PHP and MySQL Modular Course @ IIHT Bangalore

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IIHT Institute offers students PHP and MySQL Modular Course. The Course includes the following:

  • Overview of PHP:
Developing Dynamic Internet Applications, Overview of PHP Advantages & Capabilities.
  • Basic Scripting & Looping Constructs:
PHP Scripting Fundamentals, Constants, Variables and Looping Constructs.
  • PHP Operators:
Logical Operators, Relational Operators, Bitwise Operators, Conditional Constructs.
  • Arrays in PHP:
Initializing Arrays, One-dimensional Arrays, Multidimensional Arrays, Array Functions.
  • PHP Functions:
Recursion, Dynamic Function Calls, Predefined PHP Functions, Mailing Functions.
  • Classes And Objects:
Interfaces, Overloading, Reflection.
  • File Handling:
Changing and Editing File Contents, String Functions, Regular Expression Functions, Reading, Writing and Deleting Files, Handling File Permissions, File Locking.
  • Working with Databases and Forms:
Configuring PHP For Database Support, ODBC.
  • Using Cookies with PHP,
  • Miscellaneous PHP Tasks.
  • What is MySQL?,
  • History of MySQL,
  • The Main Features of MySQL,
  • Create & Manage Database and tables,
  • Connecting to and Disconnecting from the Server,
  • Data Types Functions and Operators SQL Statement Syntax Data Definition Statements,
  • Data Manipulation Statements & Control Statements,
  • Stored Procedures & Functions,
  • Stored Routines and the Grant Tables,
  • Triggers,
  • Views,
  • Using PHP MyAdmin to configure MySQL Functions and Operators,
  • Introduction to AJAX.

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