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Notes for SSC

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    @SSCPORTAL.IN Download SSC CGL Tier - 11 2013 Exam Paper (Numerical Aptitude) Exam Name: SSC CGL Tier - 2 Subject: Numerical Aptitude Year: 2013
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    Downloaded From: http://sscportal.in 1. The compound interest on a certain sum.of money for 2' years at 5% is 328, then 7. "file base a prism is a right angled trianglæ with two•ides 5 cm and 12 cm. TJ1e hetghiofåie:.pfism is 10 cm. The total the sum 01s (A) 3000 (c) 3200 (B) e 3600 (D) q 3400 -2. The height of a cone is 30 A small' cone is cut tiff at the top by a plane parallel to the base. If its volume be +th of the volUme .of the given cone, at What height above the base •is the Section made ? (A) 19 cm (C) 12 cm (b) 20 pm 3. ABCD is a trapeziuilhl 'with AD and BC parallel sides. Eis a. point on BC The •ratio of the area Of ABCD to that of AED is 8. 9. Siifa.ce area of the prism is (A) 360 sq cm (B). 300 sq cm (G) 330 sq cm (D) 325 sq cm Inaan equilateral tn%anigle of side 24 cm, a circle is inscribed töüching its sides. area of the remainihg;pbrtion of the triangle is (VS* 1-732) (A) 9365 sq cm (B) 100 sq cm (C) 101 cm (D) 95 sq cm Thc base Of a nghVt is an equilateral triangle. If the latetai surface area and volume is 120 crn2$ 4041S cm3 respectively them the Side offbase;ot4he prism is BC AD+DE (C) 7D+öE BE (B) ÅD*DC (D) (C) 7 cm (by 40 4. If the surfåeeareå•Ofa Sphere is'346'S cm2, then its rådiqs[taking = (A) 7 cm (C) 5-25 em (B) 305 cm (D) 9 cm 5. An interior grigle of-a regular polygon is 5 times„its .e*tériQF angle, %en. the number of sides of the polygon is (A) 14 (B) 16 (C) 12 (D) 18 6. The height of the right pyramid whose area of the base is 30 m2 and Volume is 500 m3, is (A) 50m (C) 40 m (B) 60 m (D) 20 m 10. Perimeter unit sum Of og hi 'unit, then area Of the rhombus is (A) m?p. Sq unit (13) mp2 sq unit (C) (m2—p2) sq unit (b) (122 — m2) sq unit 11, bal! of lead 4 cru in diameter is coyered witli gold. If the volume of the gold and lead are equal, then the thickness of gold [given = '1059] is approximately (A) 5038 cm (B) 5-190 cm (C) cm (D) 0-518 cm SPACE FOR ROUGH WORK Downloaded From: http://sscportal.in
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    Downloaded From: http://sscportal.in 12. A large solid sphere is melted and mOuldCd to form identical right circular cones with base radius and height same of the sphere. One of these is melted and moulded to form smalltr solid sphere. Then the ratio of the *Urfåce .årea of the smaller. to the surface area O'f'fthe 16, A *the centre of.,eirclg whose radius is 8 and LB, As 'the gentre of circle whose If these two circles touch externally; then the årea of (he circle with diåiireiei (CJ 444 256 larger sphere is (A) 1 : 34/3 (B) 1:23" 13. Two sides of a plot measuring 32 m and 24 m and the angle between them is a perfect right angle. nie other two sides measure 25 m each and the other three angles are not right angles. The area of the 18. plot in m is (A) 768 (C) 696-5 (B) 534 (D) 684 14. a and b are two sides adjacen.t to the right angle of a right-angled triangle and p is the perpendicular drawn to the hypotenuse from the opposite vertex. Then p is equal to a2b2 (C) 2 15. A conical cup is filled with ice-cream. The ice-cream forms a hemispherical shape on its open top. *Ihe height of tbe hemi- spherical part is 7 cm. The radius of the hemispherical part equals the height of thc cone. Then the volume of the ice-cream is (A) 1078 cubic cm (B) IJ70S cubic cm (C) 7108 cubic cm (D) 7180 cubic cm 20. 19. Of is (C) If 3x+2=I then x3 + (C) 21 + b? 4 ab + bc + ae then the value b If ab + bc + ca = 0 'thew the value of 1 å2—be b2—ca c —ab I then the value 2Jj (D) 4 —+1 is 27 factors of(a2 + 4b2 dab 2a 8) are (C) (a 2b — 4) (a 2b 2) SPACE FOR ROUGH WORK Downloaded From: http://sscportal.in
