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English: Improving Communication Skills

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Lessons to improve spoken English and communicate better. Few practice worksheets are also provided.

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    1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. COMMONLY MISPRONOUNCED WORDS Comfortable : kum-fer-tbl Pronunciation: same as written, with the sound of 'nun' February : feb-ru-aree Mortgage : mor- gage Buffet : bu-fay Mischievous : mis-chi- vus Jewel/Jewelry : jool /jool-ri Recur : ray-kur Bowl : bol 10.Plural: plu-rl 11.Breakfast : brac-fst 12.Almond : aa-mund 13.Dengue: den-gi 14.Pizza :pete- za 15.Sour : sawer (sounds like tower) 16.Coupon : ku-pon 17.Plumber: plum-err 18.Debris :deb-re 19.Asthma : az-maa 20.Lingerie : lawn-j-ray 21.Mojito : mo-e-tho 22.Espresso : same without any "X"sound in it. 23.Hierarchy : high-rar-key 24.Et cetera : same with "T"sound clear. 25.Athlete : ath-leat 26.Specifically : spa-ci-fi-kali 27.Ask : a:sk 28.Climbing: cli-ming 29.Vegetables : veg-tble 30.Suite : sweet 31.1nfamous : in-f-mus 32.Subtle : sut-al 33.Career : ka-reer 34.Sword : so-rd 35.Particularly : pati-cu-ler-li 36.Courageous: k-rage-gus 37.Sew : so 38.Salmon : sa-mon 39.Calf : ka-f 40.Determined : deter-min-d


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