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English: Improving Communication Skills

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Lessons to improve spoken English and communicate better. Few practice worksheets are also provided.

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    L-9: Using the three Articles- a,an,the An article is used before a noun. It can be definite(the) which means a particular thing. Or it can be indefinite (a,an) which refers to things which are not specific. Complete the following sentences with A, AN or THE: 1 . Danny wanted 2. Jennifer tasted 3. The children have 4. All pupils must obey 5. Dad turned on new bicycle for Christmas. birthday cake her mother had made. new teacher called Mr. Green. rules. radio to listen to news. 6. Alex is in Boston studying for MBA. 7. The teacher read 8. There was 9. Julie talked for interesting article from the newspaper. huge crowd of people outside the church. hour about her school project. 10. European expert was invited to speak to the committee. 11. The Mississippi river is in 12. It would help us if you gave United States of America. honest opinion. 13. It is shame that you have to fire honest man for 14. Even if we know that he is honest fellow it will take him promotion. year to rebuilt his reputation. 15. Can you tell me correct address? I'm bit lost! 16. What do you know about new boss? I've heard he is big disciplinarian and river Isbeda. egoist! 17. Last year we went to forest area and camped next to 18. What 19. Look at 20. Only tough question this is! I have no idea what's answer. stars! Each one is _ ball of fire shining millions of miles away. fast bowler can get Thomas! He is natural when cricket is concerned!


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