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    22. Area„of the triangle formed by the graph Of the straight lines x —y = 0, x+y=2 and the Y-axis is (A) 1 sq unit (C) 4 sq units 23. The value of 1 a2 +ax+x is Downloaded From: http://sscportal.in Downloaded From: http://sscportal.in a 1 (B) 2 sq units (D) Nöne Of these 1 2 -- ax + x lax 4 (14 + a2x2 29. 30, 31. rqdius of a circle is 6 cm. The distance of a poipv IyÅ1g outside the circle The length of the tåhéerittdrå'viiffblü#åhe outside point to the girde is 1B) 36 cm (P) 8 cm If quadrilateral in which UC=5yO, ZD=yO then : y is 4 G isåhe centröid OfAhe gquilateral A ABC. léngtwof AG is 24. If 4x+5y=S3 and y —x equals 25. If x = Il, then the value of 121-1 is (A) 5 (C) 15 (D) then 11 20 106 (B) cm 3 (C) Cm 26. If p = 99 then the value of p{p2 + 3p+ 3) is (A) 10000000 (C) 999999 32. AD ,ån4 CD of a circle with ceHftet 07 inteiSéet-'each other at P. If CAC)D LBOC 700 then the ZÅPc is (B) 999000 (D) 990000 (A) $00 (B) 750 (D) 950 27. chords, of -lengths a metre and b metre subtend angles 600 and 900 at the centre of the circle respectively. Which of the following is tnxe ? 33. ABCD is a cyclic quadrilateral and AD is a diåmetere If ZD,4C = 550 then value of (C) a=2b (B) a=42b (D) b=2a 1459 (B) 350 (D) 1250 28. Ina triangle ABC, ZA+LZB+ZC 140 34. In triangle IBC a straight line parallel to BC intersects AB and AC at D and E respectively. If AB = UD then DE BC is then Z B is (A) 500 (C) 400 (B) 800 (D) 600 SPACE FOR ROUGuSVORK
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    35. ABC is an isosceles triangle such !hat AB AC and AD is the median to thg'base BC with Z ABC 350. Then • ZBAD 'is Downloaded From: http://sscportal.in is a Downloaded From: http://sscportal.in 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. If the .suttV and of two angles are •1359 respectively, then the value of the angles in degree measure are (A) 35d (C) 700 (D) 1100 (A) 700, 650 (C) 450, 900 (B) 750, 600 (D) 800, 550 36. A man goes 24 m due west and then 10 m due north. Then the distance of him from the starting point is (A) 17m (C) 28 m (B) 26 m (D) 34 m zc=Æ and D In a A ABC, 4 divides BC internally in the ratio I : 3 then sin Z BAD is equal to 37. From the top of a tower of height 180 m the angles of depression of two Objects on either sides of the tower are 300 and 450 Then the distance between the objects are (A) 180(3+6) m (B) 180(3-6) m (C) 18066-1) m (D) 18066+1) m sin zcÅD 1 1 (C) 1 (B) If sin 3M = cos (A 260), where 3A is an acute angle then the value of A is 38. ABCD is a rectangle of which AC diagonal, The value of (tan2ZCAD+1) sin2ZBAC is 39. If tan x = sin 450 cos 450 sin 300 the value of x is (A) 290 (c) 235 (B) 260 (D) 280 sin20 2sin40 then (A) 300 (C) 600 (D) 900 secO—I Value of sec2e is 2cos40— 00520 If x = a(sin0 + cost)), y cos6) then the value of is b2 If sin 50 = cos 200 (00< 900) then the 40. For any real values of O, -- qosec0 (B) seco tano (A) coto (C) cosec0 —y coto (D) tano seco value of 0 is (A) 46 (C) 100 SPACE FOR ROUGH WORK
