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Derivative Formula Summary

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Derivative formula for various types of function in one page, for quick learning

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    Basic Differentiation Formulas [email protected]) and v = [email protected]) represent differentiable functions of In the table below, u Derivative of a constant Derivative of constant multiple Derivative of sum or difference Product Rule Quotient Rule Chain Rule d dc d dy (cu) (uv u du du du dc' du du (We could also write (cf) ' cf ', and could use the "prime notion" in the other formulas as well) n nc (In a) ax du dc d d d n u u n 1 du nu (Ina) au du u du (If a (If a e) e) loga c — Inc sin c — cosc — tan c — cot c sec c — cscc sin (Ina) x cos c sin c — sec c csc c — sec tanc csc c cot c loga u — Inu sin u — cosu — tan u — cotu sec U csc U sin I u du (Ina) u dc du du cos u du sin u 2 du — sec U dc 2 du csc U du = sec u tan u du csc u cot u u — arcsin c — tan arctan c arcsin u tan u — arctan u 2 du du


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