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Simple And Esy Notes On Maths And IC Engine

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    Fuel Injection system A modern gasoline injection system uses pressure from an electric fuel pump to spray fuel into the engine intake manifold. Like a carburetor, it must provide the engine with the correct air-fuel mixture for specific operating conditions. Unlike a carburetor, however , PRESSURE, not engine vacuum, is used to feed fuel into the engine . This makes the gasoline injection system very efficient Types of Petrol Injection System 1. 2. 3. 4. 1. Single point Multipoint Direct Indirect Single point The point or location of fuel injection is one way to classify a gasoline injection system. A single-point injection system, also call throttle body injection (TBI), has the injector nozzles in a throttle body assembly on top of the engine. Fuel is sprayed into the top center of the intake manifold Sing'e Point Emi.e 2. Multipoint What is MPFI We will be familiar with the words MPFI and CRDI in the advertisement of some vehicles. But how many of us know what MPFI exactly is? The term MPFI is generally used to specify an engine variant used in the petrol vehicles. A small computerized system is used to control the engine of the car. A petrol car will have more than three fuel burning chambers
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    or simply cylinders. The MPFI engine is abbreviated as the Multi point fuel injection engine. The MPFI engine got this name because of the reason that each cylinder is having a fuel injector installed near them. That is why they are called as the Multi point fuel injection engine. Principle behind MPFI The power is produced in a petrol engine is by burning the fuel. In petrol engine, the petrol is ignited. At first, the petrol is allowed to mix with air. It is then ignited in a cylinder called as the combustion chamber. This combustion of the petrol produces a sufficient energy to run the engine. The Carburetor is being used in the earlier days before the invention of MPFI engine. It is the duty of the carburetor to mix the fuel and air in a fixed air-fuel ratio. The fuel thus mixed in the carburetor is then given to the combustion chamber where this mixture gets ignited. The power thus obtained from the ignition of gas is used to drive the engine. The main disadvantage of the Carburetor is that the mixing of fuel and air is not in the proper ratio which leads to the wastage of fuel and the pollution is high. Since the emission rate is high in carburetor engine, the MPFI engine is being introduced. Working of MPFI engine The MPFI is an advanced version of carburetor engine. As we said earlier that the MPFI engine is having a fuel injector for each cylinder. A computer is used to control each and every fuel injector individually. The computerized system of the car consists of a microcontroller. This microcontroller monitors each fuel injectors and keeps on telling each injector about the amount of fuel to be injected to the cylinder so that the fuel wastage can be reduced. Since there is a controlled fuel usage, the engine is known for its fuel efficiency. even though the working of MPFI engine is somewhat similar to the carburetor engine, each cylinder is treated individually. An input is fed to the computerized system inorder to calculate the amount of air and fuel is to be mixed and send to the combustion chamber. A several stages of calculations are to be made in order to judge the right amount of fuel to be mixed. After this calculation, the proper fuel is delivered at the proper instance.
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    filter h ig h press rail Sensor h arrtegs pply re g Olator R-eturr-w Vine harness i: i•ri-r.:::• u r' it it n Cw.xy•gs--en a fitted) fitted) There are a number of sensors used in the MPFI engine. At the time when the inputs are given to the car's computer, it begins to read the given sensors. The things which can be known from the sensors are listed below: • The engine temperature of the vehicle. • The speed at which the engine is running. • The engine load. • The position of the accelerator. • The cylinder's air-fuel pressure. • The rate of exhaust. The amount of fuel to be injected into the combustion chamber is decided by analyzing the inputs given to the computerized system of the MPFI engine. In modern MPFI engines, a memory unit is additionally installed. This will make the MPFI engine capable of storing the user settings so that it can operate easily. The driving habits of a driver can also be detected by this system so that the MPFI system itself can change the predefined settings which suit the user. There are namely two types of MPFI engines namely Sequential • Simultaneous Advantages of MPFI • Each cylinder or the air-fuel mixing chamber is supplied with the precise and uniform quantity of the air-fuel mixture. • Engine crank is not necessary in cold climatic conditions. • Good engine response to the throttle applied. • Accurate supply of the air-fuel mixture. • ECM technique is used to control the engine. • High fuel efficiency or mileage.


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