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    47. Find fliesléaSt number separately by 15, 20, 36 and' remåinder in each case Downloaded From: http://sscportal.in Downloaded From: http://sscportal.in covered in 1 min, ; 2 min and 130 in 3 min fiiidihe (ånce covered in 15 min. (A) 183 (C) 483 (B) 243 (D) 723 (A) 61D (C) toOOFn (B) 750 m (D) 650 m 48. Find the sum of all positive multiples of 3 less than 50 (A) 400 (C) 408 (B) 404 (D) 412 49. If a = 64 and b = 289, then. the.valåe,of is (A) 21/2 (B) 2 50. If the L.C.M. and I-I.C.E of two expres- sions are (x2+6x+8) (x + 1) andü(x+ 1,) respectively and one of the expression is x2 + 3x + 2 find the other. (C) ++4x+5 51. If the ndmberofitems of-a setu n (B) -26 and 16 is 55. 56. 57. 58, 59. Three men step off together from the same spot. Their steps measures 63 cm, 70 cm and 77 cm respectively The minimum distance each should cover so that all can cover the distance in complete steps is (B) 9360 cm (A) 9630 (C) 6930 cm (D) 6950 cm Find the g-eatest number which will exactly div&aod and 320, (A) 10 (B) 20 (C) 16 (D) 40 A, B aril C are employed to do a piece of work mr 575. A and C are supposed to finish of the work together, Amount ghall• betpaid to B is (A) 210 (B) e 100 (D)
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    Downloaded From: http://sscportal.in 60. 15 men take 20 days to complete* job working 8 hours a day. *Ihe number of hours a day should 20 men take to complete the job in 12 days (A) 5 hours (B) 10 hours (C) 15 hours (D)' 18 hours 61. Having the same capacity 9 taps fill up a water tank in 20 minutes, HOW many taps of the same capacity required to fill up the same water tank in 15 minutes ? (B) 12 (C) 15' (D) 18 (A) 10 62. Raj and Ram working together do a piece of work in 10 days. Raj alone can do it in 12 days. Ram alone will do the work in (A) 20 days (B) 40 days (C) 50 days (D) 60 days 63. A shopkeeper sold an item at 10% loss after giving a discount equal to half the marked price. Then the cost price is (A) Ath of marked price (B) of marked price (C) 5th of marked price (D) Ith of marked price 64. A person purchased a saree for 7710 after availing a net discount of 1285. The percentage of discounts the saree shop 66. 67. 68. 69. 70. 71. If.the cost price of an item is two fifth of its marked' price; and if it is sold at a discount of 100/0, then there will be (C) 50% profit (B) 409/9 profit (D) 125% profit Prakash lends part of 20,000 at 8% simple interest and remaining at {0/0 simple intereste His t9!al income after a year was 800. Find the sum lent at 8%. (B) 12,000 (A) 8,000 (D) e 10,000 (c) 6,000 20 litres of a mixture contains 20% alcohol and the rest water. .1f 4 litres of water bc mixed in it, the percentage of alcohol in the new mixture will be (A) 331% (C) 25% (B) 161% (D) 121% offers, is (A) 1410/0 (C) 14+0/6 (B) 1440/0 (D) 144% A man divides,his property so that his son's share to his svifeié and wife's share to his daughter's are both as in the ratio 3 : 1, If the daughtergets 10,000 less than son, the value fin rgpegs) of the whole property is (A) 16,250 (B) 16,000 (C) 18,250 (D) 17,000 There are two containers of equal capaciiY. The ratio of milk to water in the first container is 3 : l, in the second container 5 : 2. If they are mixed up, the mtio of milk to water in the. mixture will be (A) 28:41 (C) 15:41 (B) 41 (D) 41 65. A cycle dealer offers a discount of 10% and still makes a profit of 26%. What does he pay for a cycle whose marked price IS 840 ? (A) 600 (c) 700 (B) 650 (D) 750 The sum of two numbers is equal to 20 and their difference is 25, The ratio of the two numbers is (D) 217 SPACE FOR ROUGH 'WORK Downloaded From: http://sscportal.in
