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chapter 6 with full description

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    CHAPTER-6 1 "VIRTUALLY TRUE" By:- Paul Stewart ENGLISH Textual Questions 1. Why did the news of the 'miracle recovery' shock Mic Ans. The news of the 'miracle recovery' shocked Mi who had gone into coma in real life, was the sa Seba er w n Shultz, the boy he had been playing in the world of his video games. 2. Michael's meeting with Sebastian it taken place and how? ultz h cha been ance meeting. Why had Ans. Michael met Sebastian S int worl the video game called Wildwest. This meeting took plac hen Shu tz he se d sheriff, warned him not to go out to flight with Black-E d Je 3. What kind of co u s fas ated Michael and his Dad? Why? Ans. Mi computers. d his d w ascinated by more and more advanced and futuristic e latest gadgets and gizmos and interactive-drive games. They wanted to e pleasure and thrill while playing video-games. 4. Describe the first place where Michael was virtually transported? Ans. Michael was transported to a new world and entered a saloon, while playing Wildwest. It was in the saloon that he met Black-Eyed Jed, the fastest gun, and the second sheriff (Sebastian Shultz). 5. What help did Sebastian Shultz ask Michael for? How did he convey this message?
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    2 Ans. Sebastian Shultz asked Michael to retrieve him as he was stuck and suggested him to try the game 'DRAGONQUEST'. He conveyed this message through the Net. 6. Why did Michael fall in rescuing Sebastian Shultz the first time? Ans. In the world of the game Michael met Sebastian Shultz as a knight who asked him not to rescue the princess but him. They jumped out of the window to reach the dungeons. However, the dragon appeared, who seemed to be interested only in Sebastian. Michael's sword proved ineffective and he failed to rescue Shultz. 7. The second attempt to rescue Sebastian Shultz too was dl trous. Give reasons. Ans. In the world of Jailbreak Michael and Shultz ca Sebastian had arranged a helicopter for the rescue on the roo . hen guards their dogs advanced towards them. Sebastian move lost. d sli d do e staircase and was 8. Narrate the accident that i jured ebast Shultz. Ans. Sebastain Shultz was badly red i moto ay accident. He went into coma, and the doctor said he ml be i t ditio r ever. 9. How did Sebasti ultz t r the games? Ans. of the psy ebastian ult s tra Iling in a car, he was using his laptop to play one am that ichael had got. When his head struck the computer, ry in its own. Thus, he entered the world of video-games. the computer sa his 10.How was Sebastia Shultz's memory stored on Michael's disk? Did Michael discover that? Ans. When Sebastian's family was in the hospital, someone stole some of the games which might have been bought by Michael and his Dad from the computer fair. Thus, Shultz memory saved on one of the games came to be stored on Michael's disk. Michael discovered that after realizing the identity between Sebastian of his games and Sebastian who miraculously came from his coma.
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    3 Additional Questions 1. Who was Sebastian Shultz? What happened to him? Ans. Sebastian Shultz was a 14 year-old schoolboy from South London. He was badly injured in a motorway accident and went into coma. 2. What was he doing at the time of accident? What strange thing happened? Ans. He was playing a psycho-drive game on his laptop When his head struck the laptop during the accident, it was possible that the computer orded his memory. 3. How did Michael help Shultz come from coma Ans. Shultz's memory was stuck in one of th mes was playing. Michael happened to play the same game and cee in res g hi The moment he did it Shultz came out from his com It w esc s a 'm cle recovery' 4. What kind of person w ich 's fat Ans. Michael 's fath ad a real sion omputers and its latest accessories. He bought a Pentiu 150 16 speed CD R s co creating displays, o is en 256 of Ram, 1.2 GB hard disk drive and essor, ter could do anything-from painting, playing music, uter could do anything-from painting, playing c music, displ s, etc. 5. What kin f gam as Wildwest? Ans. In Wildwes ichael was to encounter and overcome Black-Eyed Jed, the fastest gun in the west. When Black-Eyed Jed challenged Michael to come out, the moment he was ready to do so, the second sheriff (Sebastian Shultz) asked him to follow him. They rode a fast horse. But the gunshot seemed to hit the second sheriff and he slumped back against Michael. The game was over. 6. What was the Dragonquest about?
