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Basics Of Communication Skills

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This is the basics of Communication skills that will help the learners to boost up his business or employment career effectively.

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    Dreaming to WIN the World & The secret Art of practicing to achievement How to really start building an approach to effective communication Let us start from Dreams thereby we would proceed to communication segment. Because the grass-root level is dreams. Everyone should have his/her/their own dream. It is a natural aspiration of every individual irrespective of educated or illiterates. If no dreams, then the life is a barren land or a desert, there is no vegetation, no water even no oxygen, no life at all?? Then what is use of human birth? Zero beginning to Zero ending, just worthless!!! Can you imagine, no intend and purpose in life, how it could be. This is a materialistic World, everyone need a substance to survive, So let us start dreaming now. Dreams >>>>> Win the World (Convert into reality ?? or say Dreams come true ) How the question arise, How to transform our harbored dreams into Reality? For let us construe with following: • Dreams are everyday stuff • Winning the World Managing our self — The only key to lasting Success ( (Oxygen) !! The Dreams and the Reality are two status of Reality. Dreams may turn to reality as you expect but it demands your efforts and time. Possibly, which rated 10% to 50% or 80%, very rarely 100%. Thus to Reality from Dream, the bridging factor is COMMUNICATION !!! WHY & HOW ??? To attain dreams come true there so many hurdles, let us analyze some of the as under: Family Pressure : There are several inhibitory factors involved those hinder progressing; (1) especially Family pressure. It plays a negative role especially in Indian families, precisely on girls ??!! Their parents/guardian say, do not dream, it is very difficult and it need self-esteem, sacrifice and whole life goal. In event of your failure, you may tend to go extreme phase of your life and so on. (2) Some parents would say, we can support to certain extend within our limit, but the rest is on your shoulders. (3) Very less number of family members say, do not worry, we are here to
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    support, go ahead as encouraging. Despite all above factors environs, you can succeed. Let us recall few examples, who achieved tremendous success in their career and life. Dhirubhai Ambani, Reliance, here Dhirubhai reached Bombay with Rs. 500/- in his pocket, visibly his offspring now running the Reliance Empires ( either side by Mukesh ambani and Anil Ambani). Tata, Birla business !! These business tycoons were not naturally blessed with these business talents. But they have adapted themselves in line with their dreams to the reality. Virtually, or practically they measured every second of time, how to use and planned precisely how to capitalize. May the Golden Slogan would have come out from them only, i.e. TIME IS MONEY. Let us go back to one of the Interview with Janardhan Tata ( Father of Ratan Tata) posted in Illustrated Weekly of India during 1975 ( this magazine is no more now) wherein this weekly magazine editor wanted to have an interview with J. Tata. But he has given only FIVE MINUTES !!! when editor approached him TWO minutes have gone by exchanging greetings balance THREE MINUTES, Editor asked, How you raised TATA Empire, J. T, said one minute gone two minutes only and end interview saying RIGHT THINGS AT A RIGHT TIME !!! Can you analyze the point, how he tenaciously adhered to his time factor, so time is money. One more Tata related recent take-over, i.e. Ratan Tata handed over his 100 Million businesses to his successor, Shri. Cyrus Maitri. How could he be maintaining such huge empire as good as Shri. Ratan Tata ??? in 24 hours ?? how big the risk sustaining ability within limited timings, even we have 24 hours ?? ARE WE UTILIZING the same appropriately ??? Here again applied NEW TOOLS : Managing your Own Time Managing your Expectation Managing your Stress Level. To cover above tools, SCHEDULING is more important before going to the bed. It would keep you good sleep (not sound sleep) owing his planned mind for tomorrow by which he would won half of the battle. If he is so attached to his planned schedule, may get dreams too, it enables him to refine his planning. The next chances are likely few contingencies, exigencies or emergencies may occur but these could be weed out easily since his mind is free and in relaxed mood above all the whole plan is on his table wherein he has already highlighted a tiny gap how to tackle any unexpected and unforeseen events, if any ??!!! The stress level is depending upon his physical, mental and emotional energies. It may certainly be exercised on appropriate planning, execution in right time, Leadership and Team work coordination. so the SCHEDULE IS LAST NIGHT DREAM, EXECUTION IS BEING DONE, HOW TO EXECUTE IS CALLED COMMUNICATION SKILL !!!