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    Downloaded From: http://sscportal.in 72. A man travelled a distan$e, of'" km in 7 his partly on foot at th9Fatg km per hour and partly On bieyö!eh af 16 km per The distance travelléd On the foot is (A) 32 km (C) 36 km .48 (D). 44 73. The frequency distribution data is given below. If the average age-fis 17 years, the value of m is 20 26 29 Age (in years) 8 Number of people 3 74. The average monthly expenditure of a family for the first four-mnths is 2570, for the next three months 2490 and for the last five months 3030. If the family saves 5320 during the whole year, the average monthly income of the fåmily during the year is 7T- mean of the followirig nuåßets 6' 6 6*'61and 7, 7, 7, 7, 7, 7, 7 is (C) 14 (D) 20 (Mie, average of 6 numbers is 20, If one number is removed, the average becomes 15, What is tlie number removed ? (A) .5 (P) 35 (C) 112 (D) 45 79. An item costing 200 is being sold at 10% loss. If the price is further reduced by 50/0, the selling price will be 78. 80. (A) 170 (C) 175 (B) 171 (D) 179 A shopkeeper buys 144 items at 90 paise each. On the way 20 items are broken. He sells the remqinder at 100 each. His gain per cqqt correct to one place of decimal is (Ai 1134+4 (B) 14-6% (P) 15-8% (A) 3000 (C) 3200 (B) e 3185 (D). 3580 81• there'iSöa profit of 20% on the cost price ofaan article. Élhe % of profit, when selling price is 75. After replacing an Old member by a new member, it was found that the average age of five members Of a club is the same as it was 3 years ago. The difference between the ages of the replaced and the new 1640/0 (cy 331% (D) None of these member is (A) 2 years (C). 8 years (B). 4 years (D) 15 years 76. A man spends 1800 monthly on an average for the first four months and 2000 monthly for the next eight months and saves 5600 a year. Elis average monthly income is (A) 2000 (C) e 2400 (B) 2200 (D) 2600 selling, an article for 102* there is a loss of 15%, when the article is sold för the net result in the transaction is (A) (B) loss (C) loss (D) gain toys are sold at 504 each. One toy brings the dealer a gain of 12% and the other a loss of 40/0. "The gain or loss per cent by selling both the toys is (B) 0/0 profit (A) profit (D) 21±0/0 loss (C) 5+0/0 profit SPACE FOR ROUGH%.WORK Downloaded From: http://sscportal.in
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    Downloaded From: http://sscportal.in 84. A sold a horse to B for 4800 by losing 20%. B sells it to C at a price •which would have givcn a profit of 15%. gain is (A) 1800 (C) 2000 (B) 1900 (D) 2100 85. If each side of a cube is .incteased by 10% the volume of the cube will increase by (C) 33-10/0 86. A reduction of 21% in the price of an item enables a pe!son to buy 3 kg more for 100. The reduced price of item•per kg is (A) 5-50 (C) 10-50 (B) 7-50 (D) TOO 90. 92. 93. 94. 