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AS-11 - The Effect Of Changes In Foreign Exchange Fluctuations

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Hi Students, The notes attached here is giving about the explanation in relates to valuation to be followed by those companies who indulge in "Foreign Exchange Operations". These notes easily assists the students to know about the valuation to be done in Balance sheet for the items in Balance sheet. The format what i mentioned is enough to understand about the subject area included in attachment.

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    Section 1 Forex Transactions Initial Recognition Spot or Weekly Avg. Rate Pblm 2 Page no:-99 Date FER 05.01.13 Pur a/c To Crs 31.03.15 To Crs. Pur Date 05.01.13 Dr Clg.Date 31.03.15 43.00 Cr Pay.Date 05.04.15 48.00 47.00 3000000 3000000 AS-Il The Effect of Chang Forex Operatio Forex Transacti 31.3.15 Before Clg date Add:-Adj.0f FEL As on 31.3.15
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    (For the F.Y.01.04.15-31.03.15) Note:- 05.04.15 Crs a/c To Cash To a/c (Ex.Gain) Pblm Date FER US$ 15.01.2015 Pur a/c To Crs 31.03.2015 To Crs. 15.04.2015 Crs a/c To Cash To a/c (Ex.Gain) White Colour Black White Red Orange Pink Ref b'69 bS89 Pur.Date 15.01.2015 46.00 2014-2015 250,000.00 Dr 600,000.00 Clg Date 31.03.2015 50.00 2014-2015 Cr (B/F) Payment Date 15.04.2015 49.00 2015-2016 2 Mumb•i ui•pur Chennai get ganp•,— Chen.•..i S«zrc• b7Cfi €814 Aetshv•nan t ntendt bSS2 70 bS89 098 b803 250,000.00 78 149 34) 452 zos 226 380 462 (50-46) City Delhi Mumbai Pune Jaipur Chennai Kerala Nagpur Kanpur Customer Madhav Arun Ashok Anshuman Mukul Jitendra Sushil Avinish Crs are monete Product a965 b709 c814 a661 b552 c870 a191 b589
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    Jaipur Chennai Kerala Prashant Lil Zafar a398 b803 c278
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    es in FER ;ection 2 ns ;ection 1 ions Monetary Items @ Closing RATE Ex:-Crs,Drs, includes Cash in Hand. The assets/Liabilities which are fixed, Determinable. (31.3.15) Sectic Forward Conl App. On AS-3 Vain .On B/S Date NMI=Hist.Cost No Valn as per AS-Il
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    Iry items as on closing date, these items as per AS they have to be valued at Closing rate rather than the DATA VALIDATION CONSOLIDATE VLOOKUP TEXT TO COLUMN DOLLAR SIGN SUM-ZERO SUMIF concatenate Revenue 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 7000 Reverse Lookup 3 SHEETS Region East West West East West East East 10000 3 1 Insert Function Box Dollar Sign Sum-Zero Sumif Concatenate Consolidate DATA VALIDATION TEXT TO COLUMN Freeze Panes Pivot Table 2 Name ANISH MAHESH VASSU RAMESH SURESH Alt+A+N Alt+D+L Alt+A+E Alt+W/+F Alt+N+V+T 3 MATCH function searches for a value in an array and returns the relative position of that item. Ref.Data Product Customer Price 67 78 149 343 188 112 452 205 c278 b769 b589 a398 a365 Index Zafar Avinish Prashant Position's data displayed
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    226 380 462 Match Data's Position number displayed
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    tracts Non-Monetary Items NMI-Fair Value @ Closing RATE
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    rate at which they initially recognised. eranings rs 50000 244550 52220 56222 555555 4 Shift+F3 Drag the cell 25000 35000 602500 3600 23500 10 doller 55555 3333 333332 99999 yes no We can separately arrive the "East West" Merge the cell values/name in one cell


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