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chapter 2 with full description

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    CHAPTER-2 1 "MRS. PACKLETIDE'S TIGER" By:- Saki 10th ENGLISH Textual Questions 1. Why did Mrs. Packletide wish to kill a tiger? Ans. Mrs. Packletide wished to kill a tiger because it was the only way she could think of getting more publicity than her social rival Loona Bimberto who has received a lot of media attention for having travelled in an airplane fo eleven miles. 2. What was Mrs. Packletide's real reason or hosting a party in Loona Bimberlon's honour? Ans. Mrs. Packletide wanted to ive the party to show off her success to Loona Bimberton and enjoy watching her burn with jealousy. 3. What did she intend to give Loona on her birthday? Why? Ans. She planned to giv her a brooch made out of the tiger claw, on Loona's birthday. To make her feel small and jealous. 4. How was the tiger shooting arranged? Ans. Mrs. Packle ide came to know of a village which had an old tiger in the neighbourhood she promised to pay the villagers a thousand rupees if they helped her to hunt it down. In that way the tiger hunting was arranged. 5. What kind of a tiger was chosen for the hunt? Why? Ans. An old and sick tiger was chosen for the hunt because it showed very little risk to Mrs. Packletide while hunting. 6. How did the villagers help Mrs. Packletide with the hunt?
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    2 Ans. First of all villagers left their pet animals around so that the tiger did not remain far away from village in search of food. Secondly, they took care not to disturb the tiger when it was resting. Thirdly:- They helped to set up a platform for Mrs. Packletide to hunt from. Finally, they tied up a goat to attract the tiger. 7. What comment did Miss Mebbin make after Mrs. Packletide had fired the shot? Ans. She commented that the shot had killed the goat while the iger had died of a heart attack. 8. How did Mrs. Packletide react to Miss Mebbin s comment just after the shot? Ans. She was annoyed at her for pointing out the t e circumStances of hunt to her but she never imagined that she would use this piece of in ormation against her. 9. How did the villagers react to the tiger's death? Ans. They were overjoyed and joined Mrs. Packletide in celebrating the hunt. 10. How did Miss Mebbin manage to get her week end cottage? Ans. Miss Mebbin wa Mr x Packletide's paid companion. No, she was not sincere towards Mrs. Packletide ecause she threatened to disclose the true facts of the hunt if she was not paid th money that would enable her to buy a cottage for herself. 11.How did Miss Mebbin manage to get her weekend cottage? Ans. Miss Mebbin threatewd to reveal the true facts about the hunt to Loona Bimberton unless Mrs. Packletide paid her the required amount to buy a cottage. Mrs. Packetide had no choice but to give in to her threat. Therefore, she was able to buy her weekend cottage. 12. Why did Miss Mebbin plant so many tiger lilies in her garden?
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    3 Ans. Miss Mebbin planted so many tiger likes in her garden to honor the tiger which had indirectly been responsible for her being able to afford a cottage of her own. 13." The incidental expenses are so heavy", she confines to inquiring friends. Who is the speaker? What is she referring to her? Ans. These lines are spoken by Mrs. Packletide. She is shocked at the manner in which she is threatened by Miss Mebbin into paying her the large sum of money. So she refers that such large sum of money. So she refers that such adv nture are too expensive to includge. 14. Who is the author of the story "Mrs. Packletide's tiger. Ans. Mrs. Packletide's tiger is written by Saki. 15.Give a brief character sketch of Mrs. Packletide. Ans. Mrs. Packletide is the central character of th1S story she-has following characteristics. Competitive:- Mrs. Packletid is a competitive lady. To get more publicity than Loona she decides to o on hunting a tiger. Shrewd:- Sh is shrewd lady she offers a thousand rupees to villagers to organize a hunt of an 01 ige which involves no risk. Vain—and without a conscience:- She poses for photographs and hides the real facts o hunt. She als pays ebbin to buy her silence. v/ Pretender:- Mrs. Packletide throw a party pretending to honour Eimberton but actually wanting to show off her achievement. 16. Reference to context type questions. Read the following passages and answer the following questions. 1. Mrs Packletide had already arranged in her mind the lunch she would give at her house in Curzon Street, ostensibly in Loona Bimberton's honour, with the tiger-skin rug occupying most of the foreground and all of the conversation.
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    4 (a) What was the real intention of Mrs Packletide in hosting the lunch? She wanted to show off her exploits at the tiger hunt and make Loona Bimberton jealous of her achievements. (b) Why was Lona Bimberton being honoured by the press? Ans. She had travelled eleven miles in an airplane flown by an Algerian pilot. (c) What did she intend to gift Loona on her birthday? Ans. She intended to gift her a tiger claw brooch. 2. 'The prospect of earning thousand rupees had stimulated- he sporting and commercial instinct of the villagers'. (a) What had stimulated the sporting and commercial instinct of the villagers? Ans. The thought of getting thousan rupees if they helpe4DMrs Packletide in hunting a tiger. (b) What were the two fears that the villagers had regarding the hunt? Ans. Firstly, they were , afraid that the tige may wander off to another village and secondly that he may die before the hunt. (c) Why did Mrs Packletlde want to hunt a tiger? Ans. She wanted t outdo the achievements of her rival, Loona Bimberton. 3. Mother's carrying their babies home through the jungle after the day's work in the fields hushed their singing lest they might curtail the restful sleep of the venerable herd-robber. (a) Who does the phrase 'venerable herd robber' refer to? What is the literary device used in the phrases? Ans. It refers to the tiger. It is an oxymoron.
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    5 (b) What is the tone of the writer in the line? Ans. It is humorous.


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