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English: Improving Communication

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Lessons to improve Spoken English.

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    L-2: Commonly used phrases Long time no see: not met/ seen somebody for a long time. 1. Beat around the bush: not speak about the main point of the topic or conversation, intentionally. 2. Twenty four by seven: work non-stop, work too much daily without break/relaxation. 3. Sick and tired: fed-up of something, exhausted by doing something. 4. Back and forth: work with lot of travelling/running around to finish something. 5. What's the catch?- the hidden advantage happening to somebody else which they are not telling. 6. It's a small world: surprise on seeing somebody unexpectedly in an unexpected location/situation. 7. Give me a hand: asking for help. 8. Fat chance: low possibility of something happening. 9. 10. Come on: (a) Hurry -up (b) Go faster (c) Please, do it. (d) I don't believe you! 11. What goes around, comes around: what you have done to people will one day be done to you also. 12. Rome wasn't built in one day: any good accomplishment takes time and efforts to achieve. 13. Tick skinned: not willing to change or improve despite many efforts. 14. He's / She's a natural: very talented naturally, god-gifted talent, do something effortlessly. 15. Know it inside out: thorough knowledge about a gadget, machinery, building. 16. Know like the back of my hand: complete knowledge about something. 17. A class of his own: be so good so that nobody else can match you. 18. Hold your horses: don't draw quick conclusions, don't think too soon without full information. 19. Not so fast: slow down/stop at once. 20. Your guess is as good as mine: I have no idea, just as you have no idea (about something). 21. There is no turning back now: too late to change a decision/ action. 22. Just my luck! — my bad luck. What a bad luck! 23. "I'll say!"- (a) when you strongly agree to someone(b) when someone says an understatement. 24. I rest my case: when something proves your point. 25. Good call: when someone makes a good remark/statement. 26. Take your pick: free to choose as you wish. 27. Make yourself at home: ask someone to feel comfortable. 28. No hard feeling: when you don't want the other to feel bad about you/ your words/ your actions. 29. The more the merrier: the enjoyment/ fun is more when you are in larger company, more friends. 30. Are you kidding me! — are you joking with me? 31. Join the club: usually a negative remark. When others are facing same problems as you. 32. Now where were we? Where was I?- getting back on main point, focus again after distraction. 33. Big deal! — a sarcastic remark meaning something is not very important according to you. 34. Doesn't ring a bell: when you don't know something or can't remember something. 35. Getting cold feet: getting scared before an event.


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