Bombay-english (c) Hindi (d) Latin 44 meaning of 'bon voyage' (a) pleasant journey (b) unpleasant journey (c) happy (d) unhappy 45 pushpa's father was a renowned advocate in (a) bulsar (b) surat (c) Bombay (d) England 46 what is trancient in the poem The Mask? (a) (b) (c) (d) Beloved's love Lover's love Silence River
  • 8
    47 who is unaffected by the presence of the bicycle (a) poet (b) bookcase (c) mirror (d) chair 48 The foundation —stone of a bore is? (a) Stigma (b) Egotism (c) Handicap (d) Ignorance 49 Bores are happy largely because? (a) All the time something is happening (b) They triumph over others (c) They can bore people (d) They are busy men 50 The most repellent specimen of all bores? (a) Buttonnoling bore (b) One who begins with a funny story (c) The man says live and let live ' (d) None of the above 51 Who is the author of "bores" ? (a) E.V. Lucas (b) Amartya sen (c) Bertrand Rusell (d) John Keats
  • 9
    52 What, according to Russell, is the first mistake of human beings? (a) Their beings dogmatic (b) Their inability to observe (c) Their lack of acurence of their own ignorance (d) Their inability to be cautious 53 The only way of dealing with general human conceit is? (a) By concealing self-esteem (b) Being rational in one's through (c) By creating a belief in something comferting (d) Accepting that man is only a brief episode on this planet 54 One way to avoid being dogmatic is? (a) To remain silent when you disagree (b) To engage in an imaginary dialogue with opposite view (c) To agree with the acceptable opinion (d) To agree and convince all 55 Women's voice in contemporary Indian public life can be strengthened by? (a) Allevication of economic poetry (b) Broadening the social coverage that is now confined to the urban elite (c) Removing disparties in public life (d) Increassing the politicization of issues 56 Name the reason for satisfaction in the pratice of democarcy? (a) More than half a century has passed since independence (b) Political parties have come into office after winning elections (c) Success and failure in different fields are interconnected
  • 10
    57 58 59 60 61 (d) The achievements of Indian democracy having been far from unblemished Who own novel prize in economic science in the year 1988? (a) Amartya sen (b) Jawaharlal Nehru (c) E.V. Lucas (d) Robert Forst Why was jimmy valentine imprisoned? (a) For stiching appers in the shoe-shop (b) He was caught for the safe burglary at spring-field (c) The old jury was very mean (d) For not living straight who is the main character in the story? (a) Jimmy Valentine (b) Rakesh (c) Sambu (d) Jacopo Why was jimmy valentine imprisoned? (a) For stitching uppers in the shoe-shop (b) He was caught for the safe burglary at spring field (c) The old jury was very mean (d) For not living straight Why did Ben prince act rather strangely? (a) Ben Prince was convinced of jimmy's transformation (b) Ben wanted to give him another chance
  • 11
    62 63 64 65 (c) Ben came to the bank to see the manager (d) Ben didrft recognize Jimmy Who is the 'A DEVOTED SON' ? (a) Rakesh (b) Shambu (c) Jacopo (d) Nicola What was the reason for the tourist's interest in the two boys? (a) They picked fruits for a living (b) They often took the tourises around (c) There was a seriousness,an air of purpose in them (d) they were selling wild berries What did the boys do with the Moneys? (a) They saved it to emigrate to America (b) They hired a bicycle to go to the country (c) They paid for the treatment of their sick sister (d) They saved for a better tomorrow What was rakesh in the story "A Devoted Son" by profession? (a) Doctor (b) Kerosene Dealer (c) Vegetable Seller (d) None of the above 66 When the picture was released Sambu was delighted because? (a) He had acted in the cenima (b) His father had come back to life
  • 12
    67 68 69 70 71 (c) He had got an opportunity to see his father (d) He got an opportunity to go back in time The mother fainted while watching the cinema why? (a) The realistic portrayal was unbearable to her (b) Her husband talked to the wife on the screen (c) Her husband sat absorbed in a newspaper (d) The picture fascinated her Why did jimmy decide to make a gift of his tools to a friend? (a) Jimmy was fond of his friend (b) Jimmy had quit the old business and was making an honest living (c) Old scores would be brought uo aginst him (d) He was fed up of his old ways What was the exemplary filial behavior displayed by Rakesh? (a) He topped the list when the results were out (b) He bowed down and touched his fatheös feet when topped the list (c) He scanned the morning newspaper to see the result (d) He went up to his father and informed him the result How did Rakesh fulfil his duty to his father? (a) He took his father in the car to see his new clinic (b) He emerged as an excellent doctor (c) He measured out his fatheös diet and fed him with powders and pills (d) He advised his fathers to be sensible Who was Varmajüs neighbor in the story ' A Devoted son '? (a) Paul (b) Jimmy
