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    Shoban C

    • Chennai
    • 4 Years of Experience
    • Qualification: M.A in English
    • Teaches: English, Business English, All Subjects, Spoken En...
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    Walk Open Close Talk Look Listen Wash Watch Clean Smell Smile Laugh Taste Stop Cry Try Eat See Speak Take Make Give Write Do Go Sing Drink Sit Stand Say Sleep Keep Feel walks opens closes talks looks listens washes watches cleans smells smiles laughs tastes stops cries tries eats sees speaks takes makes gi ves writes does goes sings drinks sits stands says sleeps keeps feels walked opened closed talked looked listened washed watched cleaned smelled smiled laughed tasted stopped cried tried ate saw spoke took made gave wrote did went sang drank sat stood said slept kept felt walked opened closed talked looked listened washed watched cleaned smelled smiled laughed tasted stopped cried tried eaten seen spoken taken made given written done gone sung drunk sat stood said slept kept felt walking opening closing talking looking listening washing watching cleaning smelling smiling laughing tasting stopping crying trying eating seeing speaking taking making giving writing doing going singing drinking sitting standing saying sleeping keeping feeling
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    Hear Cut Hit Set put Come Run Read Think Bring Buy hears cuts hits sets puts comes runs reads thinks brings buys heard cut hit set put came ran read thought brought bought heard cut hit set put come run read thought brought bought hearing cutting hitting setting putting coming running reading thinking bringing buying Other Topics More vocabulary topics Other vocabulary lists Word alley appetite boast cattle drudgery dull entirely gigantic goofy hatch naked outraged outskirts peddler Definition, meaning a narrow passageway or street desire to eat brag; say great things about yourself a general name for "cows" hard, uninteresting labor boring, not exciting; not bright or sharp on the whole huge, large, enormous funny, silly break out of an egg without covering or clothing upset, very mad the suburbs, area around a city someone who sells things
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    portion roam slim struggle swell upgrade Word affiliate analgesic apiece compensation concoct confess crummy curiosity exile fatal fugitive hemorrhage incident juvenile legitimate listless negligent psychiatry qualm sober small part or section wander, walk around without direction skinny; thin have difficulty doing something; fight get bigger, enlarge improve the quality of something Definition, meaning associate as a member something used to reduce pain each, individually payment for service, loss or expense create by combining various ingredients admit to wrongdoing lousy, miserable, or worthless desire to know; inquisitive interest forced removal from one's country causing death one who tries to escape, runaway excessive bleeding an occurrence or even; happening young, immature, youthful lawful, conforming to accepted standards lacking energy or spirit failing to give proper care or attention branch of medicine dealing with mental disorders feeling of uneasiness, doubt or fear not drunk; serious
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