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Arithmetic Progression Assignment

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This consists of assignment 2 and 3. This contains the questions only try to solve the question and if you find any difficulty then let me know. I will solve your problem

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    ARITHMETIC PROGRESSIONS ASSIGNMENT 2 1. Write four term of A.P. (i) a = 10, d = 10 (ii) a = 1.25, d = 0.25 (iii) a = -1, d = h 2. find the tenth term of A.P. 2, 7, 12 3. How many two digit numbers are divisible by 3? 4. Find 31st term of A.P. whose 11th term is 38 and 16th term is 73. 5. For what value of n, are the nth terms of two APs: 63, 65, 67 and 3, 10, 17 equal. 6. The sum of the 4th term and 8th term of an AP is 24 and the sum of 6th and 10th term is 44. find the first three terms of AP. 7. A manufacture of TV sets produced 600 sets in the third year and 700 sets in the seventh year. Assuming that the production increases uniformly by a fixed number every year, find: (i) the production in the first year. (ii) The production in the tenth year (iii) The production in first 7 year. 8. Find the 26th term of AP whose 11th term is 38 and 16th term is 73. 9. Find the 11th term from the last term of the AP 10, 7 4 -62. 10. A spiral is made up of successive semicircles, with centers alternately at A and B. starting with center at A, of radii 0.5 cm, 1.0 cm, 1.5 cm, 2.0 cm what is the total length of such a spiral made up to thirteen consecutive semicircles.


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