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    1 "THE DEAR DEPARTED" By:-StanIey Houghton 10th ENGLISH DRAMA-I Reference to context type questions. Read the extracts and answer that follows. 1. She'll come fast enough after her share of what andfather's e t. You known how hard she can be when she likes. Where she gets it form I can't tell. (a) Who speaks these words and about hom? (i) Mrs Slater about Victoria (ii) Victoria about Mrs Jordan (iii) Mrs Jordan about Mrs later (iv) Mrs Slater about Mrs Jord Ans. (iv) Mrs Slater abou Mr. ordan (b) The speaker imp i s that s e' is: (i) Cruel (ii) Selfish (iii) Generous. (iv) Loving Ans. (ii) Selfish (c) The literary device used in the above lines is (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) irony personification alliteration metaphor
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    2 Ans. (i) irony 2. 'Are we pinching it before Aunt Elizabeth comes'? (a) What does 'it' refer to here? Ans. The burea belonging to Abel Merryweather. (b) How does Vicky conclude that her parents are 'pinching it'? Ans. Vicky concludes her parents are pinching it because it-belongs to grandfather and thy are taking it without permission after his death. (c) Mention the two reasons that Mrs. Slater ives for her action Ans. She says that she has always wante&it and if er siste Elizabeth were to see it she would drive a hard bargain over it (d) What does it reveal about the differenc betweem the attitude of the elders and that of Vicky? Ans. The elders are outs or wha the can get while Victoria has more of a sense of what is right. 3. Before off now, and hange our dress before your Aunt Elizabeth and your Uncle Ben come •t would n Ver do for them to find you in colours. (a) Who says these and to whom? Ans. Amelia Slater. her daughter Victoria. (b) Why does she disapprove of the listener being in colours? Ans. Abel Merry weather, Amelia's father, has died. 'They should be in mourning and not wearing colours. (c) Bring out the irony in the above statement.
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    3 Ans. Victoria, the one in colours, is actually the only one who is mourning her grandfather's death. 4. I'm wondering if they'll come at all. When you and Elizabeth quarrelled she said she'd never set foot in you house again. (a) Where will 'she' not come? Ans. To Amelia and Henry's house. (b) Why will she not come? Ans. The two sisters had a quarrel. (c) Why, according to the listener, will she come Ans. She'll come to claim her share of what grandfather s left. 5. You know how hard she can be hen sh ikes. WheEshe gets it form I can't tell. (a) Who says this and about whom? Ans. Amelia says this a ut he iste Elizabe (b) Why does the peaker call her' hard? Ans. Shesays that El •zabet will want her share of Grandfather's property and she will not compr mlse She ill drive a hard bargain because she is seeking greedily to obtain money every opportunity. (c) Bring out the irony in the statement 'Where she gets it from I can't tell'? Ans. She is also hard and greedy like her sister. 6. They'll stretch, won't they? I'm not going to have them wasted. (a) What is 'they'? Ans. Abel Merry weather's slippers.
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    4 (b) What does she want the listener to do? Why? Ans. She wants him to wear them as they are new and his own are old worn out. (c) Why does she say 'they' will stretch? Ans. The slippers are small for Henry. She says they will stretch once her 7. 'Now, Amelia, you mustn't give may. We've all got to die some time or other. It might have been worse'. (a) Who is the speaker of these lines? Ans. Ben Jordan (b) What prompts the speaker to say these words? Ans. Amelia is giving way to her grie ae bel erry weathe 's death (c) What does he mean when he says 'It might have been worse? Ans. It could have been one of the who ha diedhnstead of Abel Merry weather. (d) What does it eveal about the speaker's character? Ans. It shows his c Iou ness att death of Abel Merry weather. 8. BEN: oushoul ave for another. Eh, Eliza? MRS JORDAN: h es. It's a fatal mistake. (a) What does Ben mean by 'another'? Ans. He means another doctor as Dr. Pringle, Abel Merryweather's doctor was unavailable. (b) Why does Mrs Jordan call it a fatal mistake? Ans. Mrs Jordan feels a doctor may have saved Abel Merryweather's life. (c) Bring out the irony in the remark.