  • 13
    72 73 74 75 76 (c) Bhatia (d) Rakesh Why did Ivan not try to find the number of the winning ticket? (a) He didn't believe in trying his luck (b) he had no faith in lottery luck (c) To torment and tease himself with hopes of winning a fortune (d) To see the broad, senseless smile on his wife's face What did Ivan plan to do with the money? (a) To lie on his back on the burning sand (b) To spend on property, on immediate expenses and deposit the balance in the bank (c) To live happily ever after with his wife (d) To lead a leisurely and happy life The only way to make amends for our lapse is (a) To cry and mourn Gandhüs death (b) To pledge ourselves anew and dedicate to the great task he undertook (c) To think him for the great work he undertook (d) To root out the evil in society When the picture was released Sambu was delighted because (a) He had acted in the cinema (b) His father had come back to life (c) He had got an opportunity to see his father (d) He got an opportunity to go back in time What did the boys do with the money? (a) They saved it to emigrate to America (b) They hired a bicycle to go to the country
  • 14
    77 78 79 80 81 (c) They paid for the treatment of their sick sister (d) They saved for a better tomorrow Who is the author of the story 'two gentleman of Verona' ? (a) R.K Narayan (b) Jawaharlal Nehru (c) Anita Desai (d) A.J Cronin Which among these is the work of R.k Narayan? (a) A shadow (b) Two gentleman of Verona (c) The lottery ticket (d) Bores Who is the main character in the story 'The Lottery Ticket (a) Ivan Dmitritch (b) Sambhu (c) Varma (d) Bhatia We have failed to protect ...who does Nehru refer to here? (a) The Indian people (b) The greatest treasure that we passed (c) The common clay (d) The geratmen Who is the author of the prose Bores? (a) Robert frost (b)Bertrand Russell
  • 15
    82 83 84 85 86 (c) E.V Lucas (d) Amartya Sen Who is the William Shakespeare? (a) Singer (b) Dramatist (c) Dancer (d) Artist Who is author of the prose Tryst With Destiny? (a) Johnkeats (b) O.Henry (c) Amartya Sen (d) E.V Lucas which is the work by Bertrand Russell? (a) How to escape from intellectual rubbish (b) Amartya Sen (c) Jawaharlal Nehru (d) E.V Lucas Which is the work by O.Henry? (a) A Retrieved Reformation (b) A shadow (c) A devoted son (d) The lottery ticket Who was Sambuüs father by profession? (a) Actor (b) Dancer
  • 16
    87 88 89 90 91 (c) Artist (d) Violinist Sahmbu's mother didn't come to see the movie at first because ? (a) She couldn't bear to see her husband on the screen (b) she didn't like her husband (c) She did not like to watch movie (d) None of the above Jacopo and Nicola worked very hard for? (a) To emigrate to America (b) T o treat their sick sister (c) To lead a happy life (d) To save for better life In trust with density Amartya Sen refers to (a) About the suffering of Indians (b) The historic speech delivered by Jawaharlal Nehru (c) Prose-Drama (d) About typing with density He is not a man of 'common clay' -Who? (a) Jawaharlal Nehru (b) Indira Gandhi (c) Gandhiji (d) Rakesh Who are the Two Gentleman of Verona that A.J Cronin refers to? (a) Nicola and Jacapo (b) Jimmy and Ivan Dmitrich
  • 17
    92 93 94 95 96 (c) Husband and wife (d) None of the above A Glory has departed who is the 'Glory' reffered to by Nehru (a) Mahatma Gandhiji (b) Bore (c) Rakesh (d) Jawarharlal Nehru Who is the author of A Retrieved reformation? (a) O.henry (b) R.K Narayanan (c) Anita Desai (d) A.J Cronin who is the author of 'How to escape from intellectual Rubbish'? (a) Jawaharalal Nehru (b) Amartya Sen (c)Bertrand Russell (d) None of the above One of the famous work of Robert Frost? (a) Ode to a Nightingale (b) Mending wall (c) Once upon a time (d) The mask Auto-biography of Gandhiji? (a) My experiments with truth (b) Wings of fire
  • 18
    97 98 99 100 (c) My memories (d) None of the above Who was the Jacopös sister ? (a) Annet (b) Veena (c) Lucia (d) None of these This story 'A shadow ' deals with (a) Dynamics of relationships (b) Hardships and toil (c) Reformation of an ex-convict Jimmy Valentine (d) Name of the above The story 'The Lottery Ticket' deals about? (a) Shows that money does not buy love (b) Family relationships (c) The good and bad side (d) None of the above The story 'A Devoted Son' deals with? (a) Family relationship (b) How things that are seemingly good have a dark underside (c) Two gentleman of Verona (d) The good and bad men ANSWERS 13.D 25.B 14.c 26.c 15.B 27.A 16.A 28.c 5.c 17.B 29.B 18.c 30.D 7.D 19.c 31.c 8.A 20.B 32.A 9.D 21.D 33.A IO.B 22.c 34.B ll.c 23.B 35.A 12.c 24.c 36.B
  • 19
    37.в 49. В 61.А 73.D 85.А 97.с 38.А 50.А 62.с 74.В 86.А 98.А 39.в 51.А 63.с 75.с 87.А 99.А 40.В 52.А 64.с љ.с 88.в 100.в 41.с 53.D 65.А 77.D 89.в 42.А 54.в 66.с 78.А 90.с 43. В 55.в 67.А 79.А 91.А 44.А 56.в 68.в 80.в 92.А 45.в 57.А 69.в 81.с 93.А 46.В 58.в 70.с 82.в 94.с 47.С 59.А 71.с 83.с 95.в 48. В 60.в 72.в 84. А 96.А


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