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English: Improving Communication Skills

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Lessons to improve spoken English and communicate better. Few practice worksheets are also provided.

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    L-3 Idioms to describe people/ characters of people Armchair critic: he who has no practical knowledge but still criticizes. Who doesn't participate but criticizes. 1. Busy body: he who is interested in knowing details about other's lives. 2. Cheapskate: he who doesn't spend money even where needed. 3. Couch potato: lazy person. 4. Bone head: dumb person, who can't understand easily. 5. Down to earth: simple, sensible person, not showy or glamourous. 6. Head in clouds: high headed person, thinks he is better than others. 7. Fuddy-duddy/ behind the times: old fashioned person. (Fuddy-duddy-is a critical remark) 8. Shilly-shally- he who cannot stand by his decisions firmly. 9. 10. Go-getter: active, energetic person who will do anything to meet his target. 11. Goody goody (or) goody-two-shoes: too polite, too good with everyone type of person. 12. A good egg: good person without any arrogance, showy nature of attitude. 13. Know-it-all (or) Smart-alec (or) Wise guy : he who shows off his knowledge every time. Thinks he knows everything and more than others. 14. Man of his words: he who keeps his promises, trustworthy person. 15. Mover and shaker: active person who helps his company do better. 16. Set in his ways: stubborn and committed to doing things in his own way only. 17. Slime ball: disgusting person, cheap and cunning person who should be disliked by all. 18. Social butterfly: extrovert who loves parties and meeting lots of people. 19. Stickler for rules: very strict followers of rules, disciplinarian. 20. Wet blanket/ Kill joy/Party pooper: he who doesn't allow others to enjoy. 21. Worrywart: somebody who worries too much. 22. Dark horse: secretive kind of person. 23. Big cheese: have lot of power and influence in an organization. 24. Fat cat: rich people who spend money wastefully, pointlessly. 25. Full of hot air: speak all nonsense without listening to others. 26. Going places: someone who has lot of potential to do well in life. 27. Happy-go-lucky person: happy and cheerful type of person. 28. Hard as nail: unsentimental type who shows no sympathy. 29. Sitting duck: easy target 30. Small fry: insignificant people in an organization or a community. 31. Straight as an arrow: very honest and morally upright type of person. 32. Chatter box/ talk the hind leg off a donkey: extremely talkative person. 33. Loose cannon: someone with unpredictable behavior, can't be trusted. 34. Mouse potato: someone who spends lot of time on computer. 35. High and mighty: someone who behaves as it they are better/ mightier than others. 36. Jack of all trades: someone who can do many different things but is not very skilled in any one of them. 37. Just off the boat: not a very skilled person. Someone who lacks experience. 38. Doubting Thomas: very suspicious kind of person. 39. Laughing stock: he who does something ridiculous and is then laughed at by others. 40. Rotten egg/ apple: dishonest person who is a bad influence on others.


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