95, A cat,4iiver leaves Bangalore at 8•30 A.M. andve*pöets to reach a place 300 km from 12•30 P.M. At 10'30 he finds thäi•bg• nas covered only 40% of the distance, By how much he has to increase the ipee,d Of the car in order to keep up his sefr&dule ? (A), (B) 40 km/ hr (D) 30 km/ hr A traip m fløng is running with a speed of 54 In what time will it cross a telephony pole ? (B) 15 sec (A) sec (C) sec (D) 18 sec A man is walking at a speed of 10 kmph. After every km, he takes a rest for min. How much time will he take to cover a distance. of 5 km ? 87. The number that is to be added to 10% of 320 to have the sum as 30% of 230 is (A) 37 (B) 32 (C) 23 (D) 73 88. The strength of a school increases and decreases in every alternate year by 10%. It started with increase in 2000. Then the strength of the school In 2003 as compared to that in 2000 was (A) increased by 890/0 (B) decreased by (C) increased by (D) decreased by 89. Two trains of equal length are running on parallel lines in the same direction at the rate of 46 km/ hr and 36 km/hr. The faster train passes the slower train in 36 seconds. The length of each train is (A) 60 min (C) 40 min (B) 50 min (D) 70 min A man borrows money at 3% per annum interest payable yearly and lend it imme- diately at 5% interest (compound) payable half-yearly and thereby gains 330 at the end year, The sum borrowed is (B) 16500 (C) 15000 (D) 16000 TWO years ago, the value of my motorbike was 62500. [f the value depreciates by 4% every year, now its value is (A) 66700 (B) 57600 (c) 57500 (D) 55700 lithe compound interest on a sum for 2 years at 12+0/0 p.a. is 510, the simple interest on the same sum at the same rate for the same (A) 50 m (C) 80 m (B) 72 m (D) 82 m periodoftime is (A) WOO C) e 46p R 450 (D) 480 SPACE FOR ROUGH 'WORK Downloaded From: http://sscportal.in
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    96, The sales in percentage of y,æistwatch in 1 then 3(x— l)(x +2) 2010 more than the sales: Qfi&blc At}' ' '37 in -2010 was nearly by Downloaded From: http://sscportal.in Downloaded From: http://sscportal.in A watch company producesifå'üt [email protected] products. The sale of •theS'é$éiO 'Cts ih .lakhs during •2005 and 2010 in the following bar diagéam, Study the graph and answer the qUestiOb Nos. 96 to 100 have increased by nearly 135% 2005 to 2010 in the product of clock (6) Stop watch (B) Wrist watch (D) Wall clock 40 30 2010 28-7 2005 22•3 20 10 Stop Wall Wrist Table watch clock watch clock FORMSÜALLY HANDICAPPED CANDIDATES ONLY 96: of}the largest triangle inscribed in region of radius r cm is square cm (B) r2 square. cm 3r2 suuare cm (D) square cm 97." of the tangent from an external poni•yhich is at a distance of 13 cm from the Centre of the circle of radius 5 cm is (B) 12 cm 8 cm (D) 14 cm $10 cm (A) 167% (C) 28-7% (B) 271% 21-7% 99. 3sin0, 0 < 900 then the is 97. 'Ille ratio of sales of in 2010.' to the Sale Of table clock in 2005 is (A) 6:19 (C) 19:6 (D) 7: 19 3 .41 (C) 1 (D) 98. The sales of table clock in 2005 was less than the sales of wall clock in 2005 is nearly by (A) 70-05% (C) 68-050/0 (B) 69-05% (D) 62-05% 99. During the period 2005—2010 the minimum rate of increase in sales is in the product Of (A) Wrist watch (B) Table clock (C) stop watch (D) 'Wall clock 100;1 Asuip Of money was invested for 3 years at •E%' compound interest. An equal sum for I year at r% simple intere;t, It.was observed that the amount in the 1st investment is twice that in the 2nd. Taking = 141, r% is equal to (A) 11% 310/0 (B) 21% (D) 41% SPACE. FOR ROUGH WORK


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