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Riser Design In Casting

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Different Methods to design Riser in casting is discussed. It is very important for GATE mechanical exam.

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    Riser Design (Casting) Definition: Riser is defined as a reservoir for supplying molten metal to the casting cavity to compensate (additional molten metal) the liquid shrinkages taking place due to solidification. Shape of riser: It's shape is almost cylindrical since it takes more time to solidify than sphere and cube shape. Conditions for designing riser; Volume of riser (Vr) = 3 x Shrinkage Volume of casting (Vsc) (Necessary) Solidification time for riser (TO 2 Solidification time for Casting (csc) (Sufficient) Position of riser: Top cylindrical riser Side Cylindrical riser Diameter (D) = 2 x Height (H) Top Riser Diameter (D) = Height (H) D Side Riser
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    Terms Related to riser design; Volume of Casting/riser Module (M) = Surface area of Casting/ riser Solidification time (T) = k M2, k ā€” Mold Constant Surface area includes all surfaces of any shape which transfers heat during solidification of Note: casting Methods of Riser Design: Method Caines Method Modulus Method Novel Research Method Shrinkage Volume Consideration Method Equations Modulus of riser (MT) Freezing Ratio, X = Modulus of casting (MC) Also c y-b a, b, c are constant Volume of riser y= volumetric ratio = Volume of casting Modulus of riser (MO = 1.2 x Modulus of casting (MC) Shape factor = 1=-2 Lā€” Length of casting w ā€” width of casting t ā€” thickness of casting According to shape factor riser dimensions are decided Volume of riser (Vr) x Volume of 100 Casting (Vc) a=% shrinkage of metal during solidification


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