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Physics sample papers provide for class 8.

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    Summative Assessment - Semester Il Physics Class: 8 Time: 2 hrs Chapters included are 1 . More about Energy 2. Static Electricity 3. Magnetism and Electricity General Instructions: All questions are compulsory Max Mks: 45 Questions 1 to 5 are multiple-choice questions and carry 1 mark each. Choose the appropriate option and write the answer in the answer sheet. Question 6 to 10 carry 1 mark each and must be answered in 1 or 2 sentences. uestions 11 to 19 carry 2 marks each must be answered in 2 or 3 sentences. uestions 20 to 23 carry 3 marks each and must be answered in 5 or 6 sentences. Question 24 carries 5 marks and must be answered in 7 or 8 sentences. 1. 2. 3. The non-renewable source of energy amongst the following is: (a) Wind energy (b) Hydel energy (c) Solar energy (d) Fossil fuels When an ebonite rod is rubbed with fur, the charge acquired by the fur is: (a) Negative (b) Positive (c) Partly positive and partly negative (d) None of these The magnetic south pole of earth is situated near: (a) Geographic south pole (b) Geographic north pole (c) Geographic east (d) Geographic west
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    4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. A freely suspended magnetic needle will always come to rest in: (a) North-east direction (b) North-west direction (c) North-south direction (d) South-west direction Bhakra-Nangal hydel project is situated in the state of (a) Gujarat (b) Orissa (c) Punjab (d) Karnataka What do you understand by the term 'renewable source of energy'? An uncharged insulator can be charged by What are conductors? What do you understand by the term magnetic field? with another body. 10. In an electric bell a flat spring brings the mature back to its initial position. 11. State two conditions due to which the slurry change into biogas. 12. State the mass and charge on (a) Electron (b) Neutron 13. State two uses of electromagnets. 14. Why is the interior of the box type solar cooker painted black? 15. State one way of reducing air pollution in various activities at home. 16. State one way of reducing air pollution in various activities at home. 17. The statements given below are incorrect. Write correct statements. Positive electrification is due to excess of electrons.
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    (ii) Attraction is the surest test of magnetism. 18. State the rule which tells about the movement of freely suspended magnetic needle when a conductor carrying current is held parallel to the axis of needle. 19. State two conditions due to which the slurry change into biogas. 20. (a) What is polluted sir? (b) How is air polluted by the activities if man? 21. State two advantages and two disadvantages of hydel power. 22. State three factors which determine the magnitude of induced current in a closed coil. 23. Define conductors on the basis of structure of atom. Give four examples of different classes of insulators. 24. What is an electroscope? Draw a neat diagram of gold leaf electroscope.


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