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    5 Ans. Presuming Abel Merry weather was dead and not getting a doctor turns out to be a mistake as he turned out to be alive. He realized his daughters were selfish and money-grubbing and he decides to change his will. 9. He always was thoughtful in that way. He was too honourable to have 'gone' without paying his premium. (a) Where is Abel Merry weather supposed to have gone that morning? Ans. To pay the premium on his insurance. (b) Why is he said to be thoughtful? Ans. He paid the premium so that the two daughters, Amelia and Elizabeth, would get the insurance money. (c) Bring out the irony in the above statement? Ans. Abel merry weather had not gone to pay the premium on his insurance but to the pub for a drink. 10. 'I don't call that delicate, s epping Into a dead man's shoes in such hase'. (a) Who makes thi comment? Ans. Mß•jordan (b) What prompts th speaker to say this? Ans. Henry Slater _vearing Abel Merry weather's slippers. (c) Bring out the significance of this statement? Ans. The Slaters and Jordans have started dividing Abel Merry weather's things amongst themselves as soon as they presumed him dead. 11. And you, too. Are you such a poor creatures that you must do every dirty thing she tells you?
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    6 (a) Who is the 'poor creature'? Ans. Henry Slater. (b) Why is he/she being called a 'poor creature'? Ans. He does not stand up to his wife but does even the wrong deeds she tells him to do. (c) What dirty thing had he done at her bidding? Ans. He had shifted his father-in-law's bureau and clock to their room in order to keep it to themselves. TEXTUAL QUESTIONS 1. 'Good gracious, that's never them'. What doe Amelia mean? Ans. Amelia's father Abel Me weather who stays with her has died. She wants to take a few things tha belong to •m for herself efore her sister arrives. So she is worried that they ay have com alrea 2. How does Mrs la er plan o outshine the Jordan's ? What does it reveal about her character? Ans. Mrs S ater i re»ed in black, but is not in complete mourning. She has got her husband to we a blacktailcoat, grey trousers, a black tie and a bowler hat. Victoria, her daughter, is wearing a white frock with a black sash. She feels she will outshine the Jordans as Ben and Elizabeth will not have thought about mourning yet, so they will outshine them there. 3. Why does Mrs Slater decide to shift the bureau from grandfather's room before the arrival of the Jordans? How does Henry react to the suggestion? Ans. Mrs Slater has always wanted to have the bureau after grandfather died. She feels she can easily take it her sister arrives as it has been bought recently and her sister
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    7 doesn't know of it. She says if she leaves it in grandfather's room, her sister will drive a hard bargain over that. Henry feels it is not sensitive or becoming to do that. 4. 'I suppose it's in the family'. What does Henry mean by that? Ans. Amelia calls her sister Elizabeth heartless and insensitive. She also feels that as Elizabeth is selfish and greedy, she will soon arrive for her share of grandfather's property. Henry implies that both the sister's are similar in nature. 5. 'You must arrange with Elizabeth when you're dividing things up.' What does this reveal of Henry's character? Ans. This shows that Henry is fair. He does not want to cheat Elizabeth out of her fair share by grabbing things for himself. He eel i should be decided who is to take what after Elizabeth arrives. 6. Why wouldn't Henry care to brmg the bureau downstairs? Ans. Henry feels it is not delicat or sensitive to bring the bureau down. Abel Merry weather has just died an instea of m urning is passing away, they are trying to grab his things for thems I es as oon as his eyes are closed. Moreover, it should be decided who is to take what fter Elizabet arrives. 7. 'Elizabet could have tha and welcome'. What does Amelia mean by that? Ans. Amelia p ans to bring grandfather's new bureau downstairs and put their own chest of drawers vrandfather's room. This way Elizabeth will look upon it as her father's property and lay claim to it. Amelia doesn't mind letting go of it as it is old and shabby and she's always wanted to get rid of it. 8. What does Henry tell Victoria when she asks if they are pinching grandfather's bureau? Why does Henry want to hide the truth from Victoria? How does Mrs Slater handle the same situation?
