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Sample Question Paper For Basic Level Students

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This is a question paper I had set for my pre-basic level student.

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    TEST Marks Obtained Date: 1/6/2015 Marks: 30 Duration: 1 hour Write your answers in pencil. Name: I. Section Marks Section 1 Section 2 Section 3 Total Out of 10 13 30 SECTION ONE (NOUNS, PRONOUNS & VERBS ) Read the below sentences and underline all the nouns in each sentence. If it is a common noun write 'C' above the noun. If it is a proper noun write 'P' above the noun. Example: Mary has a clean towel in her purse. (2 marks) 1. 2. 3. 4. There are three chairs in the room. Ahmed has a big house in Mumbai. The school has many classrooms. Saudi Arabia is a very hot country. Il. Underline the verb in each sentence. Use each underlined verb and write a sentence of your own. Don't change the form of the verb. (6 marks) Example: They play in the garden. Sentence: I play with my cat. 1. Sherry watches TV in the afternoon.
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    2. 3. You are late. My kids eat healthy food. Ill. Use the below pronouns in sentences of your own. (2 marks) 1. My I. 2. 3. 4. His She They SECTION TWO (GREETINGS & INTRODUCTIONS) Match the titles in column A with the meanings in column B. Write your answer number in the blanks given below. (2 marks) Mr. Mr. Mrs. Ms. Miss Mrs. Ms. 1. single females 2. single or married males 3. married females 4.single or married females Miss
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    IV. Il. Ill. I. Fill in the blanks with suitable answers. (3 marks) Priya: Hi, my name is Priya. What is your name? Answer: Khadeeja: Priya: Priya. Write a suitable response for the following situations. (2 marks) a) My daughter scored 95% in her board exam! b) Tomorrow is my English exam. c) How are you? d) Sandy and Tina are talking to each other, but you need to ask Tina something. What will you say? Write 6 sentences about yourself. (Marks are given for correct grammar usage, using capital letters and full stops.) (6 marks) SECTION THREE (ADJECTIVES, VERBS & NOUNS) Complete each sentence by adding an adjective. (3 marks) a) I love apples.
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    box on the table. c) There is a The soup in the bowl is Il. Complete the following paragraph by filling in the blanks with suitable words. Use the clue given in the bracket to help you complete the story. An example has been --x----------------------------x---------- done for you. (4 marks) My house (verb — 'to be') where my family lives. (pronoun) live on the 6th floor. There are five (noun) in my house. The family room is where we like to (verb) television together. When guests come home, (pronoun) eat in the dining room. My house is very conditioned. My favourite room in the house is because it is (adjective). (pronoun — house) is air- . I like it (reason).


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