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Fluid Mechanics Manometer Notes

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    Fluid Statics: Types of Pressure Measuring Device Types of Pressure Measuring Devices: Mainly there are two simple pressure measuring devices shown as below: 1. Manometer: Manometer is used to measure small and moderate pressure difference inside a container or between two containers. It has a glass or plastic U- tube filled with liquids such as water, oil, mercury or alcohol. Gas -2 Figure 1 Manometer 2. Barometer: Barometer is generally used to measure atmospheric pressure as vacuurn 76 cm mercury atmospheric pressure Figure 2 Barometer shown in figure 2. Mercury is used instead of water in barometer to measure the atmospheric pressure of earth because of following reason:
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    a. For mercury length of tube for 1 atm = 760 mm b. For water length of tube for 1 atm = 10.3 meters 3. Other measuring Device: Bourdon tube, Strain gage x pressure transducers, Piezoelectric Transducers. Solved Question GATE 2016 x oil SO mm Water Calculate PA - PB. Take density of oil, air and water as 800 kg/m3, 1.16 kg/m3 and 1000 kg/m3 respectively. Take g= 10 m/s2. Solution: Consider X-X as reference axis. As, it is Inverted U-tube Manometer upward calculation will be taken as negative value. Starting from point A, the equation for pressure will be as below: Step 1: PA — (pressure head of 200 mm of oil) — (pressure head of 80 mm of air) + (pressure head of (80+200+100) mm of water) = PB Step 2: Pressure head equation is = p * g * h, where p = density of fluid, h = height of the fluid present PA- (800 * g * 0.2) -(1.16 * g * 0.08) + (1000 * g * 0.38) = PA- PB = (160 + 0.0928 - 380) = -219.9 * 10 PA - PB = -2.199 kPa --- Answer


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