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    8 Ans. He tells Victoria that Grandpa had given it to her mother before he died. He does not want the sensitive young child to think poorly of her parents. So he wishes to hide the truth from her. On the other hand, Mrs Slater who is practical and brusque, tells Victoria to be quiet and not tell her aunt about it. 9. 'I thought I'd fetch this down as well.' What does Mrs Slater bring down? What does as well mean in this context? Ans. Mrs Slater has brought grandfather's clock down al ng with his bureau. In this context, 'as well' refers to the clock in addition to the bureau. 10. What is the reason for the Jordans takin a long time to get o the house of the Slaters? What does it show about the two SIS er's attitude towards each other? Ans. The Jordans come late because t f bough new mourning othes and dressed up in them before reaching the Slater's residence. his showsvthat both the sisters were trying to get the better of eac the tlm 11. What does Mrs Jordan describe as a fatal mistake'? What is the irony in the comment she makes on Mrs Slater's defence? Ans. Mrs Jordan a I not callmg in a doctor to see grandfather 'a fatal mistake' as a doctor may have saved be Merry eather's life. Presuming Abel Merry weather was dead and not getting a doctor turns out to be a mistake as he turned out to be alive. He realized his aughter ere selfish and money-grubbing and he decides to change his will. 12.' Your father wasn't drowned, Elizabeth.' Why does Henry say this? Ans. Elizabeth wants to know why the Slaters had not called in a doctor to see their father when he was supposedly gone. She adds that at times people who have been presumed dead have been revived by doctors. Henry tells her that such incidents have occurred only when people who have drowned were revived. He adds that Abel Merry weather had not died of drowning.
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    9 13.' If there was one thing he couldn't bear it was water'. What does Ben mean by this joke? Ans. Ben is talking about his father-in-law, Abel Merry weather. He implies that Abel did not wash as often as he should have and that he drank a lot. He did not drink water. 14.Ben appreciates grandfather saying 'its' a good thing he did'. Later he calls him a 'drunken old beggar'. Why does he change his opinion about grand father? Ans. Ben praises Abel Merry weather when he thinks the man has paid his insurance premium that morning and they will inherit is But when Victoria Slater tells them that grandfather had no one to ay the insurance premium that morning but had gone with his frien «to the Ring-O-BellS o drinks, Ben is angry and calls him a drunken old beggar as the insurance polic may have lapsed and there may be no money for them. 15. What amazing news does Victoria bring as she comes downstairs? Ans. Victoria brings the ews that her grandfat er was getting up and that she had seen him do son. 16. What makes grandfather ask, —What's the matter with little Vicky'? Ans. As soon— Vic saw grandfather get up, she was terrified and ran down. Grandfather was uzz see his granddaughter run away from him in fear as he did not know the reas Jor her running away. That is why he asked that. 17. Why is Mrs Jordan disconcerted when Mrs Slater brings in the topic of the gold watch? Ans. Mrs Jordan had claimed that grandfather had promised his gold watch to her son, Jimmy. She was disconcerted when Mrs Slater brings in the topic of the gold watch because she knew her lie would be out. 18. How does the truth about the bureau come out?
