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AS-17 - Segment Reporting

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Hi Students, This is my another bird's eye view notes which is to be an effective tool to grasp the AS-17 notes very easily. The Segment Reporting mostly explains about the Segment reporting to be made for those entities who are selling the different products from one Business Segment. Go through my notes helps you lot to know about the areas to a certain extent.

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    AS-17 SEGMENT REPO Objective of AS-17 Dis.Fin,Statement-Different product/services Explaining the SH about the "Risk & Rewards" the Business/Geographical Carries. Nov-14 Pbm I(b) Page no:-2 Particulars Asset Value Less:- DTA Asset Test- 0/0 of TAV Business Segment Distinguishable compo Enterprise. Single Product/Service Whose R&R significantly differs from Other Segments in- The nature of product The nature of process Method of Distribution. Type of Customer Regulatory Envt. Ex:-Shirts&Trousers-Not a BS Petrol Business &Hotel Business-lt's a BS Processing Oil & Selling Oil, Trading Oil-lts's a BS Segments (Fig.in Crores) Total Seg.A seg.B seg.c 1,85 1,35 9 6,15 5,75 38,33 7 44,67 15 Confirming each segment Asset Value is >/Equal to 10% of TAV. More than 10% & Rep.Segment No Yes Not a RS RS Pblm 6 Page no:-166 Sports Ltd-Israr Sheik Criteria Yes RS o
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    SA % of SA over Total of SA Identification RS/NRS SR SL % of SR over Total of SR Identification RS/NRS SREV % of SR over Total of SR Identification RS/NRS RS RS RS 40 RS 50 RS 300 RS 80 RS 190 95% NRS 620 NRS 30 15% RS 10 5% NRS 80 70/0 NRS 20 RS 10 5% NRS 60 5% NRS 20 NRS 10 5% RS 80 70/0 NRS 10 5% 30 15% 60 5%
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    RTING nent of an- eo ra hical Se ment Distn.Component of an Enterprise. Single Pro uct/Service Group of lated prodi In an Eco.Envt.whose "R&R" significantly differs from other eco.environment. due to Group of Related product/Service. Total Political Issues Govt. Regulations Seasonal Impacts Forex Risks Ex:-Wollen Cloths selling in Darjelling & in Chennai
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    uct/Service. YES G/w TFA Inventories Trade Rec. Modvat Cr. Seg.Revenue Directly attributable Rev. Reasonable attributable Rev. Int.Seg Revenue. Excludes:- Extra-Ordinary Income Int. or Div Income Pft on sale of Invst. Extinguishment of Debt. Ex:-Crs waived off Debt. Seg.Assets Note:-lnterest is not a seg.expense Employed for Operation of segment. NO Invsts DTA Advance Tax Loans Seg.Liabiliti YES Trade Paya Warranties Wages O/S
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    Seg.Expenses Directly attributable Exp. Reasonable attributable Exp. Int.Seg Exp. Excludes:- Extra-Ordinary Exp. Int. or Div Exp. Loss on sale of Invst. Extinguishment of Debt. Corporate Exp. IT Provision. (SR-SE) Ex:-B/Debts Seg.Reporting Tests RSR>/Equal to (TSR) Rev.Test Result Test Assets Test RSA>/Equal to (TSE) Test (If External Then add ry Segment Rest 10% Higher of [TotalPft/Total Los even if the O/D is taken for that segment. Raised for the segment ble NO Loan Debns O/D
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    )ore & More segment on LHS, in such a way that LHS>/Equal to RHS.


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