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Basic & Powerful Words Using In Sentences (Must See It)

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Here is the list of all the basic words we use in our daily life and often forget most of it, so I am here represent all them in using them sentences. So you could get the clear idea and understanding of these all words.. I hope you it will help you

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    1. HOWEVER • This restaurant has the best kitchen in town. However, their staff are quite rude. 2. IN CONTRAST • House prices have gone up this year. In contrast, car prices seem to be stagnating. 3. NEVERTHELESS • I was in so much pain I didn't want to get up in the morning. Nevertheless, I went to football practice as usual. 4. NONETHELESS • I don't think Sean has serious behavioural problems. Nonetheless, I'll talk to him first thing in the morning. 5. YET • I've asked you a thousand times not to leave your dirty socks on the floor. Yet, you keep doing it. 6. ON THE OTHER HAND • England has the best language schools. On the other hand, it has the worst weather. 7. BY COMPARISON • Going out with Jim has its risks. By comparison, being with Tim is as easy as falling offa log. 8. ON THE CONTRARY • I don't hate Jim. On the contrary, I'm rather fond of him. 9. INSTEAD • I didn't want to take a side in the argument. Instead, I put my headphones on and listened to some smooth jazz. 10. IN ANY CASE • I was thinking of going round Jim's place. In any case, I haven't been invited. 11. ALL THE SAME • Yes, he's very good-looking. All the same, I don't think you should go out with him. Read more: Other ways to say ON THE OTHER HAND!
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    SIMILARITY 1. LIKEWISE • You can't give your phone number to every man who asks for it. Likewise, you can't go out with everyone who fancies you. 2. SIMILARLY • You're not allowed to use your phone here. Similarly, you have to switch it off when you're in the library. 3. CORRESPONDINGLY • She's an excellent photographer. Correspondingly, her paintings are works of art. 4. IN THE SAME WAY • Cutting down on sugar will help you lose weight. In the same way, doing more exercise will help you get rid of a few kilos. 5. ALSO • I want to talk to Prince Harry when I'm in England. Also, I want to meet his sister-in-law. Read more: Difference between COMPARED TO and COMPARED WITH RESULT 1. AS A RESULT • I've done a pranic healing course. As a result, I've been able to cure my neighbour's sick cat. 2. AS A CONSEQUENCE • Zack has skipped school on many occasions. As a consequence, he's failed his French test. 3. THEREFORE 4. THUS We're going to experience some meteor showers in the next few days. Therefore, the number of miraculous self-healings will rise. You didn't tell me you wanted to come. Thus, we won't be taking you with us.
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    5. ACCORDINGLY • Plenty of tourists visit the area in summer. Accordingly, selling hand-made objects is the main source of income for locals. Read more: 6 Ways to Improve Your English Writing Skills SEQUENCING 1. FIRST, FIRSTLY, FIRST OF ALL, IN THE FIRST PLACE • First of all, I'd like to talk about the benefits of having a pet pig. 2. TO BEGIN WITH • To begin with, pet pigs are cleaner than dogs. 3. FOR ONE THING • For one thing, they're completely loyal to their owners. 4. SECOND, SECONDLY, IN THE SECOND PLACE • Secondly, their impressive numeracy skills must be mentioned. 5. FOR ANOTHER THING • For another thing, you might want to consider how cute they look in pyjamas. 6. THIRD, THIRDLY, IN THE THIRD PLACE • In the third place, you can always count on your pet pig to perform some tricks for you when you'd like to impress a pretty girl. 7. ALSO • Also, they don't eat much. 8. BESIDES • Besides not eating much, they won't ever chew on your electric cords. 9. IN ADDITION • In addition, they can be taught to feed themselves if you allow them access to your pantry. 10. FURTHERMORE • Furthermore, they make wonderful walking buddies.
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    11. MOREOVER • Moreover, they'll show you the way home when you're drunk. 12. FINALLY • Finally, pet pigs are fantastic guards. No burglar would ever have the heart to hurt a pet pig. 13. LAST, LASTLY, LAST OF ALL • Lastly, your reputation as an eccentric will rapidly grow in the neighbourhood if you're seen walking a pet pig on a leash every morning. Read more: 18 Powerful Websites to Improve Your Writing Skills in English ORDER OF IMPORTANCE 1. MOST IMPORTANTLY • I'd like to talk to you about how to keep calm at your workplace. Most importantly, never go to the canteen while your boss is there. 2. PRIMARILY • You'll have to focus on your immediate surroundings. Primarily, on your computer screen. 3. ABOVE ALL • Above all, don't ever look up from your notes when people are around. 4. MOST SIGNIFICANTLY • Most significantly, avoid eye-contact at all costs. 5. ESSENTIALLY, BASICALLY (usually spoken) • How can I put this? Essentially, having an affair with one of your colleagues should be the last thing on your mind. Read more: 7 Special Apps To Quickly Improve Your Typing Speed PARTICULARIZATION