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    10 Ans. Grandfather, talking about his condition, says he had been in a daze and not asleep. At that point he recollects Amelia and Henry had come to his room and shifted his bureau out. 19.How does Amelia get even with her sister? Ans. When Elizabeth tries to convince her father to go and live with her, she tells Abel that she and her sister had quarrelled because Elizabeth had said she wouldn't take him off their hands at any price. She adds that Elizabeth had sai she had enough of him to last a lifetime, and the Slaters would have to keep him. 20. What change does grandfather plan to make in his ne it have on his daughters? ill hat effect does Ans. Grandfather says he will chan e IS WII to say that his oney and his bits of things would go to whomever he was 11V1ng wit -when he dxed. His daughters at once begin to flight as each wante to kee him wit her, w il earlier they had fought over not warning to keep him. 21. What are the three things tha grandfather plans to do on Monday next? Ans. On Monday x grandfather planned to do there things. He planned to go to the lawyer's and alter If WII he had to the person he was staying with at the time o hi eath. He a so planned to go to the insurance office and pay my premium. The third lung was o go to St. Philip's Church and get married to Mrs John Shorrocks. 22.1n what way is the play 'The Dear Departed' a satirical comment on the nature of human beings? Ans. The play brings out the greed and selfishness of people for whom money is more important than relationships. They are more interested in what they will inherit and try to grab the lion's share.
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    11 ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS 1. Bring out the irony in the title of the play. Title The Dear Departed Death of a person who is loved v/ Abel neither dearly loved nor departed v/ Daughters do not mourn death ... .. want to grab (bureau, clock, gold watch, insurance premium) He is not dead ... ...was drunk ... ..gets up. 2. Write a character sketch of Mrs Slater. v/ Greedy- wants to take some of grandfathe hings sister arrives. likes before her v/ Overpowering- gets the reluctanUHenry to help er shift bureau; put on grandfather's slippers. Straight talk- while Henry tell Vjctori randfather had promised bureau to them, she just tells her o be quiet nd not tell her aunt. v/ Rude- she is rude and mpolite her sis er. v/ Lacks sense feeling and hurts randfather by telling him Elizabeth did not wlsht keep him. 3. Write a character sketch of rs Jordan. Greedy-arr•ves t take her share of grandfather's things though she had wed never 10 enter the house; gold watch Bothered by appearances-comes dressed in new mourning v/ Overpowging-dominates Ben v/ Rude-she is rude and impolite to her sister. Lacks sense of feelings and hurts grandfather by telling him Amelia had started stealing soon as she realized he was no more. 4. How does the spat between his daughters lead to grandfather discovering the truth? '/ Spat between daughters when he gets up Elizabeth shows him bureau and clock grabbed by Amelia
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    12 Amelia talks about gold watch supposedly promised to Jimmy. Truth about flight... .Amelia wanted to get rid of Abel two years ago.. Elizabeth didn't want him. 5. Compare and contrast Henry's character with that of his wife. Support your answer with evidences from they play. Greedy-wants to take some of grandfather's things she likes before her sister arrives Overpowering —gets the reluctant Henry to hel her shift bureau; put on grandfather's slippers. v/ Straight talk- while Henry tells Victoria grand ather had promised bureau to them, she just tells her to be quiet and o tell he aunt. Rude-she is rude and impolite to hersister. Lacks sense of fellings and hurts grandfather by elling im Elizabeth did not wish to keep him. Henry Sensitive-does not wish to take li pers/b reau Weaker character-all ws imselft be dominated by Amelia Evasive, hides from ugly ruth —tells Victoria grandfather had promised them the ureau. NS 6. How are the two sisters exposed in the play 'The Dear Departed'? v/ Greedy- ant ings v/ Amell bureau' clock v/ Elizabeth .1d watch Grandfather alive-will Spat-truth comes out-both greedy and grasping 7. Narrate the story of 'The Dear Departed' from the point of view of Abel Merry weather. Went out went to pub-came home-fell in bed v/ Sudden turn-couldn't move or speak v/ Saw Amelia and Henry come in —take bureau-couldn't stop them or ask why
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    13 '/ Heard voices-tried to get up-little Vicky came in saw me —frightened Downstairs-daughters sons-in-law-found out presumed dead v/ Grabbing my things v/ Going to get married and shift out 8. Victoria in 'The Dear Departed' is very upset by the behaviour of her parents. She expresses her feelings in a diary entry. As Victoria, write the diary entry. Grandfather dead Greed of parents Greed of aunt and uncle Each more interested in benefits than grievin over father Disillusioned by attitude


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