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    Generally, people think that when learn good spoken English they can do better communication. Unfortunately, this is a big mistake ??? Good English is of course one of the salient features of modern day business but never progress you to reality success. There are several aspects to be covered. Then what is COMMUNICATION?? To whom you are talking, how to manage time and make a clear understanding of opposite parties. It split further into, Words, Tone, Pitch and Intensity under the TITLE OF VERBAL communication. Therefore, he come up one more TITLE NON- VERBAL vow !!! that is BODY LANGUAGE !!! Day to day Perfection : Words : what is the history of words ?? if go back to Prehistoric times, human started talk only by sounds and signs, later CLICK TALK. There are certain African Tribes still talk in Click talk. We cannot can't catch up with how the words come and how it reached to current level, is the history, it need very large study circle, still you could get nothing out of this vast subject. There are certain Prominent universal languages such as English, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, which are being used in commercial world, especially THE ENGLISH !!! Locally you may observe someone talk English in public place, may be studied in English medium, or used to talk frequently in English on which few people surrounds you would criticize, ANGREZI ME PHAD THE HAI, ANGREZ CHALE GAYE ANGREZI CHOD GAYE !!! You can justify this critique feeling that the jealousy translated to criticize owing to his unfamiliarity of this language! !?? To master English, at least you must know 5000 vocabulary, each word with its synonyms, antonyms, and how to construct the sentences using Grammar. For good communication each good word is like a brick. Here slowly communication starts brick by brick, for example, BRAVE — Synonym is Warrior, audacious, experimental, rebellious, repulsive. Here you must where and how to use situation ally is a magic !!! Let us take an example of Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity, how he come out audaciously challenging previous concept of Absolute timing to time changing. Albert Einstein come out so BRAVELY with new theory of Time and Space Relativity was being so experimental and he almost touched the AUDACITY proving he was right !! stating that more you go closer to the light slower the time passed !!! since the Universe is made of TIME and SPACE fabric , if any massive object come above it get bend possibly change of time according to the space so he emerged audacious is no it ??? so rebellious and challenging. This is how the words would change and need well understanding of every word and its in-depth meanings then only the beauty of the language would emerge, otherwise it is like anybody's just like that ??? But here we have dreams that need your impact
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    and innovation reality to achieve something better than others and it may pave a way to you to shine you like a VIBRANT STAR ?? because we are on the way to REALITY from our DREAMS... When you read anything always use your brain to conceive the meaning rather just using your tongue and lips ??? Read anything audible to yourself at least with correct use of words. It will give a good practice to become master of Good Reader. Because there are 3 RRR are very important such as 'READING, WRITING, and RHYTHEMIC OR ARITHMATIC" to become a Leader. These are major factors of life to achieve your dreams. As you know, many people compromise here, though they have huge degrees but unfortunately, no RRR here, then what is the use of your Degrees ??? actually the Whole World is running on these RRR !!! So, the Words have immense impact in COMMUNICATION ?? for every word there is a unique grammar, meaning and structure ??? !!! it takes approximately ONE YEAR to be familiar with the words with their genuine meaning. Here your consistent practice is required to read out, construct sentences and so on because you are A DREAMER !!!?? ? Did you ever imagine that WHY ENGLISH LANGUAGE REMAINS EVERGREEN and INVINCIBLE it has a great assimilation of several International Language words within, from Greek, Roman, Spanish, German, French, Arabic, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Sanskrit etc., such as Status que, Locus standi, prima facie, vis-a-vis, Mantras, Guru, Pandit, In Cricket Galli and so on. The English language has been allowing to dwell good words of every language of this universe. So, day by day its popularity is keep on increasing !!! Every word has its own tone, that is call INTONATION, it may be stronger, moderate TONE . and weak ??? the meanings would be positive or negative. This tone would appear in writing also. Some people may be good Speakers and bad writers, Good writers but bad speakers, but very few have the capacity of both effective writing and speaking, certainly these people are successful....here ...visibly COMMUNICATION is playing a vital role !!! some people write letters and emails in CAPITAL LETTERS, this attitude undoubtedly irritate the receiver of email. Because no one wants to read Capital letters as message because human mind nature is so, this