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Mathematics Sample Paper 2

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here are some model question paper which will be based on syllabus of class 6

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    1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. A square and rectangle have equal area. If each side of the square is 16m and the width of the rectangle is 12mfind its area o the square, perimeter of the square Solve: 4.6 = m- 2.3 If interest on Rs 8000 for 6 years is Rs 40, find the rate of interest. Write a relation between set a and b by using Venn-diagram a -= {animals} b ={dog} find x a) = 12 b) (7y+8)+7 = 10 two large number differ by 6 and sum of them is 46, find the larger number A solid metal cuboid in shape, has dimension 16cm, 12cm and 9cm. It is melted into identical cubes of side 4cm. Find the number of cubes obtained. What are the method of representing a set Write down the elements of: a) Set A , contains the cube of first five natural numbers b)Set B , contains natural numbers between 15 and 50 c)set of factors of 56 10. if M ={x: x is an even number up to 20} N = {x:x is a factor of 24} find a) Mn N b) MuN 11. Define Secant, tangent and Sector 12. Using a ruler and compass only construct a triangle xyz given xy = 6cm,yz = 8cm and zx cm, draw the bisector of interior angles at x,y and z. 13. what are the types of sets , explain 14.State which of the following are disjoint or overlapping sets a) A = {Girls with age below 20 years} B = {Girls with age above 20 years} = 8.5
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    b) A = {Boys with age below 30 years} B years } = {Girls with age above 30 c) A = {Natural numbers between 35 and 60} B = {natural Numbers between 50 and 80} 15. 16. 17. 18. a)65 19. Find the supplements of a) 3 Of 1620 b) 0.9 times of 172 Two straight lines are cut by a transversal. Are the corresponding angles always equal? Draw a line XY = 6cm, construct an angle XYZ = 750 draw bisector of angle XYZ By using using ruler and compass , construct the following angles b)260 Find the cube root of d) c) 105 a)64 b) -3375


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