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Here I will discus basic concept of Logarithm.

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    Logarithm Basic definition 1) Logarithm is the mathematic form in by the use of which we evaluate complicated expression or expression which contain large power. Logarithm expression is written as given below. X= logb (a) Here, b we called as base of the log while a is just a. Value of the logarithm is calculated in such a way that, if bAn=a. Hence the value of above logarithm is n. We can also see the example as log2 (64) Then we can say by using above formula 2A6=64. Hence the value of above logarithm is 6. Logarithm rules - 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) logb (mn) = logb (m) + logb (n) logb(m/n) = logb(m) — logb(n) logb(mn) = n • logb(m) (logb (m))/ (logb (n))= logn (m) log' (m) =l/n ( logb (m))
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    Examples- 1) log2 (7*9) = log2 (7) + log2 (9) 2) = log2(7) — log2(9) log2(64) = 4 log2(6) 3) 4) log9(7) 5) Log' (7) =1/6 ( log2 (7))


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