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    1. IN PARTICULAR, PARTICULARLY • Nearly a third of marriages end in divorce. In particular, it's middle-aged couples that yearn for much more from life. 2. MORE SPECIFICALLY • Couples tend to argue about financial issues. More specifically, they argue when one of them is out of work. Read more: How Many Types of Expressions there are in English? EXAMPLIFICATION 1. FOR EXAMPLE • To solve this problem, you might want to try making small gestures. For example, making your spouse's favourite meal for dinner or giving him a massage after a tiring day. 2. FOR INSTANCE • Appreciate the small things your spouse does for you. For instance, leave thank-you notes for them every now and then. 3. TO ILLUSTRATE • Misunderstandings can be highly destructive. To illustrate, if your spouse sees you with a friend of the opposite sex in a café, he might not understand why he hasn't been invited and demand an explanation. Read more: Other ways to say for example? EXPLANATION 1. THAT IS TO SAY, THAT IS • Keep romance alive. That is to say, don't let your lovelife fall into routine. 2. NAMELY • I have a very good reason for not trusting my ex. Namely, he's a convicted felon.
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    3. IN OTHER WORDS • Don't be unsociable. In other words, go out and make some friends. 4. PUT DIFFERENTLY • John has managed to get over Jane. Put differently, he's started seeing other women. Read more: 10 Common English Expressions with Explanation (Video) EMPHASISING 1. AS A MATTER OF FACT • I love sleeping with my pet pig. As a matter of fact, I can't fall asleep unless he's in my bed. 2. IN FACT • I told them not to invite Rachel to the party. In fact, I was the only person who saw what a party pooper she really was. 3. ACTUALLY • I think it would be a good idea to send her some flowers. Actually, you should get her a hundred orchids. 4. INDEED • He may be the best-dressed man around. Indeed, he has a really good taste in fashion. Read more: Essential Academic Writing Examples and Phrases! FOCUSING AND LINKING 1. AS FOR (often suggests disinterest or dislike) • I'm going to Janet's party at the weekend. As for Mary's, I think I'll pass. 2. WITH RESPECT TO • Starting your own IT company may be the one of the best things you can do right now. With respect to opening a pet shop, it's hard to say the same thing.
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    3. REGARDING • Start your day with making the most important phone calls. Regarding emails, you might put them off until later. 4. WITH REGARD TO • With regard to handling complaints, you might want to keep in mind that your customers are always right. 5. AS REGARDS • Working from home has many advantages. As regards disadvantages, it might be difficult to keep your cat off your keyboard. 6. TALKING OF • Talking of cats, you can't trust them to keep you company when you need it. They're quite selfish creatures. 7. AS FAR AS ... CONCERNED • As far as dogs are concerned, they might give you a chance to get up from your desk and get some exercise during the day. Read more: English Grammar: Sentence Structure in English CONCLUSION 1. IN CONCLUSION • In conclusion, it may be said that pigs make the best pets. 2. IN BRIEF • Meeting my boss at the pub was an interesting experience. In brief, it was a disaster. 3. IN SUMMARY • In summary, it may not be the best idea to frequent the same pubs as your boss. 4. TO SUM UP • To sum up, some people are better suited to working from home than others. 5. ALL IN ALL
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    • All in all, you have to make sure both you and your customers are satisfied with your work. Read more: What are the other ways to say in conclusion? CORRECTION 1. RATHER • I thought it was a good idea to get a ferret. Rather, it had always been my dream to get one. 2. TO BE MORE PRECISE • You might want to change a few things. To be more precise, I think you should start again from scratch. Read more: Best English Grammar and Spelling Checkers Online TIME 1. AT FIRST • It wasn't a piece of cake to learn English. At first, I couldn't pronounce all the words correctly. 2. THEN • Then, I couldn't spell all the words correctly. 3. AFTERWARDS • Afterwards, I had a hard time understanding the tenses. 4. LATER • Later, I couldn't memorize phrasal verbs and idioms. 5. IN THE MEANTIME • In the meantime, I was getting some help from MyEnglishTeacher. 6. MEANWHILE • Meanwhile, I was enjoying my Skype lessons more and more. Read more:
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    A Visual List of 100 English IDIOMS FOR TIME with Examples DISMISSAL (of what was said before) 1. ANYWAY • I couldn't get my head around the Passive Voice. Anyway, I don't think it's important to use it all the time. 2. ANYHOW • Anyhow, I've just decided to learn Russian next. 3. AT ANY RATE • At any rate, I don't want to become a simultaneous interpreter in five languages.


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