habit pushes you to the gutter...failures.... Unless you love words, you cannot go ahead. Let us see one more example...what is the word BRAVE??? So, this is adjective but it need Noun for completion, here you may see how you recognize what is NOUN and ADJECTIVE and its usage ??? to form a effective sentence... let us see one sentence " THE DOG KNOWS IT'S MASTER ? OR DOG KNOWS IT' THE MASTER?? which one is correct ??? so here slight negligence would change entire meaning ??? To know the tone of words, you must read and keep on reading, all kinds of magazines, newspapers, to know negative or positive tone of the words.. TONE OF THE VOICE : It indicates what level of authority you speaks ??? if child talking to dad, it should carry love or respect then only it be reciprocated, if any aggression then disastrous. If
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    no advice from the parents about rif-raf tone of the child, it become a tender plant to a tree, for example if a Boss is calling you, you should say YES SIR, and not just humble jumble tone. But here the Boss can use this tone to his sub-ordinate. So the tone is differ from place to place and person to person situationally, Here in India the girls are cultured and practiced to keep QUIET as default. Because they have a apprehension that in near future she may get married and keep quiet to survive there, if she remain aggressive and talk against, would be a catastrophe. PITCH : Teachers, Advocates have the profession of arguments ( screamings) unlike others, it fetch them irritation in his family ground. He may forced seek pardon, because by profession he become like that otherwise he never intends to hurt anyone. NON VERBAL BODY LANGUAGE : It represents SUB CONSCIOUS MIND !! Now what is Conscious mind sub-conscious mind ??? Conscious mind is one, by which we use all our senses, seeing, hearing, speaking, having linked with outer world. Sub-conscious mind has occupied larger part in our body totally out of our control. It has embedded with all kinds of genetic codes, programs may be related to past generations, emotions, innate feelings, countless feelings inter-twined to each other. It always try to convey over taking conscious mind, but it very rarely it communicate unlike conscious mind !!?? Here always struggle between conscious and sub-conscious minds !! sub-conscious mind struggle hard to express itself but due to conscious mind, it is not possible. Then it plays trick to come out from whole body except from the tongue, that is called BODY LANGUAGE, it represents, your birth, culture, education, attitudes, aptitudes everything culminate to come out involuntarily that is called Body Language. You can control body language for sometime but never be always. However, it need a great practice to bring both conscious and unconscious mind in single track but for few moments again. THESE BOTH CONSCIOUS AND SUBCONSCIOUS MIND TO GETHER + KNOWLEDGE = CALLED COMMUNICATION. TOTALLY VERBAL COMMUNICATION + NON VERBAL COMMUNICATION + KNOWLEDGE - COMMUNICATION ( a bridge for your Dreams to Win the World ( Reality). To control subconscious mind, you need to be HONEST, INVOLVED and CONCERN ABOUT THE SUBJECT with whom you are sharing. These three mantharas make you confident and give passion in talking the matter and give connectivity with others. However, there are certain practice and exercises for to normalize the body language. This subject is different one and very large.
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    A KEY WORD - COMUNICATION WHAT IS COMMUNICATION HOW DO I IMPROVE WHY SHOULD I DO IT-THE BENEFITS People who have Excellent communication are directly proportional to the Materialistic Success. It configures, ORAL SKILL, WRITTEN SKILL AND TECHNICAL SKILL together contribute your Success. KNOWLEDGE : SUCCESS COMES TO THOSE WHO KNOW THEMSELVES KNOWING ONESELF - WHAT DOES IT MEAN ? KNOWING ONES STRENGTHS, VALUES AND HOW ONE BEST PERFORMS CONCENTRATE ON YOUR STRENGTH, VALUES, PUT YOURSELF WHERE YOUR STRENGTHS CAN PRODUCE RESULTS. WORK ON IMPROVING UPON YOUR STRENGTH. FILL THE KNOWLEDGE GAPS. What is Strengths : Some have good musical talents, sketching, drawings, writings, speaking and so on. You need to identify yourself, what is your strength and learn how to capitalize from that asset. VALUES : You should not compromise with your absolute faith, that is called values. It should be as equal as your life. Without values no dignified life and career. Let the values be moral, business or religious whatsoever it may be.. but it should be adhered tenaciously, for example : TATA Business Group — Be transparent, no bribes, Quality ( even they encountered few losses in the business ) but the business should be according to the established values !!! Life and Cricket are same, let us say, LIFE IS A GLORIOUS GAME OF UNCERTAINLY SIMILARLY CRICKET IS THE GLORIOUS GAME OF UNCERTAINTY !!! Despite your planning, scheduling there may be some contingency, exigencies, emergencies etc., but those do not have bigger impact may be 10% that is the reason we take Insurance Policies. But it can be resolved quickly though scheduling/planning should go on for PEACE, HAPPINES AND PROSPERITY !!!


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