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    4 Ans. The aim of the Dragonquest was to kill the dragon and rescue a fair princess Aurora. However, a knight (Sebastian Shultz) advised Michael against rescuing the prince and asked him to rescue him instead. 7. Who was to be saved in Jailbreak? Ans. In Jailbreak Michael was to save this cell mate, Shultz. The guards followed them. Michael failed to save Shultz. Shultz slipped from the staircase and fell down on the concrete below. 8. It was in Warzone that Michael hit the jackpot. How. Ans. Michael found himself with Sebastian in a w o but machine gun fire and explosion of bombs. astia d arran e was nothing a helicopter, which he could not alight. Michael h 11 hi to th elicopter. The game was over and he had hit the jackpot a sco of 4,00, 00. 9. What do you mean by ' irtua ality Ans. 'Virtual reality' refers to 1 the person looking at ed by computer that appear to surround es c 1. ost 10.Human inte 1 e en d into the computer memory in the story. Do you think it is a re Y Iction Ans. It O human me time. t, a his st e a fiction. It is not possible for the transformation of into of a computer. It may be a theoretical possibility at this
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    5 Reference to Context Read the extracts given below and answer the questions that follow: 1. 2. At that moment, the woman's hand moved. I suddenly saw the photograph that went with the story, and gasped. The boy in the picture was Sebastian. There was no doubt. "But how? " I muttered. i. ii. iii. Which woman is referred to here? The woman referred to here is the one holding and What was so surprising to the narrator? The picture of Sebastian in the newspap ding the newspaper. his VI arrator greatly mes closely. because it resembled a character by the In which mood was the narrato The narrator was surprised an uzzled. way e na all tins'. 'My hero!' she squealed. the dragon roaring. 'Rescue Behind me I could hear now, he pr ess said urgently. 'Never mind eared from the wardrobe. 'It's me ight her', came a voice, who needs resc i a se i. ii. iii. In which v e ame i his event occur? he game named Dragonquest. event oc m ted and imprisoned the princess? a wick ragon who had tormented and imprisoned the princess. It was Who is th econd knight' who himself wanted to be rescued? The 'second knight' was none else but Sebastian Shultz in the game. 3. This time, the message in the printer said: BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME. PLEASE DON'T GIVE UP, MICHAEL. OTHERWISE L'LL HAVE TO STAY IN H ERE FOR EVER. TRY 'JAILBREAK'. 1 THINK IT MIGHT JUST WORK!.
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    i. ii. iii. 6 Who sent the message? It was Sebastian Shultz who sent the message. What do you mean by Jailbreak? 'Jailbreak' is the name of a psycho-drive game. Who was to be rescued? The cell mate of Michael, prisoner Shultz, was to be rescued. 4. 5. I'd done it! I'd rescued Sebastian at last! Before I had ance to say anything t rned everything to him though, the helicopter flew into thic blinding white. I couldn't see a thing-until ' AM loud. nd re a up. i. ii. iii. How did the narrator rescue Sebastian. The narrator pulled Sebastian i In which mood was the narra ? icopt d him. plea The narrator was in a moo surprl Which games ended t the cue o bastian? It was the ga called Wa e. 'It was while w happened to the ospital, someone stole the lot. I don't know what i. ii. iii. The re in e ho pJal? Why? astian Shultz were in the hospital because Shultz had gone into co ue to an accident. What had b en stolen? Some games of Shultz had been stolen. What did Michael guess from the statement? Michael guessed that he came to buy Shultz's stolen games at the Computer Fair.


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