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Sentence Equivalence Questions For Practice: GRE Verbal

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This document contains 20 questions on Sentence Equivalence for preparation of GRE exam - Verbal segment.

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    SENTENCE EOUIVALENCE - 1 1. Despite their initial fears, most environmentalists now concede that the artificial reefs have had a largely effect on surrounding ecosystems. unfounded benign caustic Interminable innocuous Plaintive 2. Scholarship reductions and player defections notwithstanding, the new coach applied himself to rebuilding the program with such cessation indifference rhetoric fervency heedlessness zeal that the rest of the staff struggled to match his enthusiasm. 3. After hours of practice and innumerable fruitless attempts to catch the balls, Allen was finally forced to admit that he wasn 't sufficiently to be a juggler. sedate lumbering dexterous implicit adroit awkward 4. The cohesion of Alexander the Great's vast empire was • at his death, Alexander's lands were divided among his generals, Ptolemy, Seleucus, and Antigonus the One-Eyed. abiding precarious protracted redoubled renowned tenuous 5. His wife's icy stare and aloof demeanor told Johann unequivocally that his propitiatory gifts had failed to vilify garner exacerbate aggravate placate appease her anger.
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    numbers of power bars, some athletes believe they will have proportionally 6. By consuming greater amounts of endurance and strength because of the energy-producing ingredients these products claim to contain. scant furtive copious solvent measured profuse 7. The comprehensive bill, signed into law by the president late last week, was regulations on the fishing industry. elucidated by rife with deficient in unencumbered by replete with exempted from 249 new 8. The former employees started a blog that revealed the embarrassing quirks of the boss, an act which had impact on the company's CEO. a virulent an assuaging a monumental a discomfiting a bolstering a mortifying 9. The late Samuel Huntington was well known for his opinions on relations among dierent cultures; many of his ideas are still passionately debated today. zealous pedantic polemical rhetorical divisive hegemonic 10. The plant life on the previously barren volcanic rock created by the Kilauea lava overflow is strong evidence that humans, too, will one day be able to inhabit the area. incipient nascent waning fervent flagging static
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    11. Regardless of the long-winded answers Michael consistently gave in class, his teachers remember student, rather than a garrulous one, because he generally kept to himself. him as a taciturn a voluble an uncommunicative a querulous a disinterested an eccentric 12. For the cities at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, where the shortage of rain often leaves wells and rivers empty, a winter without liberal snowfall will mean a of the run-off that normally provides fresh water in the summer months. proliferation conduit paucity surfeit dearth Burgeoning 13. Despite her father's endeavors to placate his daughter every time she had a grievance, the young girl was simply an inveterate an impertinent a plaintive an oblique a chronic an abysmal complainer, and so could always find something else that displeased her. 14. Few want to believe that Lisa de Giocondo, the woman popularly believed to have been the model for da Vinci's Mona Lisa, was a(n) person and prefer instead to think that there is an enigma behind the celebrated smile. dulcet artless comely facile inscrutable Ingenuous 15. Though the futurist conceded that Apple's iPhone was a revolutionary device, she was adamant that it would not be immune to the same forces that caused such previous "game changing" products as Ford's Model T and Sony's Walkman to be considered avant-garde electronic circuitous antediluvian superannuated radical
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    16. The results of a survey of movie-goers gainsaid the scholar's claim that the Immakers' intent would remain opaque to most viewers; it seems the metaphors employed were rather perspicuous abstruse manifest aesthetic cryptic Recalcitrant 17. To call the area was perhaps hyperbolic; while it was quaint and abstracted from the modern life of nearby cities, the presence of mining equipment was decidedly imposing. germane gentrified aplomb bucolic rancorous Quiescent 18. In an era in which mass media is but a thrall of its corporate masters, the amateurish commercials for local businesses provide a tonic for the slick homogeneity of most advertising. amalgamations eccentricities synergies conglomerations syllogisms idiosyncrasies 19. Despite having earned over two hundred million dollars during his career, the boxer's spending and bad investments left him insolvent within a few years of retirement. parsimonious penurious perfidious prodigal profligate Pugnacious of 20. When a Roman emperor visited a provincial city, an important part of the ceremony of receptio , in which a local poet or orator would lavish praise on the imperial was the delivery of visitor. a compendium an elegy an encomium a jeremiad a philippic a panegyric


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